Glass artist Cornelia Spork

Glaskünstlerin Cornelia Spork

Crafts: Cornelia Spork wrapped beads – Shop in Fuencaliente with fire and diligence to the designer jewelry "Fire and diligence" – this motto created Cornelia Spork on the Canary Island of La Palma beads in all colours and creative designs. Glass blowing ahead of…

La Palma: Artisan Fair and LIBER Arte

La Palma: Kunsthandwerker-Messe und LIBER-Arte

Two Eldorado for souvenir hunters: Crafts and Art in Los Los Peterborough Peterborough The resort turns into this and next week in an artist center. From the 14. to 18. August 2013 present their work to the best craftsman in the Canary Island of La Palma.…

La Palma – Crafts

La Palma – Kunsthandwerk

The long road to designer tile: Arts & Crafts La Palma. Who was the founder of the Art Nouveau period or on the, the decorated his mansion with cement tiles. Even in churches or public buildings in Europe was the hand-cast tiles from 19. Until the 20th century.…


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