Jellyfish in the Atlantic Ocean to La Palma

Quallen im Atlantik um La Palma

Jellyfish in the Atlantic Ocean to La Palma – Interview with marine biologist Georg Maghon unpleasant encounters in the sea: First aid tips from the experts don't panic: The sea worlds to the Isla Bonita are anything other than an area wimmelndes of jellyfish. Of course…

Dog rules in cities and beaches on La Palma

Hunderegeln in Städten und Stränden auf La Palma

Dogs on La Palma: City and beach rules Los Llanos laments negligent dog owners - Santa Cruz pet beach is a dog day afternoon on La Palma – all groaning under the heat and escapes, If BB´s is, on the beach. However, one may not necessarily his fur nose…

News Ticker: La Palma news am 17.7.2017

Newsticker: La Palma Nachrichten am 17.7.2017

La Palma news am 17.7.2017 Beach accidents on the Canary Islands: Claims of the lifeguard Association… Santa Cruz de La Palma Airport: Upswing in June continues… Water storage on La Palma: In the summer of 2017… Posthumous award: Insignia de plata for Fran Santana… Santa…

News Ticker: La Palma news am 8.6.2017

Newsticker: La Palma Nachrichten am 8.6.2017

La Palma news am 8.6.2017 La Palma: Beetle-kicking in Tazacorte and blue flags on the beaches of 2017… Condor: Even a flight in winter 2017/18!… Thirty meter telescope (TMT): Chapter, IAC and Canary Islands Government pave the way… The Plains: Wild Reifendeponie…

Lighthouses on La Palma once and today

Leuchttürme auf La Palma einst und heute

The Faros on La Palma – Lighthouses warn in all directions come on light my fire: Four giant with bright main anywhere ensures security of seafarers lighthouses on the shores of the world and assist in determining position. On…

News Ticker: La Palma news am 17.5.2017

Newsticker: La Palma Nachrichten am 17.5.2017

La Palma news am 17.5.2017 City Beach Santa Cruz de La Palma: official opening by Minister Isabel García Tejerina… Five days of free admission: Museum of archaeology of Los Llanos and Santa Cruz Island Museum… Trade in archaeological finds from La Palma: high penalties!… Sugar tax in the Canary Islands:…

La Palma summer 2017: five Blue Flag beaches

La Palma Sommer 2017: fünf Strände mit Blauer Flagge

La Palma summer 2017: On five beaches again blue flag of FEE blow sea – Beach and Baywatch: all tip - top! If on the beaches of this world the blue flags of the Foundation for environmental education (FEE) wag, the wind whispers the word…

Dog rules on the beaches

Hunderegeln an den Stränden

Dog rules on the beaches of La Palma: Linen's and total prohibitions - exception: Dog zone Playa de los Guirres Los Llanos recently rewritten its regulation for pet owners and buses between 30 and 15.000 Euro for the non-observance of the rules laid down. It contain…

La Palma: Charco Azul receives eco-Playa-pendant 2013

La Palma: Charco Azul erhält Eco-Playa-Wimpel 2013

La Palma: Charco Azul with eco Beach flag awarded relaxation in the clear waters of the "blue puddles" "Charco Azul" is a popular meeting place for large and small bathing. No wonder, that the "blue puddles" in La Palma North municipality of San Andrés y sauces now…

La Palma: Puerto Naos from the air

La Palma: Puerto Naos aus der Luft

Puerto Naos from the air: Look at the new beach promenade, La Palma 24-Journal has a new toy, the especially interesting to our readers a- prospects and brings: an agile Quadrocopter, to which a camera can be connected. First attempts…

La Palma: Astronomical lookout for Puerto Naos

La Palma: Astronomischer Aussichtspunkt für Puerto Naos

Puerto Naos beach promenade: Astronomical lookout for sun worshipers under construction for the moment there is on La Palma ten so-called "Astronomical viewpoints". How Tourism Board informs Julio Cabrera told now, to another in Puerto Naos - create in time to complete…

La Palma: Puerto Naos Promenaden-Umbau die Letzte

La Palma: Puerto Naos Promenaden-Umbau die Letzte

Puerto Naos Promenaden-Umbau: Mitte September 2013 soll WELLBEING vertex sine Die Neue Strandpromenade des Badeortes Puerto Naos SEIT dem wird schon im Juli eifrig genutzt Wasserfest. What is missing, Sind einige "Kleinigkeiten". Island President, Guadalupe González Taño has now after a local date…


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