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Weather warning: Snowfalls in the Cumbres - Roque driveways are blocked! We now also report on the progress of the sun wind plans on La Palma, the number of rescue missions of the GES helicopters and about the plans for the revision of the public for transport on the island. In our colorful messages, it will include a rum, He sails from La Palma from halfway around the world, to Joachín Sabina in El Paso, to a young Palmera, won the a national photo contest, and the Gofio tour weekend in Santa Cruz.


Erster Schnee des Jahres auf dem Roque. Ein vom spanischen Festland angereistes Tiefdruckgebiet beschert den Kanarischen Inseln kühle Temperaturen und Regen. Über 1.800 Meter fällt seit dem gestrigen Montag, 29. Januar 2018, Schnee. Das Cabildo hat die beiden LP-4-Zufahrten zum Roque de Los Muchachos gesperrt. Auch am Dienstag, 30. Januar, warnt die Staatliche Wetteragentur AEMET in den Cumbres von La Palma mit der Vorwarnstufe Gelb vor Schneefällen. Am Mittwoch soll alles wieder im grünen Bereich sein.

First snow of the year on the Roque. A low pressure area traveled from the Spanish mainland with the Canary Islands, cool temperatures and rain. About 1.800 Meter falls since yesterday's Monday, 29. January 2018, Snow. The Cabildo has locked the two LP-4 access roads to the Roque de Los Muchachos – see photos above by the current space work. Also on Tuesday, 30. January, the Government weather agency AEMET in the Cumbres of La Palma with the alert level yellow warns of snowfalls. On Wednesday, everything should be back in the green area.


News from city and country

Strom aus Wind und Sonne: Der Weg für mehr Anlagen auf La Palma zur Nutzung dieser Schätze der Natur wird derzeit bereitet. Fotos: Michael Kreikenbom

Power from the wind and Sun: Currently prepares the way for more plants on La Palma to use these treasures of nature. Photos: Michael Kreikenbom

Another step on the way to power from the wind and Sun. The island's Parliament now has a proposal of energy table Mesa insular de la Energía given green light: Adopted an official statement, the construction of a route to the South of La Palma to the transport of energy from wind, Sun and into some distant future also from geothermal energy in the way. As the next step, this decision to the Central Government in Madrid will be forwarded. Island President Anselmo Pestana is confident, there to open ears: “At a meeting at the Department of energy have emerged, that one is inclined to the project!” In addition it will from the Plataforma por un nuevo modelo energético para la Palma supports – It is an Association for the promotion of renewable. Insular Energy Council Jordi Camacho explained, that includes the official statement, that the coastal areas of Fuencaliente and Mazo is a “Wealth in the views of wind and Sun” represented, which is why there in addition to the existing “in the near future” more plants are to be set up.


Der GES-Heli: Der

The GES-Heli: The AH-51 of the Canary Islands Government is permanently stationed at the airport of Santa Cruz de La Palma, to quickly provide assistance in the emergency. Photo: Carlos Díaz

Rescue operations of the red-and Yellow Angel 2017. Helicopter he de la Palma constantly stationed the airport of Santa Cruz Grupo de Emergencias y Salvamento (GES) in the past year was 138 Hours in the air. This completed the team of AH-51 of the Canary Islands Government as a whole 59 Inserts, from which 38 Rescues on land and at sea were. The remaining flights of the GES Heli was search- or delete actions as well as monitoring and patrols. A total of six AH-51 on the Canary Islands archipelago are stationed; also on the other islands, the helicopter moved 2017 in most cases for rescue.


Busfahren auf der Isla Bonita wird revisioniert: Aber jetzt werden die Pläne nochmal überdacht. Foto: La Palma 24

Bus travel on the Isla Bonita is revisioned: But now the plans be reconsidered again. Photo: La Palma 24

Plans for public transport are on ice. Contrary to original expectations, he comes Plan de Movilidad de La Palma still not to vote in the island's Parliament. The plans to reform of public transport were temporarily put on hold at the request of the Coalición Canaria, to parse the document in more detail. Parts of the document such as the proposed deletion of the free rides for pensioners with low incomes and unemployment, as well as the setting should be reconsidered once again lines with low profitability.


Die vier Punto Limpios auf La Palma (von oben links nach unten rechts): Los Llanos, Tijarafe, Puntallana, Breña Baja.

The four Punto Limpios on La Palma (from top left to bottom right): The Plains, Tijarafe, Puntallana, Brena Baja.

Increasing acceptance of the "clean points". The number of persons, the bulky waste on the Puntos Limpios leave the island, in the past three years is to 36 Percent increase. According to the waste management office 2015 just 34.000 User count, 2016 more than 39.000 and 2017 nearly 46.000. On the island there is a Punto Limpio in Breña Baja, The Plains, Puntallana and Tijarafe.

Auf einen Blick: Die Puntos Limpios sind in Ost und West verteilt.

At a glance: The puntos Limpios are distributed in East and West.

Be discarded furniture such as mattresses or dangerous environmental residues such as colors can here for free, Solvent, Waste oil, Household appliances and electronic scrap, but also green waste and construction debris. In the year alone 2017 were on the Puntos Limpios 1.065 Furniture of tons of , 305 Vegetarian waste of tons of, 335 Metals of tons of, 16 Tons of colors and 2.600 Litres of used oil, and 673 Tons of construction debris given off. The Puntos Limpios Breña Baja, Los Llanos and Puntallana are Mondays to Wednesdays from 8 to 19 Clock and from Thursday to Sunday from 8 to 15 Clock open. The "clean spot" Tijarafe takes the value- and hazardous materials from households from Monday to Saturday from 8 to 14 Watch and 15 to 19 Clock counter.


i-Punkt in Garafía: Das Management übernimmt weiterhin der CIT-Tedote.

I-Punkt in Garafía: The management will continue to the CIT Tedote.

Tourismusverband still manages bureaus in the North West. The municipality of Garafía entrusted the Association of tourist entrepreneurs CIT Tedote continue conducting business in the tourist offices in Las Tricias and Llano Negro and the Gofio History Museum. In the i-Punkten have been in the last year 22.000 Visitors care - an increase of 12,7 Percent over 2016. Emphasizes Mayor Yeray Rodríguez, how important are island guests for the Northwest Community: "We are planning more projects in this area, because tourism provides jobs and improve the income of the inhabitants of Garafía".


Subsidies for fiestas. The Cabildo assisted the local authorities in advertising and organizing 19 Big Island celebrations this year with the total of 52.500 Euro. Include among others Day of the Indianos in Santa Cruz, the water festival in Puerto Naos, the devil dance in Tijarafe or the flower-decked Corpus Christi celebrations in Mazo. "With these subsidies the Cabildo aims to contribute, the traditional fiestas to get, that reflect the culture of La Palma", declared Consell fixed Primitivo Jerónimo.


Colorful messages of the Isla Bonita

Junge Palmera bei nationalen Fotopreis ganz vorn. Beim Wettbewerb des spanischen Wirtschaftsministeriums mit dem Titel Ven a tu mercado – Komm auf Deinen Markt – gewann Thaimar Villegas aus Santa Cruz den ersten Preis. Die junge Frau hatte ein Foto von der Markthalle der Hauptstadt von La Palma eingereicht, die La Recova genannt wird. Ihr Preis ist ein Warengutschein im Wert von 500 Euro zum Einkauf in der altehrwürdigen Einkaufszentrale an der Avenida del Puente.

Young Palmera with national prize of photography at the front. In the competition of the Spanish Ministry of economy with the title Tu Ven a mercado -Come on your market – Thaimar Villegas from Santa Cruz won the first award. The young woman had submitted a photo of the market Hall in the capital of La Palma, the La Recova called. Their price is a merchandise voucher to the value of 500 Euro to shopping in the venerable shopping centre on the Avenida del Puente. The photo shows the photographer (Image center) with Mayor Sergio Matos (right next to her) at its ceremony in the Recova. Photo: City

Rum aus La Palma: schippert auf der

Rum from La Palma: schippert now on the Avontuur to the tyre around the world. Photo: Timbercoast

From La Palma sails around the world. In the last week which has Avontuur moored in the port of Santa Cruz and eleven barrels rum from the distillery Aldea loaded. The sailing ship that transported 2.475 Liter hard from the North-East of La Palma now continues across the Atlantic Ocean to Honduras, Mexico, Cuba, Canada and the Azores until after Bremerhaven. The goal is, that the rum from La Palma can mature in the rocking of the waves in the barrels for eight months. The gaff schooner Avontuur was 1920 built, 2014 to 2016 renovated by a team of volunteers and sails in the framework of the Timberoast - cargo under sail-Project. While the ecological sailors shipped other merchandise via wind power, to create a sustainable transport chain from production to the "responsible" customer. Also sailing fans can ride on the gaff schooner. More info on the Timbercoast Web site.


Sabina: Der Weltstar gibt nach 22 Jahren Pause wieder ein Konzert auf der Isla Bonita. Foto: Gemeinde

Sabina: The world star are 22 Years break again a concert on the Isla Bonita. Photo: Gemeinde

Sabina concert in April in El Paso. Within the framework of its Lo Darian TODO-Tour makes a stop on La Palma Joaquín Sabina. On the Isla Bonita was the singer-songwriter and author at the Bajada de la Virgen 1995 the last time a concert. The next is now the 30. April 2018 at the sports stadium in El Paso by place – expected to be around 6.000 Fans. The municipality explained, that there are three ticket categories for the two and a half-hour appearance of the famous Bard: General, Preferente and Premium, it off 30 Up euros. The tickets should be online and directly available in the next few days on La Palma (We provide information on the event page, as soon as the information is available). Sabina calls numerous gold- and platinum records his own - his album Lo niego todo was 2017 the best selling in Spain.


Hannover-La Palma 18

Hanover-La Palma 1881: Barbara Schlüter gives insights.

Barbara Schlüter reads at Sol. The renowned author of the company novels with crime touch, you play in Hannover and on La Palma, invites to a reading after Puerto Naos in the Hotel Sol: On Saturday, 3. February 2018, at 19.30 Watch excerpts from the band wears Barbara Schlüter Salon El time Hidden love before. In the year you can La Palma 1981 experience. More about this in our reports about the writer.


Das Programm: draufklicken!

The program: click on it!

Film art days in the art space of La Palma. Is actually a gallery of art space in Tazacorte, but once in the year Petra Herrmann and Helmut Kiesewetter organize also evenings with audiovisual entertainment on a particular topic. Now it's happening again: At the 1. February 2018 begin the documentary film days with contributions from Wolfgang Jung, and by the 10. to 17. February 2018 take place the next film art days, where are works by director Isabel Coixet at the heart. After the screenings will be discussed as always with a glass of a bit wine. Login email or phone 634.602.860 will be asked. All details and programs can be found on the Facebook page of the art space.



In the Contacto: Indianos photos of Karolina Backar.

Photos of the Día de Los Indianos. There is a new exhibition in the Contacto Office in Los Llanos: From the 29. January up to the 28. February 2018 showing their works on the topic of Karolina Backar Day of the Indianos. More about the camera artist on their Facebook page. The Office of Mantenimiento contacto is located in Calle General Yagüe 13 at the western entrance to Los Llanos.


Nightlife tips this week

Leckeres aus Röstgetreide: Diese Restaurants laden ein.

Delicious roasted cereals: These restaurants.

"Gofio" tour in Santa Cruz. The capital of loads on the weekend, 2./3. February 2018, back to the Ruta del Gofio a. Here you can try in a number of restaurants with market Hall of delicacies from the roasted corn, that the Palm Eros holds strong and healthy. The participating clubs are all in the old town – Click on the poster, then you can see, who's in.


Concerts and fiestas. Island guests should contact the Almond Blossom Festival not to be missed, It attracts thousands again next weekend in Puntagorda. Otherwise it starts already in some communities such as El Paso Carnival. Details about the upcoming events on our events page.

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