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Los-Indianos-nos-une-Foto-Movil-Noemi-Santana-Suarez-TitelKarnevalstraditonen on La Palma & Day of the Indianos 2017

Baby Powder-battles, White Indian

and sardines abgefackelte

Rio Carnival is dazzling and sexy. Karneval in Köln ist "alaaaf". And Carnival on La Palma is just freaking out. Here flies instead of confetti talcum powder through the air, Here "white Indians" through the streets dance, and here burning sardines from paper and fabric. Short: The Isla Bonita doesn't need to hide in terms of revelry.


Día de los Indianos in Santa Cruz de La Palma: überall pretty girls in aufwändigen Kolonialroben. Photo:


The most popular Carnival event on La Palma is the Shrove Monday in the island's capital Santa Cruz. Day of the Indianos is called the spectacle, where now each year gather tens of thousands of fans to a unique Fiesta. This is not wild Indians – the Indiana and Indianos appear rather mega-chic in white or beige robes and suits in the colonial-style on the stupid parquet. Hats are compulsory, and accessories such as umbrella, Pouch, Suitcase or even parrots round off the picturesque image. Colorful points put the Palm Eros, that dress up as slaves and swirl with shoe Polish blackened faces through the old town. The Galleonsfigur of the Día de los Indianos dances above all, die Negra Tomasa – a mask, Victor Lorenzo Díaz Molina alias Sosó hides behind the.

Small tour through the history of the Día de los Indianos

Die Negra Tomasa bei der Ankunft im Hafen: Sosó ist auch der Liebling der Presse. Foto:

Negra Tomasa on arrival at the port: Sosó is everybodies darling. Photo:

The combination of black and white is a parody at the Día de Los Indianos. You Palm Eros to be taken on the arm, they are between the 16. and 20. Century Latin- and South America had emigrated and often shamelessly flaunting were their there acquired wealth on their return. There was already a first pastiche of this politically not really correct behavior of the repatriates 1920, as for the first time a group of friends colonial flanierte robes through the Carnival in Santa Cruz. 1966 were officially part of the foolish program the Indianos, and in front of more than 20 The figure of the Negra Tomasa invented years Sosó.

Where does the tradition of talc?

Offizielles Indianos-Plakat 2016 von Saúl Santos: Talkum-Regen auf der Plaza de Habana, wie der Rathausplatz im Karneval heißt.

Official poster of the Indianos 2016 by Saúl Santos: TALC-rain on the Plaza de Habana, in honor of Cuba in the Carnival is like the Town Hall Square in Santa Cruz.

It is amazing, Indiana and Indianos having zero problema thus, that their often elaborate hand-made robes in the cauldron of Santa Cruz in zero-comma-nix of the talcum powder will be ruined. Tons of flies the white dust through the air and continues relentlessly in everyone dresses- and face fold down. Know the historian Maria Victoria Hernández, that Dust-Tradition much older than the Día de Los Indianos. Even in documents from the 17. Century will mention, that one is on Rosenmontag “pulverized” have. Some explain this according to the Geschichtswissenschaftlerin with Afro-Cuban traditions, where the skin will painted white. Still others, so Maria Victoria, attributed the carnivalesc rain of powder, that employees returning from the tropics in the port of Santa Cruz with chemicals have been sprayed, in order to avoid, that they carry diseases.

White and colorful Inferno in Santa Cruz and Los Llanos

Gratis Polvo von der Stadt: Keiner soll unter Talkum-Mangel leiden... Foto: Santa Cruz

Free Polvo on trucks of the city of Santa Cruz at the Día de Los Indianos: No one should suffer from lack of talc… Photo: Santa Cruz

But whatever: Since the 1980s, Polvo and Indianos unite in white clouds. To promote this w-clouds, spread the city of Santa Cruz on Rosenmontag even free baby powder boxes to the stupid people, and the very hard building devices up to cannons, to battle the white stuff with neat steam into the crazy scene.

In Los Llanos is wafting since 2016 talcum powder rather than through the air: Was introduced 2015 Year of also coloured powder. He emits fog at one of the Carnival Highlightsder city – the Gran Polvacera – all a. Is traditionally thrown with baby powder but still on the rib frame fixed Street in the city, where during the Carnival season after as before the motto “White BB´s does not go” applies.

Gran Polvacera: Der Pulverrausch wird bunt. Foto: Los Llanos

Gran Polvacera in Los Llanos: Since 2016 Powder rush in colorful. Photo: The Plains

Our wise advice for greenhorns: Who's going to the Carnival on La Palma, should allow the designer clothes at home. Ideal for Dust-Friesennerz and Southwest hat would battle. Above all, people, The colorfully dressed dip into the white scene, be taken immediately on the grain. Tip: Buy baby powder (are BB´s in all supermarkets to the Carnival in rough sets) and pay before entering the battleground over his own head - which protects against the rule. Then you can start the fiesta! Bei Samba- and salsa sounds gefestet until the doctor comes – or longer, because the doctor mitfeiert.

Noch lacht sie - aber bald landet sie auf dem Rost: eine der vielen Karnevals-Sardinen auf La Palma.

Yet she laughs – but soon she lands on the grate: Carnival sardine on La Palma.

Finally, the sardine is on the grill

On Ash Wednesday, Carnival in Germany is over - but not on La Palma! Carnival Adios it is only, when the sardine is buried, and not even always then. A solemnly ghoulish procession of black level mourners and frightening executioner servants carried the fabric and Pappendeckel fish through the towns of, where it is however quite happy. The highlight is the flaring of the Sardinas – and then is of course a bit more visitors…



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