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Weather warning for Friday and Saturday! Today, we also report the surprising turn at the NIKI sale, have good news in view of the construction of roads in the North of the island and a message by the advance in Madrid, to make the trail running Olympic. And of course that's not all...


Achtung: Wind und Welle am Freitag und Samstag! Grafik: AEMET

Caution: Wind and wave on Friday and Saturday! Graphic: AEMET

Weather warning for Friday and Saturday. The Government weather agency AEMET are for the 26., 27. and 28. January 2018 Yellow pre-alarm for wind and wave. From Friday winds sweep in the higher elevations and various areas of La Palma up to 80 Km/h so – the wind blows from the Northeast with strength 7. Also in the breakers high around the island roll on. This warning is valid until Sunday, 28. January, at 15 Clock. Attention Island guests: The hiking trail network will automatically be blocked in case of alarms! Follow the instructions of the Baywatch beaches, Beware of the hoisted flags and not too close dare before shooting waves on the shore!


News from city and country

Die Airline NIKI

Goes after the sale to the the airline NIKI to back seven years to their former founder Niki Lauda Air Berlin. Photos: NIKI/Niki Lauda Facebook

NIKI goes back to Niki. Not ends never-ending poker to the airline NIKI there after the withdrawal of Lufthansa in December 2017 This week, a surprising twist again: Contrary to the original Supplement, the insolvent airline to the British Airways mother IAG is, but the Vienna private jet company Lauda motion GmbH sold. From the press release of the insolvency administrator Ulla Reisch and Lucas F. Farkas is further, that the Austrian creditors Committee decided for the company by Niki Lauda now, because this had presented the best bid. The reason for the new bidding process was, that the District Court had opened a second bankruptcy in Austria Korneuburg last week. Have been triggered this was in turn by a complaint by Niki Lauda to the decision of the Landgericht Berlin, to handle the NIKI bust in Germany.

NIKI-Maschinen übernahmen und wetgeleaste TU

NIKI machines took over in may 2017 Air Berlin flights at the Airport of Santa Cruz de La Palma. Following the insolvency of NIKI in December 2017 fall off these connections on the Isla Bonita. Photo: Carlos Díaz

Under the new bidders, the IAG and Niki Lauda were once again, of the holiday plane NIKI 2003 founded and 2011 Air Berlin had sold to the. The combative ex-racing driver wanted back his former airline and stated, that he offered together with the partners of the British travel group Thomas Cook and its Condor airline. Lauda plans, that first "under Lauda motion with 15 "Flying machines and the rest then itself will continue to evolve". Look back: At the 13. December 2017 was the NIKI airline set - round 200.000 Passengers, which had not booked during a package holiday, need to worry since even about their refund claims, including many La Palma contacts. For all tickets, them according to the 15. August 2017 were bought, is the German insolvency administrator Lucas Flöther contact. All other information on the insolvency of airberlin - click here.


Strassenbau in Barlovento: Hier wird in nächster Zeit viel Erde bewegt. Foto: GobCan

Road construction in Barlovento: Here much Earth moves in the near future. Photo: GobCan

Good news in terms of road construction in Barlovento. The Canary Islands Government will build an underpass from the gym to the IES school in Barlovento. It said infrastructure Minister Onán Cruz now in a conversation with Mayor Jacob Qadri. The tunnel will pass under the LP-1 and be carried out in the course of the restructuring of this main artery from Santa Cruz to the North. The construction work should be completed by the end of February, so that the children can escape safely from school to the physical education – the cost of the project amounted to around 180.000 Euro. The Minister said, that the stabilization of the escarpment in the Barranco de La Herradura is completed, what you have dispelled the risk of stones in heavy rain. Moreover, should the roundabout on the LP-1 at Barlovento to a diameter of 42 M grow. This roundabout has given rise to much controversy, because its current diameter of 24 Meters larger vehicles maneuvering had made very difficult. Beyond, as Onán next, the construction of a further roundabout before Barlovento in consideration would be, so that truck in the industrial area can get, without having to pass through the village centre. At the end of the thoroughfare will resurfaced by Barlovento.


Boom in Santa Cruz de La Palma: ausgelöst durch den allgemeinen Aufschwung auf der Insel und tausende von Kreuzfahrern.

Boom in Santa Cruz de La Palma: The general upturn in the island, and thousands of Crusaders, more and more people take the step to independence. Photo: City

Numerous companies in the capital. In 2017 has the municipality of Santa Cruz 81 Grant licenses for the opening of new businesses: "This figure is an indicator of the economic health of the city", said Mayor Sergio Matos. "Tellingly most of the new companies in the Avenida Marítima were opened after the opening of the new town beach." In the pedestrian zone in the Calle O ´ Daly and the Calle Pérez de Brito dared the step into self-employment last year many young entrepreneurs. The licenses were awarded mostly to small shops, in the area of clothing, Shoes, Food, Cosmetics, Hardware and budget Act. Then follow the new openings of Cafés, Bars and restaurants.


Good news from the front of the waste

Lokaltermin in der Abfallanlage von Mazo:

Local time at the waste plant Mazo: The heads of the administration of the island demonstierten the Director of the hotel Princess, How to deal with the recycled materials.

Princess Role model in terms of separate waste collection. The Hotel La Palma & Teneguía Princess in the year 2017 more than 226.000 recycled organic waste - that were 109 Percent more than 2016. In addition, the holiday resort in the South of recyclables such as paper separates, Carton, Glass and light packaging from the accumulated garbage; also it has banned plastic bottles from the beverage sector and replaced with water dispenser. This was now at a local meeting of a delegation of the hotels in the Complejo Ambiental de los Morenos known. Island Environmental Council demonstrated during the visit Juan Manuel González and the CEO of island waste management office, Álvaro Duque, the Director of the Princess, Javier Bellido, How does the recycling at the facility in Mazo. "In this way the staff personally could convince themselves, that their actions in the field of waste are fundamental for the value fabric treatment on the island", declared the island environment Council. "The Princess is an example for all entrepreneurs looking at exemplary commitment in environmental."


Aus Biomüll wird Kompost: Gemeinschaftsanlage in Puntallana funktioniert gut. Foto: Cabildo

From organic waste compost is: Community investment in Puntallana works well. Photo: Chapter

Successful fertilizer production. Since it went into operation in April 2017 the Gemeinschaftskompostieranlage in Puntallana has more than 7.700 Implemented kilo organic waste. Participate in this pilot project 26 Families, they average per week 7,4 Deliver kilo bio waste. The produced compost is used by them in their own gardens as fertilizer.


Colorful messages of the Isla Bonita

Palmen auf den Kanaren gezählt: La Palma auf dem vorletzten Platz. Foto: Fernando Rodríguez

Palm trees on the Canary Islands counted: La Palma on the last place. Photo: Fernando Rodríguez

Palm trees on the Islands counted. Grow almost on the Canary Islands 556.000 Palm trees. This emerges from a map of the Biodiversitätsdienstes of the Canary Islands Government. 176.000 thrive on Gran Canaria, more than 116.000 on La Gomera, about 103.000 on Tenerife, 74.000 on Fuerteventura and less than 59.000 on Lanzarote. The island of La Palma came despite its name with a population of 24.518 Palmeras only on the last place before El Hierro with just under 2.190 the exotic plants.


Neuer Strand von Santa Cruz: Camping-Pläne am Día de Los Indianos werden von der Stadtverwaltung vereiteilt.

New beach of Santa Cruz: Camping plans at the Día de Los Indianos are vereiteilt by the city administration.

City Beach white Carnival closed. At the Day of the Indianos explains how the new Playa Santa Cruz to the fools-free zone. The closure of the town beach at 12. February 2018 According to information from Mayor Sergio Matos on one reasons, on the other hand will prevent, that will dirty the bathroom tiles in the wake of the foolish actions. The head of City Hall wants to avoid in addition, that "people as announced set up their tents on the beach". Matos stressed, that even in the Day of the Indianos 2018 the 80.000 People in Santa Cruz de la Palma are expected, and the city administration must make a "Titanic effort".


Messages from sports

Das ist Kult in der Skyrunning-Szene: Der legendäre Start bei der Transvulcania im Süden von La Palma. Foto: TRV

This is a cult in the skyrunning scene: The legendary start at the Transvulcania in the South of La Palma. Photo: TRV

Transvulcania 2018 almost fully booked. The race of the Transvulcania 2018 fill up in record time. In the premier class ultra marathon and the Marathon there are no free start places weeks ago, and now the race published, that mountain runner, in the tenth edition of the cult events want to be on the Isla Bonita, need to hurry in the two other categories: The half marathon is to 90 Percent booked out; in the vertical, there is still 25 Percent free bibs. The race management further informed, that the list of 2.000 Ultra-Skyrunner and 800 Marathon athletes was published on the Transvulcania website, for the logged-on to check their data and any faith up to the 29. January 2018 can share with – By email Following this is the 30. January 2018 the waiting list opened.

Trailrunning soll olympisch werden. Die Kommission für Sport und Erziehung des spanischen Senats hat jetzt einen Antrag der Grupo Parlamentario Popular beschlossen: Demnach wird die Regierung nun aufgefordert, mit dem Olympischen Komitee Kontakt aufzunehmen, um das Trailrunning in naher Zukunft als olympische Sportart zu deklarieren. Einer der Initiatoren ist der Senator von La Palma: „Wir streben an, dass diese Disziplin in die Olympischen Spiele 2024 aufgenommen wird“, sagte Mariano Hernández Zapata. „Eine gute Voraussetzungen dafür ist, dass Trailrunning-Verbände im Blick auf ihre Anzahl in Spanien auf Platz 5 noch vor den Leichtathletik-Organisationen stehen.“ Der La Palma-Senator räumt ein, „dass das kein leichter Weg“ werde, da noch keine Trailrunning-Verbände auf nationaler und internationaler Ebene existierten. Trailrunning ist eine Sportart, bei der die Teilnehmer über Bergwanderwege laufen, wobei große Höhenunterschiede bewältigt werden müssen.

Trail running is to be Olympians. The Commission for sport and education of the Spanish Senate now has an application Grupo Parlamentario popular decided: Therefore, the Government is now prompted, with the Olympic Committee to contact, to declare the trail running in the near future as Olympic sport. One of the initiators is the Senator of La Palma: "We aim to, that this discipline in the Olympic Games 2024 absorbed", said Mariano Hernández Zapata. "Is a good prerequisites, that trail running associations in view of their number in Spain ranked 5 stand before the Athletics organizations." La Palma-Senator admits, "that the there is no easier way" will, There is no trail associations at national and international level there were. Trail running is a sport, the run participants through mountain trails, where large height differences must be dealt with. Photo: TRV

Tips for the weekend

Am Samstag: Unterhaltung mit den Eleven der Inselmusikschule. Foto: Escuela Insular de Música La Palma

On Saturday: Entertainment with the eleven island music school. Photo: Escuela insular de Música La Palma

Musical moves on all islands. In the framework of the 34. Festival de Música de Canarias will be held on Saturday, 27. January 2018, at 12 Watch a simultantes event in all islands held: About 500 Children and young people by musical associations in the Canary Islands go on the road and play music. On La Palma real in Santa Cruz the young choir of island music school in motion continues in the pedestrian Calle and maintains on his March from the Puente junction up to the Casa Salazar. Once there, There is still a one-hour concert.

Even more tips on the event page of La Palma 24-journals – Click here.

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