News Ticker: La Palma news am 19.1.2018


La Palma news am 19.1.2018


Today we warn against high waves, report La Palma appearances at the FITUR in Madrid and by the Isla Bonita Love Festival 2018. Otherwise, it's about power, Donations and the Festivalito – Sports BB´s gives information about the starting points for the neon run Spain in Los Llanos and the Reventón trail in El Paso.


News from city and country

Achtung Welle am Freitag: Santa Cruz hat sogar den Strand gesperrt. Fotos: Facundo Cabrera/Stadt

Please note shaft on Friday: Santa Cruz has blocked even the beach. Photos: Facundo Cabrera / city

Still waves alarm. The warning announced by us already in the news ticker on Wednesday the State weather agency AEMET for high surf rings applies to La Palma with the yellow pre-alarm for Friday, 19. January 2017. Particularly hard hit the waves on the East Coast – the municipality of Santa Cruz has blocked yesterday as a precautionary measure completely the beach. Attention Island guests: Go waves shooting never too close to the shore! Follow the instructions of the Baywatch on the Playas and watch for the flags: Green means safe bathing, Yellow requires caution, and Red means danger to life. Where the access of the beaches with red and white tape are closed, should be sure note this shut-off! We write this, because time and again people in emergencies, because them down through or climb over it. Rescue operations in these cases can break by the way a deep hole in the wallet, as our article explains.


FITUR in Madrid: Inselpräsident Anselmo Pestana und Tourismusrätin Alicia Vanoostende werben für La Palma im Allgemeinen (Foto unten), und Santa Cruz-Bürgermeister Sergio Matos für den Día de Los Indianos im Besonderen.

Everything,What does rank and name, is this week at the FITUR in Madrid: La Palma in general promote Island President Anselmo Pestana and tourism Councillor Alicia Vanoostende (Photo below), and Santa Cruz Mayor Sergio Matos for the Día de Los Indianos in particular.

Isla Bonita Love Festival is even bigger. Last year, it moved out over three days- 2018 you want to advertise for seven days with events of all kinds for tolerance Festival the Isla Bonita Love. This proclaimed Anselmo Pestana President of the island, Tourism Councillor, Alicia Vanoostende and the Island Council of competent, Jordi Pérez now at the tourism fair FITUR in Madrid. Fixed stand so far, that the social part of this Fiesta for equality will extended, the gallery owner flies Topacio fresh as in the previous year on La Palma, and that the love Festival once again takes place in July. Anselmo Pestana reported, the event now found inclusion in the recreation calendar of Spain. At the FITUR, now for the first time also talks to take place with representatives of LGTBI collectives, to explain the benefits of a holiday on the Isla Bonita for this target group. Who says nothing the Isla Bonita Love Festival – go to our photo retrospective 2017.


Power consumption increases. The year has the electricity plant in Los Guinchos within the boundaries of Breña Alta 2017 about 2,6 % Percent more power produced than in the previous year – generated 250,8 Gigawatt hours. Thus, the plant covers the lion's share of demand on the island, where in the past year 259,7 Gigawatt-hours were consumed. The bottom line, demand increased for electricity 2017 at 1,8 Percent, What La Palma slightly behind the average increase of all the Canary Islands by 2,1 Percent placed. -Average power consumption rose to La Gomera (+ 5 Percent), on Fuerteventura (plus 4,9 Percent) and Tenerife (plus 2,2 Percent). Gran Canaria remained with 1,6 Percent below the average, and El Hierro even declined by 0,9 Percent.


Colorful messages of the Isla Bonita

Zigarrenkisten fürs Museo del Puro. Alejandro Tosco hat dem Zigarrenmuseum in Breña Alta 60 historische Zigarrenkisten und Tabakdosen gestiftet. Die feierliche Übergabe durch den Künstler aus Teneriffa, dessen Werke in Tokio, New York, Paris, London und Berlin ausgestellt sind, findet am Freitag, 19. Januar 2018, um 19 Uhr im Museo del Puro statt. Die wertvollen alten Behälter stammen aus Manufakturen auf La Palm aund Teneriffa. Wir haben schon einmal übers Zigarrenmuseum berichtet. Mehr über den Maler und Bildhauer Alejandro Tosco hier klicken.

Cigar boxes for the Museo del PURO. Alejandro Tosco has the cigar Museum in Breña Alta 60 historic cigar boxes and boxes. The ceremony by the artist from Tenerife, whose works in Tokyo, New York, Paris, London and Berlin are exhibited, will take place on Friday, 19. January 2018, at 19 Watch in the Museo del PURO instead. The valuable old containers come from factories on La Palma and Tenerife. We have ever heard about the Cigar Museum reported. More about the painter and sculptor Click Alejandro Tosco here.

Neu im Schifffahrtsmuseum in Santa Cruz:

New in the Maritime Museum in Santa Cruz: donated by Volker model of the Columbus fleet.

New exhibits at the Maritime Museum. In the Museo naval the fleet of Columbus in model form can be seen now in Santa Cruz. Built and the Museum in the ship named Barco de la Virgen she donated to the Plaza of Alameda's Volker. The Maritime Museum of La Palma is from Monday to Friday from 10 to 18 Clock and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 14 Open and a Website in English.


Plakat Festivalito 2018: Alles steht Kopf.

Poster Festivalito 2018: Everything upside down.

Date for the Festivalito 2018 is. The poster is here, and also the date for the Festivalito 2018 La Palma: The meeting for makers of audiovisual productions will this year by the 18. to 26. May take place. The registration for the competition were possible from late February, so the organizers. During the week of Festivalito participants will flock in this year already for the eighth time with their cameras on the island, to produce short films. In parallel there is a supporting programme with cinema workshops, Concerts, Trips and more. On the Facebook page of Festivalito you will find the latest information.


Amnesty International interview. On Friday, 19. January 2018, loads the group La Palma of the Amnesty International for a discussion on the subject Human rights in Colombia in the crisis a. The event starts at 19.30 Watch in the Casa Salazar in Santa Cruz; the conversation is in Spanish. Guest is the Colombian human rights activist Doris Valenzuela Angulo.


Schöner Erfolg durch Leute mit Herz für Tiere: 300 Kilo Futter in Fuencaliente gespendet! Foto: Gemeinde

Great success by people with a heart for animals: 300 Donated kilo food in Fuencaliente! Photo: Gemeinde

Food for abandoned animals. Within the framework of San Antonio Abad Fiesta in Fuencaliente yielded a collection of stray dogs the proud amount of 300 Kilo feed. The action was conducted by the animal rights organization Anipal, which also looked through many donations.


Reventón Trail 2018: wieder mit prominenter Besetzung.

Reventón trail 2018: again with prominent cast.

Info from the runner scene

Run the Reventón trail. The Marathon at the Reventón Trail El Paso 2018 is fully booked. You're also out of print 50 Seats in the newly created discipline of the 2.4-kilometre night runs called Subida a las Estrellas. There are a few free starting numbers according to the race in the categories of classic and Sprint. The trail run is most 7. April 2018 in the vicinity of El Paso held. To be endowed 700 Runners- 300 less than in the previous year. Reported to have prominent athletes of the mountain runner scene such as Aritz Egea again, Cristofer Clemente, Efrén Segundo, Azara García, Dominique van Mechgelen or Eli Gordón. More information and registration on the Reventón trail website.


Neon Run schon gut gebucht. Die Rennleitung des Neon Run Spain informiert, dass schon circa 60 Proyent der Plätze dieses Nachtlaufs durch Los Llanos am 24. März 2018 belegt sind. Das Rennen wird in drei Kategorien durchgeführt: Kids, 5KM und 10KM. Integriert sind die kanarischen Meisterschaften bei den 5- und 10-Kilometer-Strecken. Am Samstag, 20. Januar 2018, endet die Frist, während der man sich mit ermäßigten Startgebühren einschreiben kann. Alle weiteren Infos auf der Neon Run Spain-Website.

Neon run already well booked. Inform the race management of the neon run Spain, that already about 60 Percent of the places this night run by Los Llanos am 24. March 2018 are. The race is conducted in three categories: Kids, 5KM and 10KM. The Canary Championships at which are integrated 5- and 10-km routes. On Saturday, 20. January 2018, ends the period, While you can register with discounted entry fees. Further information on the neon run Spain Web site.



Tips for the weekend


Kenya Pavlyuchenkova: Concert in Los Cancajos.

Concerts on the weekend. The Flamenco entre Amigos give two concerts in Tazacorte, and in the old salt pans is classic with the Russian pianist Kenya Pavlyuchenkova announced. All the info on our events page.


Musik auf der Strandpromenade von Puerto Naos. Am Sonntag, 21. Januar 2018, veranstaltet die Stadt Los Llanos ein Konzert in der Reihe Maresía mit Meerblick: Um 19 Uhr kommt Eremiot mit zahlreichen Musiker-Freundinnen und Freunden nach Puerto Naos auf die Strandpromenade. Unter dem Motto Fuerza lassen sie es krachen. Eintritt frei.

Music on the beach promenade of Puerto Naos. On Sunday, 21. January 2018, the city Los Llanos will host a concert in the series Maresia with sea view: At 19 Watch comes Eremiot with many musician friends and friends after Puerto Naos on the beach promenade. Under the motto Fuerza Let it RIP. Eintritt frei.


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