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The weather keeps us busy today again: The AEMET with yellow and orange warns of wind, Wave and snow. In addition, we have good news from Germania: Flights Bremen-La Palma in winter 2018/19 are now available! And then there's still news from the visitors centre of Los TILOS, from the Carnival Majesties in Los Llanos and the Transvulcania vertical, which was resumed in the Olympus of the skyrunning races.


Weather forecast for Isla Bonita

Blick in die Caldera am Mittwochmorgen (Foto oben): Es wird weiter schneien! Das Bild unten zeigt die Schneeräum-Fahrzeuge des Cabildo, die unermüdlich die Eisplatten von den Straßen kratzen.

Look at the Caldera on Wednesday morning (Top photo): It will snow more! The image below shows the snow removal vehicles of the Cabildo, tirelessly scratch the ice sheets from the streets.

Pre-alarm for snow, Wind and high waves for Wednesday and Thursday. It is wintry on La Palma: At the 7. and 8. February 2018 the Government weather agency AEMET and the Canary Islands Government warn of high winds and squalls up to 100 Kilometers per hour, further snowfalls over 1.500 Meters and high waves are called coastal phenomenon on La Palma -, they wind strength 7 from North or Northeast on the Atlantic caused. On Wednesday evening it should be four to five meters high - this is yellow - alert and on Thursday up to six metres high roll Crusher - that's orange alarm. On Friday the Costeros alert on yellow is reset. Attention Island guests: Be extremely wary of the Wellenfotogafieren, While not too close put themselves at the coast! On the guarded beaches is the instructions of Baywatch to follow, and it is important, the flags and possible barriers to note. Green flags mean safe bathing, Yellow urge caution and Red show danger!

Wetterwarnungsgraphik der AEMET für Donnerstag, 8. Februar 2018: Alarm orange für Welle, Schnee und Sturmböen in den Höhenlagen.

Weather warning graphics of the AEMET for Thursday, 8. February 2018: Alarm orange wave, Snow and winds at high altitudes.

Otherwise in the area cool of the Isla Bonita temperatures continue to, and for the North West, Cloudy weather and local showers are announced - in the South and southwest to mostly the Sun seem serene North and East. The Roque de Los Muchachos is still covered at temperatures below zero degrees Celsius with snow and ice. Caution: On Thursday afternoon, 8. February 2018, has closed the Western road to the Roque up to Garafía again to traffic the Cabildo; the eastern entrance is closed for days. People, who want to drive in this weather to the highest mountain of the island, urges the Cabildo to caution. The hiking trail network of La Palma is automatically locked for weather alerts – so far the snow apply- and wind alarms until Thursday; the wave alert until Friday. The Cabildo has now enabled the island emergency plan: That is, that emergency services are alerted and stand ready for immediate use.


News from city and country

Germania: Die deutsche Airline fliegt ab dem 7. November 2018 von Bremen nach La Palma - Flüge jetzt buchbar! Foto: Carlos Díaz

Germania: The German airline flies from the 7. November 2018 from Bremen to La Palma – Flights now bookable! Photo: Carlos Díaz

Germania flights Bremen-La Palma now available. We have already signed, that island tourism Councillor Alicia Vanoostende has agreed with the German airline Germania, that the airline in winter 2018/19 a flight per week from Bremen to Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) send. The good news: The tickets can be booked now – the first machine takes most 7. November 2018 in the Hanseatic City from – here goes BB´s to the website of Germania.


Rings ums Besucherzentrum Los Tilos: Märchenlandschaften im Lorbeerwald. Foto: Cabildo

Ring around the visitors center of Los TILOS: Fairy tale landscapes in the laurel forest. Photo: Chapter

More and more supply in Los TILOS. The Centro de Visitantes de los TILOS verzeichnetete 2017 just 81.000 Guests - that were around 24 Percent more than in the previous year. The visitor center is located in the natural park of Las Nieves on the municipal area of San Andrés y sauces and gives information about the surrounding laurel forest, an ecosystem, that comes from the tertiary and was declared a world biosphere reserve. From here you can walk and excursions on the PR LP 6 to the Springs by Marcos y Cordero, to the viewpoint of Espigón Atravesado or via trail PR LP 7 companies up to the lookout of Sabarudin. The average monthly visitor center of Los TILOS is according to the Cabildos of 2.400 Vehicles and 60 Driven buses with organized groups.


Negra Tomasa im Krankenhaus: Werbung für Blutspenden. Foto: Santa Cruz

Negra Tomasa in hospital: Advertising for blood donations. Photo: Santa Cruz

Blood donations on Carnival. The city of Santa Cruz has hired a video on YouTube, It promotes the blood donations of Carnival. The focus is the Negra Tomasa, the most popular figure of the Day of the Indianos. The scene is the Hospital General of La Palma. The video is part of the campaigns, the Santa Cruz as the current seat of the world blood donation day in an initiative of the Instituto Canario de Hemodonación y Hemoerapia (MEE) realized for several months.

Santa Cruz: Straßen in den Vororten werden asphaltiert. Foto: Stadt

Santa Cruz: Streets in the suburbs are paved. Photo: City

Road renovation in Santa Cruz. Capital management will restructure the way into the district Velhoco. The road construction project in the Barranco de El Espino fails with around 35.000 Euros. Moreover, the street lights should be supplied in Velhoco with LEDs, the Casa de la Cultura and the sports ground will receive an update, and a new children's playground is planned. For all of these measures, the city takes 2018 total 155.000 Euro in the hand. More road rehabilitation measures are later this year in the districts of Cacinas and El plant planned: For around 70.000 New asphalt on streets is applied to euro.


Colorful messages of the Isla Bonita

Karnevalsmajestäten Los Llanos 2018. Am Wochenende fanden in Los Llanos die traditionellen Wahlen der Majestäten der fünften Jahreszeit statt. Als Karnevalskönigin 2018 setzte sich Selene Ramos Castellano mit ihrem Kostüm Hija de las Auras durch. Darüber hinaus krönt die Stadt auch jedes Jahr die Reina Infantil: Dieses Jahr wurde diese Ehre der kleinen Elena Pérez Perestelo zuteil. Das Karnevalsprinzesschen siegte mit ihrem Kostüm Volando del Desierto al Brillo del Carneval.

Carnival Majesties of Los Llanos 2018. Last weekend, the traditional election of the Majesties of the fifth season was held in Los Llanos. As a Carnival Queen 2018 continued Selene Ramos Castellano with her costume Hija de las auras by. In addition the town crowns which every year Reina Infantil: 2018 was this honour of small Elena Pérez Perestelo given. The Carnival Prinzesschen won with her costume Volando del Desierto al Brillo del Carneval. Photos: City



Äpfel als Protagonisten: Bauernmarkt in Barlovento.

Apples as protagonists: Farmer's market in Barlovento.

Market under the sign of the Apple. Barlovento is on Sunday the mercadillo, 11. February 2018, in the character of Apple-growing in the North and Northwest of the island. Offered specialities and cakes from the sweet fruits, where is the first Apple wine from La Palma focuses on. We have recently reported on this cider named Sidra O ´ Daly from the winery Tendal and this avant-garde Bodega. The farmers- and arts and crafts market in Barlovento is incidentally, every second Sunday of 10 to 14 Watch on the Plaza del Rosario held.


Das Isla Bonita Moda-Team: wertvolle Erfahrungen in Madrid gemacht. Foto: Cabildo

The Isla Bonita Moda team: valuable experience in Madrid. Photo: Chapter

News of the fashion designers. Trends of the year 2018 under the young label Isla Bonita Moda were this past weekend at the Salón Internacional de Moda y Compelmentos (MOMAD) presented in Madrid. This includes the re-known designers Waleska Morín travelled, Ana Rodríguez, Pedro Ferreiro and Jesús Gutiérrez in the Spanish capital. For the project Isla Bonita Moda competent Consell Jordi Camacho was part of the game: "During these days we could also at forums in the views of materials, Consumer and marketing take part and contacts to the more than 900 establish national and international companies of the sector – which helps the development of the ModemacherInnen from La Palma 2018." The designers were also very satisfied and stressed, that of without the roof of the new Association Isla Bonita Moda would have been impossible, These experiences to make. Further information about the fashionable movement click here La Palma.


Japanisches Filmteam in Santa Cruz de La Palma: Dreharbeiten

Japanese film crew in Santa Cruz: Filming for the television programme Luxury cruises around the world. Photo: La Palma Film Commission

Current filming and photo shoots on the Isla Bonita. Currently are film- and photo teams of Japanese television and a Dutch fashion magazine on the island on the move. These are the two first projects, the 2018 with the support of the La Palma Film Commission to be implemented. The Japanese create a contribution for the program Luxury cruises around the world, where in the laurel forest of Los TILOS, the volcanoes of Fuencaliente, turn in the Caldera de Taburiente and the historic old town of Santa Cruz. The Dutch shoot pictures for the clothing brand Bever. The Coordinator of the La Palma Film Commission, María José Manso, stresses, that is the film visits- and photo team 2017 on the island opposite 2016 doubles have and expected for the current year the realization of further large projects.


Mandelblütenfest in Puntagorda: Traditionell wird gratis Wein ausgeschenkt. Foto: Gemeinde

Almond Blossom Festival in Punta Gorda: Traditionally, wine is given out free. Photo: Gemeinde

Thousands in the Almond Blossom Festival. In the course of the Almond Blossom Festival round visited 14.000 People the municipality of Puntagorda. Mayor Vicente Rodríguez reports, that round 600 Kilogram of almonds and thousand liters of wine free of charge the audience were issued. Is this festival in the North West of La Palma since 41 Years in this way celebrated the Almond Blossom.


News by sport

Die Gewinner des Vertical 2017: Stian Angermund-Vik und Yuri Yoshizumi. Foto: Transvulcania-Rennleitung

The winner of the vertical 2017: Stian Angermund Vik and Yuri Yoshizumi. Photo: Transvulcania race

Transvulcania-vertical again on the world circuit. Participants at the steep hill climb race within the framework of the Transvulania 2018 run this year again to world ranking points. The International Federation Skyrunning (ISF) has the race once again in the Vertical kilometres world circuit recorded. This is La Palma of one of the eleven selected venues in six countries for this extremely steep trails, run from the sea into the sky. In the tenth edition of the Transvulcania, the athletes run most 10. More 2018 of Tazacorte 7,6 Km far to the 1.160 Meter high fire tower at El time up. The winner holds the record on this track from 2017, Stian Abdullah oral, with the time of 47 Minutes and 22 Seconds. More info and registrations for the few free seats at the vertical on the Transvulcania homepage.


Ausgetipps this week

Narrensachen und mehr. Auf La Palma ist der Karneval angebrochen, die bisher bekannten Events haben wir auf einer extra Seite zusammengefasst. Aber es gibt außerdem noch Veranstaltungen ohne närrischen Charakter, die finden sich hier.

Fools stuff and more. The Carnival has arrived on La Palma, We have the known events on one extra page summarized. But there are also events without foolish character, You can be found here. The photo shows pictures of Manu Marzán, He currently exhibits his motives to the Día de Los Indianos in the Molina Artesanía in Santa Cruz. And our Showroom Overview shows, that he weißeKarneval inspired even more artists on La Palma.

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