La Palma Bier – also gluten-free: The Cervezería Isla Verde


The brewery Cervezaría Isla Verde in Tijarafe – gluten-free beers!

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Gino and his beer-babies

A devilish black, a cool blondes and a wheat white beer currently gushing from the boilers of Cervezería-Isla Verde. For almost a year, there are also two gluten-free barley juice! We have with the chef of the microbrewery in Tijarafe, Gino de Reuwe, about his children called "Danza del Diablo", "Pícara" and "Indiana" and talked about the baby "Julieta".

Craft-Beer made in La Palma: Gino van Reuwe braut mit Know-how, Herz und Kreativität.

Craft-beer made in La Palma: Gino de Reuwe bride with know-how, Heart and creativity. Photo: Cervezería Isla Verde

The dark, top-fermented Danza del Diablo is the firstborn Alice beer: 2010 sold it "Devil dance" for the first time at the same Fiesta in Tijarafe - and the BREW arrived. Gino opened after this test run 2011 the Cervezería Isla Verde, whereupon Picara saw the light of the world, and the blonde, top-fermented "rogue" tasted also. To the popular Carnival event Día de los Indianos in Santa Cruz 2015 created the wheat beer Gino finally Indiana, and 2016 was he father again:

Julieta: Das glutenfreie Bier gibt es als golden Ale und in einer dunklen Version.

Julieta: without gluten!

I called the new beer according to my daughter Julieta. Because it is Zöliakierin and has repeatedly asked "Daddy, When do you time a beer without gluten?"So I've created one: The basis of Julieta is quite normal barley malt, but the gluten contained therein is eliminated at the moment of the fermentation. We had them check it four times in a reputable laboratory in Belgium, and it complies with the stringent EU standard for gluten-free beers. I BREW now “Julieta Rubia” – This is a so-called “Golden ALE” – and the dark, consisting of four malts “Julieta Negra”. The latter is the first black beer in Spain by the way without gluten.

Alles begann mit dem Danza del Diablo: Gino taufte sein erstes Bier nach dem gleichnamigen Fest in Tijarafe.

It all started with the Danza del Diablo: Gino christened its first beer after the eponymous Festival in Tijarafe – then began the triumphal March of the barley juices microbrewery in the North-West of La Palma, today not only in bars and supermarkets around the Isla Bonita, but be sold also on Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Photo: La Palma 24

Tingly on the tongue runs also the sechsprozentige black ALE Danza del Diablo, that also consists of four high quality malts and some caramel- and brewed chocolate malt. The delicately bitter, rebellious Picara comes with 5,5 Alcohol percentage therefore, belongs to the Golden ales and has a handful of wheat in the recipe. The first genuine wheat beer Alice craft-beer workshop called Indiana Gets its special touch by some abrasion of Orange and coriander seeds:

Indiana is not as bitter as for example wheat beers from Berlin or Bayern. I BREW's Belgian style. Is the secret of all beers, the balance between bitterness, Body and flavors to find. It is easy, a strong beer with a lot of alcohol or to produce a bitter ALE, how it is fashionable in the United States. But you can drink only one of. I am, however, trying to BREW beers, make the desire for more…

Trappisten-Kelche aus Belgien: Darin werden Ginos Biere serviert, wenn sie frisch aus dem Fass kommen. Foto: La Palma 24

Chalices from Belgium: In Gino's beers are served, When they come fresh from the barrel. Photo: La Palma 24

Gino's goal was to create from the beginning of "craftsmanship and honest" beers. And so his ales without accelerating production enzymes mature, Septic additives or foam stabilizers with a pleasant carbonic acid content. The industrial engineer has acquired the necessary know-how during his time in Belgian breweries, and accordingly, his recipes are based on the traditional "Witbier" manufacturing. Also his ingredients come in large part from a 200 Years old family operating in Belgium, where the Chief of the Cervezería Isla Verde wants to integrate more raw materials from La Palma in the future. Speaking of La Palma: Gino, There are your beers only on Isla Bonita?

No, Now we sell them in large supermarkets on Tenerife and Gran Canaria - such as Al Campo, Carrefour or Corte Inglés. On La Palma's are now available in all offices of the spar group, in the stores of San Martín, called also Hipercentro, and when Max Coop. Of course in many restaurants around the island, in Laly BB´s bar in Puerto Naos, in the Carpe diem or La Marmota in Tazacorte, Salt restaurant of Fuencaliente, at La Luna in Los Llanos or at Tasca Castillo in Garafía, to cite just a few examples. In some places, the beer from the barrel comes, in others out of the bottle.

Cervezería Isla Verde: Vom Gastraum aus kann man durch eine Glasscheibe in die Brauerei blicken. Foto: La Palma 24

Cervezería Isla Verde: From the guest room you can look through a glass window in the boiler room. Gimmick by Gino, the faster beat faster: A beer pipeline leads directly from the brewery to the barrel under the counter. Photo: La Palma 24

About 50.000 Liter Danza del Diablo, Picara and Indiana the year has the Cervezería Isla Verde 2015 produced – about four times as much as two years ago. The brewing equipment technology comes from Belgium, Italy, Germany and the Slovakia, and the witch-hunt in the brewery can be seen through a glass window. Latest gag: A pipeline made of stainless steel leads directly from the brewery in the counter drum and from there in the distinctive Trappist beer cups from Belgium. Gino's success is certainly not the result of gimmicks, but knowledge and experience - and last but not least on the Baker – tasty kitchen, He and his wife Jolanta in Tijarafe serve:

Biergarten der Cervezería Isla Verde auf La Palma: Blick auf den Atlantik. Foto: Gino

Beer garden of the Cervezería Isla Verde on La Palma: Views of the Atlantic Ocean. Photo: Gino

There are both palmerische specialities such as Conejo en salsa or homemade goat cheese as also excerpts from the German cuisine. For example our farmer sausage, that we ourselves produce. We got this recipe from a German neighbor, who often comes to us and always wanted to eat his favorite sausages to beer… (laughs).

In addition to a fixed map Gino and his wife Jolanta come up with daily surprises for its guests. Be served dishes and tapas in the guest room of the Cervezería Isla Verde, Incidentally, at one time was the ballroom of Tijarafe.

Leicht zu finden: Die Cervezería Isla Verde liegt am kurz vorm Ortseingang von Tijarafe. Foto: La Palma 24

Easy to find: The Cervezería Isla Verde is located at just before the entrance to Tijarafe in the Calle El Jesús 41. Parking is also available BB´s. Photo: La Palma 24

On the other hand, there is a secluded beer garden, where you can enjoy the varied cuisine as well as the devilishly good beers by Gino taste and with the spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Opening times: Daily from 13 to 22 Clock, except Tuesday closed. In the Spring and autumn Gino and his team make Tuesdays and Wednesdays closed.

Last but not least,: On the Website of Cervezería-Isla Verde one learns about the brewery and the Guest House - and you can also order the beers of Gino in the online shop!

Our tip: The home brewed ales from Tijarafe is not available in some restaurants of La Palma on a map, Although they are slumbering in the fridge. Just ask!

Wer in einem Lokal auf La Palma dieses Plakat sieht, sollte nachfragen: Nicht immer stehen die Biere von Gino auf der Karte. Plakat: Cervezería Isla Verde

Who can see in a restaurant on La Palma this poster, should ask: Not always are the beers by Gino on the map, but waiting for their fans in the fridge. Poster: Cervezería Isla Verde


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