Events from the 2.1.2018


Isla Bonita events from the 2.1.2018

Cabalgata de Reyes: Die Heiligen Drei Könige und unzählige Kinder sind unterwegs! Foto: Santa Cruz de La Palma

Cabalgata de Reyes: The Magi and countless children are on their way! Photo: Santa Cruz


Ring around the island: Cabalgatas de Reyes

On the Isla Bonita Christmas goes only to the Epiphany to end, then bring Kaspar, Melchior and Balthasar the gifts. On the day before, 5. January, find traditional Cabalgatas de Reyes statt, and the tourists, we recommend, These removals with the three kings to look at. In Santa Cruz, he draws largest these colorful marches through the old town, but also in many other communities, you will Reyes on 5. January 2018 already back eagerly expected by the children. We have listed some of our Festival calendar – Click here.


Concerts on the island

Santa Cruz: Satire with Anticraisis consort

Kabarett und Musik: Anticraisis Consort

Cabaret from the island: Anticraisis consort.

The musical satirist of Anticraisis consort come on Wednesday, 3. January 2018, After Santa Cruz. From 20 Watch take on Plaza de España again all the fun, What was an issue this year in the Canary Islands: Tourists, Micro algae carpets, Avocado thieves and more. The show costs no admission.


Santa Cruz: Three King's concerts in the old town

Parranda La Palma: Evergreens vorm Hauptstadtrathaus.

Parranda: Evergreens before the main town hall.

On Saturday, 6. January 2017, maintains the music Chapel of Santa Cruz called San Miguel: The concert starts at 19.15 Watch before the Town Hall and no entrance fee. Continue to BB´s 22 Watch in the Plaza de España, with the Parranda La Palma. This volume presents evergreens from the 1960s- 1980-includes under the motto Ayer, Hoy y siempre.


Step: Flamenco-Jazz

Konzert in El Paso: für Gitarren-Fans.

Concert in El Paso: for guitar fans.

On Sunday, 7. January 2018, invite Pedro Sanz and Alexander Sputh in the Casa de la Cultura in El Paso. The two known guitarists entertained off 20 Watch with flamenco-Jazz. Pedro Sanz and Alexander Sputh lead the band Ziriab, who has committed this music direction. Pedro Sanz is also the Chief Flamenco entre Amigos. More about these two bands in this article of La Palma 24-journals.



La Palma: Classical music festival of the Canaries comes

Festival de Música de Canarias:

Festival de Música de Canarias: Four concerts on the Isla Bonita.

The 34. Festival Internacional de Música de Canarias invites friends of classical music by the 11. January until 17. February 2018 for a colourful concert dance on the Canary Islands. Tickets can be reserved online now. On La Palma, following appearances are to each 20.30 Watch planned: On Friday, 12. January, performs the Norwegian A Cappella formation Nordic voices in the Casa de la Cultura in El Paso. The program of the choir includes works by the 16. Century to current Scandinavian music. On Friday, 26. January, performs the Spanish string ensemble Preterite in the Museo Arqueológico Benahoarita (MAB) in Los Llanos. Some of the best musicians of the country have joined together in this network and make the clarinet in the concert at the MAB to the protagonist of the homage to Mozart and Weber. On Sunday, 4. February, voiced that Vienna Chamber Orchestra at the Teatro Circo de Marte in Santa Cruz works by Bach and Nielsen and Vasks. And comes to the conclusion on Friday, 16. February, the Klengel Quartet in the Casa de la Cultura in San Andrés y sauces. The musicians are members of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Gran Canaria and entertain with Bach, Couperin, Gardel and Joplin. All the details on the website of the Festival - click here.


The Plains: Concert in El Secadero

Konzert im El Secadero.

Concert in El Secadero.

On Saturday, 13. January 2018, again there is a concert at the El Secadero, the fledgling cultural area in the Los Llanos area El Retamar: Under the motto BRISA Guest singer IMA Galguén and her son, the violinist Pablo Rodríguez, which are accompanied on the harp by Vicente la camera Marino. Beginning: 20 Clock, Admission 10 euro. Tickets in advance from the Casa de la Cultura in Los Llanos, 1. Stock. The Espacio cultural El Secadero can be found in the Calle El Rosal - opposite the bakery Llanense.


Theatre and show

Santa Cruz: Curtain on at the Circo de Marte

Magie im Circo de Marte: Der Zauberer David La Torre kommt.

Magic at the Teatro Circo de Marte: The magician David de la Torre is most 13. January 2018.

At the Teatro Circo de Marte in Santa Cruz is the program for theatregoers in January 2018 more: At the Thursday, 4. January 2018, There are shadow theatre with the play El Principito – the piece begins to 19 Watch and is suitable for children from 3 years. At the Saturday, 13. January 2018, is BB´s magical: At 19 Watch comes the magician David de la Torre in the Circo de Marte with a show, the El Creador de sueños – loosely translated, that means as much as the Dream Maker. At the Tuesday, 26. January 2018, comes the piece Me llamo Suleimán to the performance. Tickets for all events are available at the box office and may in the Internet be reserved.


La Palma film

Santa Cruz: Festival de Cine anime

Für Freunde von Animationsfilmen: Best of-Japan auf La Palma.

For lovers of animation films: Best of Japan at Cine Chico.

From the 2. to 5. January 2018 is in the Teatro Cine Chico in Santa Cruz the third Festival de Cine anime celebrated. Thus, the Isla Bonita joins the nationwide events to the 150. Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Spain and Japan to. In the cinema at the market Hall on the Puente crossing are also competitions and discussions in addition to the performances on the programme: Four of the most popular Japanese animation films to run: Rincón del Mundo, Your name, La Chica que saltaba a través del tiempo and Perfect blue in the original version with Spanish subtitles. All performances begin to 18 Clock, and tickets cost one euro each. Cinema-goers, you appear about dressed in a costume - a hero of comics or video game-, must watch for free.


Santa Cruz / Los Llanos: Supports of the month

Doku des Monats: Machines.

Documentary of the month: Machines.

The Cabildo of La Palma offers a documentary filmmakers each month, no entrance fee and in Los Llanos and Santa Cruz will be shown. In January 2018 is Machines on the agenda, the English voiced and with Spanish subtitles strips by Rahul Jain. It is the dramatic situation of workers in a factory in Surat in North-East India. The documentary runs at 29. January to 20 Watch in the Teatro Cine Chico in Santa Cruz de La Palma, and at 30. January is to 20 Watch in the Casa de la Cultura in Los Llanos on the screen flicker.


Fun days on the island

Djembe drum course in El Paso

Djeme-Kurs in El Paso.

Djeme course in El Paso.

In February 2018 is there an Afrokick in the bar central in El Paso: The djembé teacher from Holland called EDF is back and organising courses for beginners and advanced - drums are available. The fee per hour 10 Reduced costs euro - a subscription for all seven dates with EDF 60 Euro. The Djembe lessons take place on the following dates: 14., 19., 21., 26. and 28. February 2018 and 5. and 7. March 2018. Beginners will be on these days by 19.15 to 20.15 Teaching clock; the workshops for advanced students take each of 20.30 to 21.45 Clock. Application: German buyers call Gabi under the Spanish fixed-line number 922.48.66.85 an, Spanish Info Joachim below 922.42.85.13, To get information on English and Dutch at EDF below 0031-6-304.757.16.


Tazacorte, Breña Baja and Breña Alta: Still Christmas markets

Im Badeort Tazacorte auf La Palma: Einen Weihnachtsmarkt am Meer genießen kann man auch nicht überall... Mit dabei ist der multikulturelle Verein La Banana mit Gaby (Bild unten). Fotos: Gemeinde

In the seaside resort of Tazacorte: Enjoy a Christmas market on the sea can also not anywhere… There is the multicultural Club La banana with Gaby (Image below). Photos: Gemeinde

The Christmas markets on La Palma drag into the new year: On the beach promenade of Tazacorte loads the Mercadillo de Navidad until 5. January of 18 to 22 Watch for the evening strolling and shopping a. Incidentally, there is the multicultural Club The Banana, of the coexistence of immigrants and Palm Eros dedicated We have reported.

Also in Brena Alta can you get to including 3. January of the Christmas market with arts and crafts in the Parque Los Álamos stroll (right next to the cigar Museum). At the 4. and 5. January, the Mercadillo de Navidad then switches to the Square Bujaz, where he from 16 to 20 Clock is opened. In Brena Baja takes the Mercadillo de Navidad on the Playa de Las Madres up to the 5. January – Opening hours am 2.1. from 17 Clock, on 3. and 41.1 of 11 to 20 Clock and the 5.1. of 11 to 17 Clock.



Tazacorte: Noche de Música every Friday

Musiknacht: Alles trifft sich und tanzt ein bisschen.

Music night: All meets and dances a bit.

Invites the multicultural Club La banana in Tazacorte: Every Friday, the weekend is heralded with a Noche de Música. BB´s go to always 22 Watch in the club room. Learn more about the Asociación multicultural la banana and we have described before its international cast and activities in a report – Click here.


Puerto Naos: Conversation with Thomas

Thomas Papst in Aktion: Musik und Unterhaltung auf der Strandpromenade von Puerto Naos.

Thomas in action: Music and entertainment on the beach promenade of Puerto Naos.

Already for more than a year the singer Thomas occurs every Tuesday and Saturday to 20.30 Clock in Laly BB´s bar Bucanero in Puerto Naos on. The program by Thomas Pabst is versatile and extends down to the one or the other pop-song Elvis Sinatra and Udo Jürgens, and the joining of Laly is always free. By the way: Thomas can be booked for private parties info phone 654.322.700.


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