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Alarm yellow for wind and wave and more snowfalls on the Roque are announced for the weekend – Cabildo includes hiking trails. Further, we have information about the "Soko avocado", about a cash injection from the State for the construction of the new Cherenkov Teles on La Palma, as well as to the planned extension of the Quay in Santa Cruz. In addition the topics Ibarrola art project in Garafía and views of beautiful events in terms of Arts and crafts and wine over the course of the year can be found in our colorful messages 2018.


Noch ein paar Tage muss man sich gedulden, dann kann man wieder schöne Schneefotos auf dem Roque de Los Muchachos schießen: Bis auf weiteres regieren auf dem höchsten Berg von La Palma jedoch Schnee, Wind und Regen, so dass die Zufahrten für den Verkehr gesperrt sind. Wanderer, die in dieses Gebiet marschieren, tun dies auf eigene Gefahr. Foto: Michael Kreikenbom

You must wait a few more days, then you can shoot beautiful photos of snow on the Roque de Los Muchachos: Until further notice govern snow on the highest mountain of La Palma, but, Wind and rain (see title photo of the room work of the Cabildo), so that the access roads for traffic are locked. Hikers, March in this area, do this at your own risk. Photo: Michael Kreikenbom

Yellow alert for strong winds and snowfalls at high altitudes. In the North of La Palma it is winter: According to the Cabildo of Roque de Los Muchachos has in the area of the observatories a more than 40 Centimeters thick, White bonnet, and for the weekend are more, locally heavy rains said, the about 1.600 Skip m in snow. Clearance work continue, and the two access roads to the highest mountain of the island on the LP-4 from the East and West remain locked until further notice for the transport. Amending the 5.2.2018: The West entrance to the Roque de Los Muchachos of Garafía is open according to the Cabildos again! It is asked for extreme caution when driving on! Also hiking trails in the North and the PR LP 13 were closed of Los Llanos to the caldera campsite – This link leads to the current information of the Cabildo on the trails.

AEMET warnt mit Gelb: Sturm und hohe Wellen am Freitag und Samstag.

AEMET warns with yellow: Storm and high waves on Friday and Saturday.

Because not only more snowfall has notified the State weather agency AEMET, but also the yellow pre-alarm stage for strong wind in the high altitudes of the island on Friday and Saturday, 2./3. January 2018 proclaimed. On Saturday, yet the warning of high surf on the East Coast comes to. The temperatures stay anywhere in the cool area. Attention Island guests: Observe the locks and alarms! Accidents at non-observance can be expensive, as we in This article have summarized. A look at the helps in weather conditions such as the current trip planning Webcams around the island.


News from city and country

La Palma Senator Mariano

La Palma Senator Mariano Hernández Zapata and ORM administrator Juan Pérez Arenciba: Local date in the observatories.

Senator Announces cash injection for observatories. La Palma Senator Mariano Hernández Zapata recently paid a visit from the European Nordstern goods on the Roque de Los Muchachos. In the interview with ORM administrator Juan Carlos Pérez Arenciba representative said the island in Madrid, that the Spanish budget 2017 about 10,6 Millions of euros to the observatories have been set and 2018 a State subsidy in the amount of 20 Million euro is foreseen. The latter flows in the construction of the new generation of Cherenkov telescopes on the Roque. Moreover, the Central Government with five million euro in your Pocket attack, to improve the access to the mountain. Of the tasks of the senators from the Isla Bonita we ever spoke with Mariano Hernández Zapata.


Spezialisten gegen den Klau von Obst und Gemüse: Guardia Civil richtet Spezial-Patrouille auf La Palma ein. Foto: Guardia Civil

Specialists against the theft of fruit and vegetables: Civil Guard sets up special patrol on La Palma. Photo: Guardia Civil

Guardia Civil with "Soko” against avocado thieves. Since a few days, the Special Unit is on La Palma Patrulla rural de Compañía in the usage. This patrol is to protect agricultural products, While vehemently keeps track of especially the last time of thieves of ridden avocado estates in the eye. The team consists of specialists in this area. The farmers on La Palma recently in a Federation have joined together to protect of their products. Whose aim is to, a comprehensible, to create controlled chain from the farmer to the trader, so that thieves can't sell their prey.


Scheckübergabe im Rathaus von Brena Alta:

Cheque in the Town Hall of Breña Baja: 1.140 Euro by the Christmas market organizers.

Donation of the German Christmas market. The net proceeds of proud 1.140 Euro have the organizers of the December 2017 held down Mercado Alemán de Navidad now pass the municipality in Breña Baja. The money will be invested in the Food Bank for needy families. Mayor Borja Pérez thanked the German community in his town for their selfless dedication and their constant willingness to cooperate: "Gestures like this make us proud of the cultural diversity of the foreign residents in Breña Baja." The German Christmas market 2017 has already for the third time in the Plaza de held Las Madres in San José.


Kaiverlängerung am Hafen von Santa Cruz. Die geplante Erweiterung der Mole für große Schiffe im Hafen von Santa Cruz soll in der Saison 2020/21 abgeschlossen sein. Dies geht aus einer Reportage in der Zeitschrift CruisesNews hervor. Der Kai ist derzeit 740 Meter lang und bietet Kreuzfahrt-Dampfern einen Tiefgang zwischen neun und 14 Metern. Damit können in der aktuellen Saison mehr als 140 Schiffe abgefertigt werden. Die Verlängerung des Kais um 125 Meter soll auch den neuen Generationen der schwimmenden Hotels wie der AIDAnova die Möglichkeit zum Anlegen geben. Foto: La Palma 24

Kai extension to the port of Santa Cruz. The planned expansion of the pier for large ships in the port of Santa Cruz is the season 2020/21 be completed. This emerges from a report in the magazine CruisesNews. The Kai is currently 740 Meters long and offers a draught between nine cruise ships and 14 Meters. So can this season more than 140 Ships are handled. The extension of the quay to 125 Meters to give the possibility to create like the AIDAnova also the new generations of the floating hotels. Photo: La Palma 24



Information from the roads on La Palma

Nach dem Erdrutsch:

After the landslide: LP-1 in Mirca is like new. Photo: Chapter

Cleanup completed on the LP-1 in Mirca. The traffic on the LP-1 between the vocational school IES Virgen de las Nieves and the roundabout in Mirca rolls back unhindered. This has now informed the island infrastructure Office. This area of the Northern bypass had to after a large landslide in December 2017 be rehabilitated.


Total Lockdown on the LP-2. The Cabildo has started last week with the new asphalting of the LP-2 in the area between San Simón and Hoyo de Mazo. A total lockout is connected up to the 9. February 2018 of 8 to 19 Clock. The traffic is rerouted locally. The cost amounts to approximately 250.000 Euro.


Colorful messages of the Isla Bonita

Heißumstrittenes Kunstprojekt: Der baskische Bildhauer und Maler gestaltet zwei Projekte bei Garafía. Foto: Cabildo

Controversial art project: The Basque sculptor and painter Agustín Ibarrola (Image second from right) designed two projects in Garafía. In the North West of La Palma is created according to Facundo Fierro at two points “a unique in the world Museum of contemporary art”. Photo: Chapter

Ibarrola project in Garafía is slowly taking shape. In December 2017 advance the work begun on the implementation of the long-planned and on the island of much controversial project by Agustín Ibarrola in Garafía. The painter and sculptor from the Basque country will put his typical stamp on two zones of the municipality: Five 75 Cubic meter large stone piles are built at the time in the area of the Montaña de los Lisianes, the Ibarrola painted later. Also he wants in the Barranco de la Luz in the Fuente de La Huerta zone around a rock wall with a 300 Fashion square meters large fresco. The Island Government's target is, With these installations in the international focus back Garafía, to enhance the small town in the North West of La Palma. Stressing the Cabildo, that you have taken greatest value when choosing the sites, that no natural monuments are endangered, and that both the Montaña de Los Lisianes as also the Barranco de la Luz outside the conservation area Red Canaria de Espacios Naturales Protegidos y de la Red Natura 2000 There are. Facundo Fierro leads the Ibarolla project as an artist from La Palma on the spot. He explains, that in Garafía “developing a unique in the world Museum of contemporary art". Residents and some artists of La Palma have against the 160.000 Pronounced euro expensive projects. Agustín Ibarrola was through works such as the Bosque Pintada -This is the painted forest of OMA in the Basque country - famous and is one of the most important Basque Spanish sculptors of today- more about the artist here.



Fancy designer pieces from the certified artisans: More on the Craft Fair Island, the wages of the 11. to 15. Held August in Fuencaliente. Photo: La Palma 24

Date for the island arts and crafts fair 2018 is. Once in a year, the best and tested artisan of La Palma in the gather Craft Fair Island elsewhere on the island. The competent counselor Susana Machín announced now, that that the popular event for people, the special design or gift search, This year, from the 11. to 15. Held August in Fuencaliente. As always, there's a colorful entertainment- and services during the arts and crafts fair. Tip for tourists: Who are holidaying at this time not on the Isla Bonita, rings finds the beautiful pieces of Artesanos in part to farmers markets around the island. In addition, the Cabildo sold arts and crafts in the Casa Salazar in Santa Cruz, in the native American Museum Museo Archeológico Benahoarita (MAB) in Los Llanos and the art school Escuela insular de Artesanía right next to the market Hall in Mazo.


Die Klassiker fahren wieder um die Wette:

The classic ride again to the bet: Race on 6. and 7. July 2018 in Brena Alta.

Classic race in Breña Alta. Make a knot in the handkerchief is ever friends aged Tin cars: The second Clásica Palmera Trofeo Breña Alta find am 6. and 7. July 2018 statt. The epicenter of the classic rally, She guides us through the various communities of the Isla Bonita, Breña Alta forms. Is organized the race for more than 25 Years old cars from the Club TP sport.


Galerie Avenida 17: Jetzt gibt es in dem Gebäude an der Hauptstraße von Tazacorte-Pueblo auch Kurse.

Gallery Avenida 17: Now there's a drawing class in the building on the main street of Tazacorte Pueblo for the first time.

Drawing lessons in Tazacorte. In the Gallery of Avenida 17 Beginners and advanced can learn how to use pen and paper or perfect in Tazacorte: At the 23. and 24. February 2018 is the graphic designer Jürgen Wüst from 10 to 13 Watch tips for choice of subject and technique, Proportion and composition, Perspective, Line and surface as well as light and shadow. The fee is 24 Euro pro Tag. Login and all further information in the phone 654.835.790.


Ausblick auf 2019.

Views on 2019.

Animation Cinema on the rise. End 2017 celebrated the Festival Cine Aníme La Palma after nine years at the Teatro Cine Chico in Santa Cruz in particular among young audiences with great success its resurrection, and it should go on. How to split with the capital management, There are by the 2. to 5. January 2019 a sequel - this time in the Teatro Ciro de Marte, because there are more seats and more room for the framework programme available. From the 10. to 11. February 2018 make the animation film festival's organizers currently advertising on the IFEMA in Madrid at the weekend of Japan.

Empfang für die Agrocanarias-Sieger. Beim offiziellen Wettbewerb Agrocanarias 2017 der Kanarenregierung in der vergangenen Woche in Arucas auf Gran Canaria wurden neun Ziegenkäse und ein Wein von La Palma ausgezeichnet. Bei einem Empfang im Cabildo gratulierte Insellandwirtschaftsrat José Basilio Pérez den Gewinnern zu ihrem Erfolg. In der Kategorie Tintos barrica holte der Vega Norte Vendimia Seleccionada Listán Prieto aus den Bodegas Noroeste eine Silbermedaille. Gold gab es für die Ziegenkäse-Hersteller Quesos Las Cuevas in Puntagorda, La Morisca in Puntallana, für El Juncal und Quesos Minervino sowie Luna de Awara in Garafía. Eine Silbermedaille brachten die Käsereien Granjas El Topito in Tijarafe, El Juncal in Garafía und Quesos Las Cuevas in Puntagorda mit nach Hause.

Reception for the winners of the Agrocanarias. At the official competition Agrocanarias nine goat cheese and a wine from La Palma of the Canary Islands Government were awarded last week in Arucas in Gran Canaria. At a reception in the Cabildo, Island provincial economic Councillor José Basilio Pérez congratulated the winners now to their success. In the category Tintos barrica brought Vega Norte Vendimia Seleccionada Listán Prieto from the Northwest Cellars a silver medal. Gold is there for the goat cheese producers Quesos Las Cuevas Punta Gorda, La Morisca Puntallana, for El Juncal and Quesos Minervino as well as for Luna de Awara in Garafía. The cheese brought a silver medal Granjas El TopItem in Tijarafe, El Juncal in Garafía and Quesos Las Cuevas in Puntagorda home. Photo: Chapter


Tips for the weekend


The Carnival on La Palma wants to start the weekend. Let's hope, that weather permitting.

Much depends on the weather. The bad forecasts in view of strong wind and rain could the great, compromise events scheduled for this weekend: The Almond Blossom Festival is celebrated in Puntagorda, in El Paso, Los Llanos and Santa Cruz are the first events of the Carnival 2018 beyond the stage. Should we receive news of postponements due to bad weather, We publish them here and on our Event page and in the Carnival calendar 2018 the La Palma 24-journals.

Schöne Aussichten. Der Kontrollrat für Weine mit dem Denominación Origen-Herkunfts- und Qualitätssiegel von La Palma hat schon jetzt die Events für das Jahr 2018 bekannt gegeben. Demnach verwandelt die Weinmesse Fivipal am 17. März die Plaza in Los Llanos wieder in ein großes Weindorf, bei dem die Winzer der Insel ihre Schätze und Gastronomen leckere Tapas servieren. Weinselig weiter geht es am 21. April 2018 in Santa Cruz, wo man sich bei der dritten Auflage des Encuentro Enogastronómico in der Altstadt trifft. Und am 2. Juni steigt in Breña Alta die zweite Fiesta del Vino con Sabor a Verano (V&V) – die edlen Tropfen mit "Sommergeschmack" testen kann man im Parque de Los Álamos in San Pedro, wo sich auch das Zigarrenmuseum befindet.

Beautiful views in the year 2018. The Council of wines with the Denominación origen-Countries of origin- and quality seal of La Palma has the events for the year already 2018 announced. So she turned Wine fair Fivipal on 17. March the Plaza in Los Llanos in a big wine village, delicious tapas serve the winemakers of the island at which their treasures and restaurateurs. Maudlin continues at 21. April 2018 in Santa Cruz, where you are at the third edition of the Encuentro Enogastronómico in the old town. And on 2. June increases in Breña Alta, the second Fiesta del Vino con Sabor a Verano (V&V) -the fine wines with “Summer taste” You can test in the Parque de Los of Álamos in San Pedro, where is located the cigar Museum. Photo: DO Board


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