Isla Bonita events from the 22.1.2018

Isla Bonita-Events ab dem 22.1.2018

Isla Bonita events from the 22.1.2018 Concerts – Theatre – Film & Fiestas   Konzerte auf der Insel Los Llanos: Rock-Ekstase auf der Plaza Die Aridane-Metropole hat ein weiteres Konzert der Contigo Almediodía-Reihe organisiert – Admission is always free: At the…

Events from the 2.1.2018

Veranstaltungen ab dem 2.1.2018

Isla Bonita events from the 2.1.2018 Ring around the island: Cabalgatas de Reyes on the Isla Bonita is Christmas until Epiphany to end, then bring Kaspar, Melchior and Balthasar the gifts. On the day before, 5. January, traditionally held the Cabalgatas de Reyes, and…

Isla Bonita Karnevalstraditionen

Isla Bonita Karnevalstraditionen

Karnevalstraditonen on La Palma & Day of the Indianos 2017 Baby Powder-battles, White Indian and sardines abgefackelte Carnival in Rio is dazzling and sexy. Karneval in Köln ist "alaaaf". And Carnival on La Palma is just freaking out. Here flies instead of confetti talcum powder through the…

Fancy figures of the island fiestas

Ausgefallene Figuren der Inselfiestas

Outlandish figures make the island festivals dwarfs as unique – Devil and crazy horses: Here La Palma-fans will know with fancy gefestet the witty and colorful characters of island festivals. For everybody else, we even briefly introduce the craziest and most famous figures. La…

Isla Bonita musician: Yolanda and his bands

Isla Bonita Musiker: Ödi und seine Bands

Walk with Hans Richard Jonitz from Germany to La Palma: Rock and Blues in all walks of life in his passport is Hans Richard Jonitz, but on La Palma, all call him only Yolanda: His rock colleagues in the Dinos band and the formation of ForRain, Guests in…

La Palma musicians: All-rounder Eremiot Rodríguez

La Palma Musiker: Allround-Talent Eremiot Rodríguez

Eremiot: All-rounder from La Palma rock, Jazz and flamenco wholeheartedly ere: Birds are chirping "Music means everything to me", Cocks crow, on the hillside, almond trees bloom, below the Atlantic foams: In the midst of the Idyll of Las Tricias lives, composed and…

Premiere: Festival de Música, La Palma

Premiere: Festival de Música La Palma

Festival de Música La Palma by the 3. to 18. June 2016 World classic on the Isla Bonita: Cards Sprint! Great cinema in classical music is of the 3. to 18. June 2016 announced on the small Canary Island of La Palma. The Asociación cultural…

Flamenco entre Amigos: Re- and views

Flamenco entre Amigos: Rück- und Ausblicke

Musical Ambassador of La Palma were on summer tour: Flamenco entre Amigos celebrate success in four countries of the summer 2015 was hot: At just 40 The palmerische formation "Flamenco entre amigos" on their three-month tour of Germany yanked concerts, France,…

La Palma Island Festival 2017

La Palma Inselfeste 2017

La Palma Island Festival 2017 – Preview traditions events around the Isla Bonita because of numerous readers requests we make each year a summary of the major traditional fiestas on the Canary Island of La Palma in the network. Because the information about the events often only short notice…


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