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Sustainably redevelop and caulk:

Neil delivers expertise

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Neil Spindler has a reputation as the expert for construction chemicals in the Canary Islands and beyond. Homeowners, Craftsman, Island Government and the observatories at Roque de Los Muchachos contact especially in terms of sealing against moisture or super strong foundations to him. Neil scored in the German building chemistry manufacturers, When he applied for a patent for a concrete. We have felt the 59 on the tooth.


Neil Spindler: "Im Vordergrund stehen

Neil Spindler lives since 1994 on La Palma and the company is Ya Ya material in the small industrial area of El Paso: “Consulting and user training are with me in the first place”.

Neil is a very eloquent man. He demonstrated his eloquence and his expertise with many lectures from experts on the Canary Islands. Also get the customers of Neil's company Ya Ya material in El Paso benefit:

Consulting and user training are in the first place for me. Especially for individuals, of which 99 Percent have a problem with dampness in their homes on La Palma. Part two of my business philosophy is, to offer only the best products from any manufacturer.

This motto has evolved from a gap in the market, Neil already shortly after his arrival on La Palma anno 1994 discovered. The studied Economist had worked as project developer for commercial real estate in Bonn and foreseen after the capital decision, that in Bonn no longer much would go. He decided, to emigrate to La Palma, where was the construction business in full bloom. Neil had the idea, to convert existing houses in age-appropriate housing – but he quickly discovered the big catch:

Qualitäts-Bauchemie aus Deutschland:

Quality construction chemicals from Germany at Ya Ya material: The import without any intermediary holds the prices within the framework. Neil leads only to a product – This is the best of his or her step but then. For example, there is only a tile adhesive, He can do everything but then.

On La Palma, nor on the other Canary Islands I found the necessary building materials in the quality, that I imagined. I said to myself, then I bring here the material myself from Germany - and many acquaintances asked immediately, If I could get with them.

Said - done. A second and a third followed the first container with construction material from Alemania. An eye Neil and his former founded on the great demand, palmerische companion Yaya 1995 the building materials trade. The first store in a garage in Tajuya was already 2001 too tight, whereupon the company YaYa material moved to the current site in the industrial area of El Paso. In the course of time, Neil specialised its range more and more:


Special concrete by Pagel: Neil has the representation throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

At the beginning, I've had too many goods from a warehouse product group. Today I lead a product only – and the best in its segment. For example, I have only a tile adhesive, but he sure can do everything, of the under water fitness on tile to tile up to the suitability for underfloor heating. I am therefore one of the Canary Islands market leader for construction chemicals and specialty products - quality and at lower prices than in Germany thanks to import without any intermediary.

In addition, the renowned German manufacturer of Pagel spezial-Beton handed over the representation for potting- and special mortars throughout the Spanish-speaking world to Neil Spindler.

Neil Spindler: bauchemische Lösungen für spezifische Probleme.

Neil Spindler: construction-chemical solutions for specific problems.

The high-strength Grouting materials V1/30 RF Neil, inter alia for the foundations of a wind farm for Chile and for the La Gorona wind park on El Hierro delivered; It finds him but also in the Foundation area Aerogeneradores in Garafía and Fuencaliente. La Palma Island Government and private home owners are also fans of Neil's Super mortar, the not only extremely resilient, but is also extremely tight:

The V14/40 UW by Pagel was with, for example, the cracked asphalt of roads to be rehabilitated, by the old, lead small tunnel at Barlovento. There it is always wet, Since you can not work with bitumen. But the grout by Pagel keeps mercilessly for two years. Also private people use it, If your home has no real foundation, itself including water accumulates and causes efflorescence in the Interior. There or around there digging a waterproof trough, fills in the Pagel mortar and then rest in the box is.

Bloques und Ziegelsteine saugen Wasser in Sekundenschnelle auf:

Bloques and bricks absorb water in a matter of seconds: Silicone micro concentrates by Weber Dai that prevent sustainable.

No doubt, Neil has in the 20 Become a construction chemistry encyclopedia on two legs years on La Palma. He demonstrated his expertise in addition with the European patent a concrete superplasticizer, This is very interesting especially for the Canary Islands. Reason: On the islands of cement produced often with young volcanic ash as additive, making it extremely fast cures. Neil's concrete Duroretard V5. 48 prevents this and also enhances the final strength. Neil reported, This patent has opened the door to the place deer in the German construction industry him:

Auch Betonfliesen können

Moisture has no chance: Also concrete tiles can be impregnated with silicone micro concentrates.

Today I am general importer of Weber Dai. This renowned German company has flexible sealing slurries for pool in the 1960s, Tank- and develops flat roof refurbishment. Nowadays this sludge can be anything: they are applied with a brush, curing then two millimeters thick, are UV resistant, Glue extremely well and are elastic. That is, You can optimally sealed everything with them, anything that moves. If nothing helps, then it helps. However, this sealing slurries are not that cheap in the acquisition, in the long term, but already…

Liverpool-Tele auf dem Roque de los Muchachos: Neil lieferte die super-robuste Außenfarbe von Maleco.

Liverpool-tele on the Roque de los Muchachos: Neil delivered the Super-rugged exterior color of Maleco. That holds in more than 2.000 Metres above sea level around seven years, houses down 100 Metres altitude between twelve and 15 Years.

Who wants cheap, is Neil anyway at the wrong address. Quality always has its price - so also the silicone micro concentrates of Weber Dai, with those on La Palma of in many places installed Bloques sustainable against rising damp impregnate that is let. These building blocks suck rain- or even ground water like a sponge, and therefore BB´s in many buildings on the island is often in wet, which in turn caused the well-known efflorescence on the walls. Water problems are BB´s also on the Roque de los Muchachos: In freezing temperatures in the winter freezes the rain into ice crystals, that a few years ago the PVC roof of the Liverpool telescope hard struck. Neil delivered the rehabilitation solution, It is good also for roofs and facades of the highest Island mountain:

Ya Ya Materiales: Neil hält auch Spezialfarben für Boote bereit.

Ya Ya material: Neil has also Antifoulig and ship colors and underwater adhesive for boats. For boats, Baths and pools an extremely acaricide from silver ions anti mold silicone of company Otto is suitable.


The exterior color of Maleco holds seven years on the Roque, houses in the first row to the sea – in El Remo – ten years and at altitudes from 100 At least twelve feet up 15 Years. The company Maleco sits in Hamburg and has its best color for me and modified the weather on the Canary Islands.

Neil Spindler offers even more products in the field of construction chemistry. Where he shall also ensure, they are eco-friendly:

Like me to inform local ship colors, mildew-repellent or chlorine-resistant special Silicones, ecological Interior paints and much more from my construction chemistry set. And we must not forget, that in this area in recent years extremely much has happened. The products no longer go to the detriment of the environment and are more mild than in the past.

Auf La Palma oft ein Problem: Über- oder Unterspannungen im Stromnetz - Neil hat dafür ein Schutzsystem entwickelt.

On La Palma, often a problem: About- or undervoltage in mains – Neil has developed a protection system.

Last but not least,: Neil sells electronics, for example guards against about- Under/Overvoltage during power outages or lightning.

YaYa material one finds in the Camino de La Era 16 in El Paso. Turn off the main road at the former wok-restaurant in the small industrial area of Tacande. Opening times: Monday to Friday 10 to 14 Clock.

Ya Ya Materiales: auch Elektronik gehört dazu.

Ya Ya material: These include electronics and German automation.

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