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The Carnival has now firmly grip the Isla Bonita: Events at the weekend and program of the Día de Los Indianos in German. Further, we will inform about the weather: Still freezing temperatures on the Roque de Los Muchachos, and the mountain is closed to vehicles without snow chains. There's a concrete plan against the flooding of the road to El Remo when heavy rain now. Last but not least,: Change start and finish of the Transvulcania ultra marathon 2018!


Messages to the Carnival 2018 auf La Palma

Fiesta de la Peluca: Wettbewerb um Kunsthaarkunst. Foto: Stadt

Fiesta de la Peluca in Santa Cruz: Competition for synthetic hair art. Photo: City

Wig Festival in Santa Cruz. Last Thursday was the big Carnival opening parade Cabalgata de Reyes be canceled in Santa Cruz due to bad weather – the replacement date is not fixed yet. Now all hope, that most Friday, 9. February 2018, Peter has relented, and can be karnevalisiert. Because to 11 Watch is the traditional wig Festival with a Solidarity run heralded, with all capital-runner with a Peluca Storm through the streets. At 14.30 Watch it then means curtain on the Fiesta of wig. While the Association of businessmen in the city has announced a competition for the phantasievollste synthetic hair, and at the same time, there is a further contest, Bartender in the Cabildo passage give themselves.

Umzug der Botschafter in Santa Cruz: exotische Kostüme! Foto: Stadt

Moving the Ambassador in Santa Cruz: exotic costumes! Photo: City

At the Saturday, 10. February, continues to 18.30 Watch the traditional Moving the Ambassador Santa Cruz in motion, and at Sunday, 11. February, can you get at the Day of the Indianitos see colonial clad Tots, the talcum powder cans armed their adult role models emulate. The “large” Fools have most Day of the Indianos their appearance - also 2018 are most Carnival Monday, 12. February, the capital of La Palma again turn into a white powdered cauldron thousands stopped (who, where, When, What see in the program below, which we have translated into the views of the many vacationers in German).


Gran Polvacera in Los Llanos: City under Powder! Foto: Stadt

Gran Polvacera in Los Llanos: City under powder! Photo: City

Carnival highlight in Los Llanos. About 900 Students moved on Thursday, 8. February, at COSO Escolar through the metropolis of Aridane. On Saturday, 10. February 2018, is an another great Carnival event in Los Llanos: Thousands gather at the Gran Polvacera in the city, with tons of baby powder through the air flies. To cover the Carnival activities, worked out this year again with the police and the Guardia Civil a security plan Mayor Noelia García Leal, with more than 100 Vigilante in use are. The spectacle with a helicopter monitored from the air, and that is of course Guardia Civil de Tráfico with a laboratory bus for alcohol- and drug checks by the brightly coloured party.


Día de Los Indianos in Santa Cruz: Es gibt Sonderbusse! Foto:

Día de los Indianos in Santa Cruz: There are extra buses! Photo:

Program Day of the Indianos on German. On Rosenmontag, 12. February 2018, goes around it in Santa Cruz from morning till night, that's why we publish here the program of the Day of the Indianos. About the Wallpapers of the 'white Carnival"on La Palma have we also written an article. Who to the Day of the Indianos do not drive the car will - always-tense is the parking situation in Santa Cruz-, can take the GuaGua. The Transportes insular La Palma provide whatever extra buses from all directions to Santa Cruz and back -. There is a timetable-PDF to download.

Die Negra Tomasa: Alles wartet, bis die Galleonsfigur des Karnevals in Santa Cruz mit dem Boot anlandet. Foto: Xafi Hernández/

The Negra Tomasa: Everything is waiting for, until the Galleonsfigur of the Carnival in Santa Cruz with the boat lands. Photo: Xafi Hernández/

10.30 Watch la espera: While everything on the boat waiting for the Negra Tomasa, give the actor before the Town Hall in the pedestrian area of Santa Cruz de la Palma Pilar Rey and Antonio Abdo a small idea. From 11 Watch heat up the expectant mood bands on different squares of the city: In the Plaza de España, which plays Sexteto Palmero, on the Plaza de la Alameda group Punto Cubano.

11.30 Watch Desembarco: Land in their fans cheering the Negra Tomasa and their relatives in the port of Santa Cruz. Then, the "most important family of Cuba" with much fanfare to the Plaza de España is led. Who more about this Galleonsfigur of the Day of the Indianos want to know, read our report: We have met we "Sosó" before the legendary, a few photos by Victor Lorenzo Díaz Molina without Negra Tomasa mask shot and chatted with him.

12.30 Watch la espera. All waiting on things, the da will come – as long as the shorten appearances Cuarto son on the Plaza de España and the The Old on the Plaza de la Alameda latency.

Empfang der Negra Tomasa auf der Plaza de Espana:

Received of Negra Tomasa in the Plaza de España: Carnival frenzy under continuous powder rain in Santa Cruz de La Palma. Photo:

13.20 Clock: The Cuban Consul in the Canary Islands comes to the reception on diePlaza de España, on the streamer to the Plaza de La Habana is.

13.30 Watch Llegada: The Negra Tomasa and her family are welcomed with great jubilation in the Plaza de España.

17 Watch Gran Desembarco: The great Day of the Indianos-Moving is composed of the old town entrance at the port in the direction of Plaza de la Alameda in motion. This puderdurchwaberte Carnival parade will be accompanied by fiery salsa.

17 Watch Festival Latino: The music playing at the Carnival grounds in Santa Cruz de La Palma. There are Troveros de Asieta, Orillas del son, Sexteto Nabori, Chango, Arena Caliente and Tropicana. Between the bands, DJ Jacob ensures, that nobody falls asleep. And so the mega Fiesta stretches traditionally up in the early morning hours of Tuesday.

Damenhüte gesucht!

Looking for women's hats!

More Carnival events this weekend – for example, the Feast of the Pamela in Los Cancajos on Sunday, 11. February, where the most beautiful women's hats are sought – can be found in our Carnival calendar.


Weather info from the Isla Bonita

Dieses Foto von Adelto Hernández beschreibt die aktuelle Situation auf dem Roque de Los Muchachos ideal: Die Eiskönigin schwingt ihr Zepter.

This photo by Adelto Hernández perfectly describes the current situation on the Roque de Los Muchachos: The ice Queen swings her wand.

Still freezing temperatures on the Roque. Since yesterday, Thursday, 8. February, both roads are again the Roque de Los Muchachos gesperrrt - road in the West, however, can be used with snow chains, so that employees of the observatories can get to their jobs. The ascent to the highest mountain of La Palma with drifting snow is, Covered ice plates and stones waist from and rocks. The further prospects: It will be slightly warmer all over the island, in the North and East it is rainy, in the South and West, the Sun shows most, However, a strapping North-East Passat blows continue to.

Here is a video of Digna Martín from blowing snow and nature on the Roque de Los Muchachos, While on the beaches of La Palma can be bathed:

News from city and country

Gute Nachrichten: Das Überflutungsproblem der Straße nach El Remo soll gelöst werden. Foto: Cabildo

Good news: To solve the flooding problem of the road to El Remo. Photo: Chapter

El Remo-Info. The Cabildo has decided to opt for a "holistic" solution to the flooding problem in the LP-213 at El Remo, that cuts off the population when heavy rain regularly from the outside world. While the public ways of Barranocos El Galguero and El Remo should be regulated, their running water when heavy rain flooded again two points the road to El Remo. According to of the Cabildo has of forest fire in summer 2016 Compounding the problem, the water-aufhaltende vegetation in the barrancos was destroyed. The work should still 2018 be - advertised the cost estimate of the project amounted to 3,1 Million euros.


Airport Santa Cruz de La Palma: Wartebereich vergrößert. Foto: AENA

Airport Santa Cruz de La Palma: Enlarged waiting area. Photo: AENA

News from the airport. The waiting area of the airport of Santa Cruz de La Palma has been expanded. It has the State Airport operator AENA the existing footprint of 6.200 on 9.200 Enlarged square meters. In the course of this 63.000 Euro expensive measures were a new restaurant, more sanitation and a Kinderspielplätz created. Also the signs has been improved, to more efficiently handle the passengers to be able to. The new restaurant with the name La Paso is 130 Square meters large and is used by the company Aeras managed. Meals are served, Breakfast, Hamburger and pizza. Thus, the service in the SPC-Airport includes three restaurants, four shops and a pharmacy. By the way, Digna Martín has yesterday's Thursday, 8. February 2018, shot a video at SPC airport: It shows a TUI fly machine from Holland, trying to land the, but again start because of the strong wind and must fly to Tenerife South. Nothing new on La Palma at storm, but rarely, that this exercise will be filmed.

Corpus Christi in Mazo: imposanter Blumenschmuck.

Corpus Christi in Mazo: an impressive flower jewelry. Photo: La Palma 24

Poster competition in Mazo. Like every year, Mazo launching a contest, to find the most beautiful poster for the Corpus Christi Fiesta. For the winner, the community has 600 Awarded euro. Participants must be residents of the Canary Islands and be of legal age. Theme is, to represent the essential core of Corpus Christi -. further information on the website of the municipality of Mazo. The Fronleichnahmsfeier in Mazo with her famous, Flower jewellery made in months of work by the inhabitants, has been declared to the "feast of national tourist interest".



New at the start and at the finish. The race of the Transvulcania has on the safety of the TrailRunner 2018 Approved changes to the start and finish of the ultra marathon. The survey on the Zufriendheit of the participants gave rise to, which is carried out every year after the race.

Achtung Fans: Das Ziel des Transvulcania-Ultramarathons in Los Llanos wurde verlegt!

Attention fans: The goal of the Transvulcania ultra marathons in Los Llanos was moved!

Many Transvulcanier called for a solution to the "dangerous jam on the first meters of the GR 131" at the start of the lighthouse in the South is. Many athletes, the statements in the survey, left the trail here, to escape the accumulation in the surrounding rocky terrain, and thereby risked, to hurt. For this reason, the Skyrunner will most 12. More 2018 for the first time keep the first meters of the lighthouse on the asphalted road, and only on the GR 131 turn, After the group split up something. A second innovation in the Transvulcania that is Aim of the ultra marathon in Los Llanos from the Plaza de España in the Avenida Enrique Mederos moved. The charities and physiotherapists establish their tents in the nearby Avenida doctor Fleming. The race wants to create more space for spectators, that cheer for the TransvulcanierInnen at the finish of the premier class on their already legendary in the international skyrunning circus way.

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