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Top news today: Fly Germania 2018/19 SPC-Bremen! Joy in the bankrupt Publisher Claudia Gehrke: Zuckmayer Medal for Yoko Tawada! International sailing regatta Canarias Madeira is 2018 launched for the first time on La Palma! And of course there are still many more around the Isla Bonita.


News from city and country

Gute Nachricht für Nordlichter: Germania fliegt im Winter 2018/19 erstmals Bremen-Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC). Foto: Carlos Díaz

Good news for northern lights: Germania flies in the winter 2018/19 for the first time Bremen-Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC). Photo: Carlos Díaz

Germania with new North-link. The Germania takes in the winter 2018/19 a direct flight from Bremen to Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) in the program. This has now agreed with the competent with the German airline for new routes Director Claus Altenburg at the tourism fair FITUR in Madrid island tourism Councillor Alicia Vanoostende. Altenburg said, that the Germania strength the location Bremen with a further machine: "For winter 2018/19 our airline increases the number of set-based green-and white aircraft from previously two to now three at the Bremen Airport Hans Koschnick. In the summer 2019 There are then four aircraft, all of the Airbus A320 family aircraft. Germania thus strengthens its position as a leading leisure airline in Bremen and will create new jobs." Alicia Vanoostende stressed, that more talks with travel agencies and airlines are planned, to compensate for the failure of the connections of the insolvent NIKI. It set up the focus in particular on Germany: Most visitors come to the Isla Bonita from Alemania, alone 2017 their share increased by nearly 1,5 Percent.


Tore am Eingang zum Yachthafen von Santa Cruz: Schutz vor den Unbilden des Atlantiks. Foto: Hafenbehörden

Gates at the entrance to the Marina of Santa Cruz: Protection against the rigours of the Atlantic. Photo: Port authorities

Marina protection ready soon. Expected in February 2018 completes the construction of the water gates at the entrance to the Marina in the port of Santa Cruz. How the competent authorities inform further, total cost of the project to more than 1,4 Million euros. The water slides have a weight of each 50 Tons, are four metres high and 24 Metres wide. Through this massive device, the small vessels in the Marina of the city can be protected from the currents and waves of the Atlantic Ocean.


Ausgrabungen bei Mazo: Begräbnisriten der Ureinwohner werden erforscht. Foto: Cabildo

Excavations at Mazo: Funeral rites of the natives are under the direction of the most renowned archaeologists on the Isla Bonita with funds by the Island Government. Photo: Chapter

New excavations in Mazo. The Cabildo is the second series of excavations at the native American burial site La Cucaracha started in Mazo. For this project, begun in the last year were now more 9.000 Made available to euro. It is hoped that new discoveries in the views of the funeral rites of the Benahoaritas. The excavations be carried out under the direction of archaeologist and anthropologist Nuria Álvarez and the Aboriginal expert of Jorge Pais, He also was Director of the Museo Arqueológico Benahoarita (MAB) responsible in Los Llanos.


Colorful messages of the Isla Bonita


Yoko Tawada: The German Japanese novelist was awarded the Zuckmayer Medal. They published their works in the bankruptcy book publisher Claudia Gehrke, who has published numerous works on La Palma and the Canary Islands.

Award-winning author in the publishing of the bankruptcy. Last week, the Zuckmayer Medal of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate was awarded the German Japanese writer Yoko Tawada. About this high-profile literary prize, notably Claudia Gehrke rejoiced, because the author of the award-winning for the first time published their books in the Bankruptcy book Verlag Tübingen. Yoko Tawada writes prose, Poetry, Novels, Essays and plays both in German and Japanese. Great sensation her work Études in the snow, tell their story in which three polar bears; on 22. January 2018 is her most recent book Beyond identities / the art of transformation appear. We have Claudia Gehrke, She moved in the bankrupt publishing many books on La Palma and the Canary Islands, interviewed - and already in this conversation mentioned Yoko Tawada full of pride.


Regatta Canarias-Madeira kommt wieder. Die seit 1978 neunmal durchgeführte Regatta zwischen dem Archipel der Kanaren und Madeira wird vom 4. bis 8. September 2018 erneut gestartet. Bei der 10. Auflage des internationalen Wettsegelns starten die Boote erstmals im Hafen von La Palma auf die 291 Seemeilen lange Strecke zum Ziel in Funchal, der Hauptstadt der Blumeninsel im Atlantik. Es gibt zwei Klassen – ORC und OPEN, Organisatoren ist der Club Naval de Funchal und der Real Nuevo Club Náutico de Santa Cruz. Beim bisher letzten Rennen auf hoher See im Jahr 2016 beteiligten sich 49 Boote aus Spanien, Portugal und England. Wie das Cabildo weiter mitteilte, ist während der Regatta Canarias-Madeira ein Rahmenprogramm mit gastronomischen, kulturellen und touristischen Events geplant. Zur Internetseite des Real Club Náutico hier klicken.

Regatta Canarias Madeira 2018: Kick-off on La Palma. The since 1978 nine times is carried out regatta between the archipelago of the Canary Islands and Madeira from the 4. to 8. September 2018 Once again started. When 10. The boats start Edition of international betting sailing for the first time in the port of La Palma on the 291 Nautical mile long route to the finish in Funchal, the capital of the flower island in the Atlantic Ocean. There are two classes - ORC and OPEN, Organizers are the Club Naval de Funchal and Real Nuevo Club Náutico de Santa Cruz. In the most recent race on the high seas in the year 2016 participated 49 Boats from Spain, Portugal and England. As further informed the Cabildo, during the Regata Canarias Madeira a framework programme with gastronomic, cultural and tourist events planned. Photo: Real Club Náutico – Click to the Web site of the Association here.


Der Jardín de la Sal: nominiert

The Jardín de la Sal: nominated in the best restaurants of the Canary Islands for regional Qué Bueno Canarias Heineken.

Salt restaurant with front in. The Jardín de la Sal was now for the regional Prize Qué Bueno Canarias Heineken nominated. At this competition, the judges are looking for now in the seventh year of the best restaurants in the Canary Islands. To be nominated, had to make the leap into the top ten of the restaurants in the archipelago the salt garden restaurant in the South of La Palma. Salt-chef Andrés Hernández: "In this final selection to be, is a great honor!"The arts of Chef Juan Carlos Curpa are known in gourmet circles and appreciated: Journals report again and again about the creative man in the kitchen of the Jardín de la Sal, and also in the Spanish gastro guide Guiarepsol has its place for years the local. 2017 the salt flats at the southern tip of Isla Bonita celebrated their 50th anniversary – We have reported.



Tazacorte Pueblo: There are guided tours to the most interesting buildings every Monday. Photo: Fernando Rodríguez

Guided tours of Tazacorte. Did you know, that the Tourism Office of Tazacorte every Monday is a guided tour of the Pueblo referred, upper part offers? The little trip to the historic buildings with a side trip to the banana Museum is carried on English, takes approximately one and a half hours and costs six euros - children under 12 years of age must free with walk. If you'd like, can be found around 10 A clock in front of the Tourism Office, the tour begins at 10.15 Clock. More information and reservations, email or phone/Whatsapp 0034-633.480.729.


Nightlife tips this week


Ensemble preterite: In the Canary classics Festival guest on La Palma.

Concerts in the West and East. On Saturday, 27. January 2018, is the rock band Extatica at 13 Watch for the lunchtime concert in the Plaza de España in Los Llanos, and on Friday, 26. January, performs the Spanish string ensemble Preterite in the Museo Arqueológico Benahoarita (MAB). In the Casa Roja in Mazo, the café concerts start on Saturday, 27. January 2018, with the singers Carlos Catana and sito Morales, the by Margarita Galván be on the piano, and Álvaro Jiménez accompanied on the guitar. All the details and even more tips for out-going on the event page of La Palma 24-journals.


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