Santa Cruz de La Palma: Information about the summer timetable 2018


Airlines from Germany, Holland, England, and Spain


Isla Bonita flights in the summer 2018

We publish direct flights here in the summer 2018 nach Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC), as far as they are so far. By the way, the airlines send us not about press releases about their flight plans – the search accepts 24-team the LP rather. If someone under our readers has still more info, We are pleased about a sending by E-Mail. We accept all other direct flights here and in unsererm Flight schedule in table form on and continuously update both sides.

Condor stockt im Sommer 2018 auf: fünf Ferienflieger nach SPC. Foto: Carlos Díaz

Condor falters in the summer 2018 on: five holiday flyer according to SPC – Winter 2018/19 is already available! Photo: Carlos Díaz


Flights from Germany in the summer 2018

Condor: six holiday flight per week!

Condor is in summer 2018 green light for five holiday flight per week to Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) -that's one more than in the same period last year. How in the summer 2017 lift the machine on Tuesday in Stuttgart and Hanover and on Wednesdays Munich from. Of Frankfurt go BB´s now even twice a week on the Isla Bonita - always on Wednesdays and Sundays. Addendum: In February 2018 is known, that Condor in the summer 2018 also a direct flight Düsseldorf-SPC has included in the programme. From the 7. May to 22. October BB´s is every Monday on the Isla Bonita. By the way can flights with Condor now SPC in winter 2018/19 Book – so far can find connections to Hanover, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich. Click on the website of Condor here to check-in.


Germania: bisher eine Maschine avisiert. Foto: Carlos Díaz

Germania: so far notified a machine. Photo: Carlos Díaz

Germania: so far notified a machine!

The German airline Germania has constantly increased their connections after SPC in past winters. Germania of the island remains true even in summer and takes in the warm season 2018 every Friday from Dusseldorf Course on the island. To the site of Germania.


Flights from Spain in the summer 2018

Iberia Express: eight links per week!

Iberia Express: Direktverbindung vom Drehkreuz Madrid nach SPC achtmal pro Woche im Sommer 2018. Foto: Carlos Díaz

Iberia Express: Direct connection from the hub of Madrid after SPC eight times a week in summer 2018. Photo: Carlos Díaz

Compared to the previous year, Iberia express increases the number of linkages between Madrid and Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) summer 2018 a flight per week. In the Spanish capital starts from Monday to Saturday every day a machine, Thursday of even two. La Palma 24-tip: Iberia express fly Iberia's parent company and the subsidiary daily, sometimes several times from many airports in Germany and Europe to Madrid. At the airport of Barajas you can get on the plane after SPC. A possibility, the check! Advantage for long term visitors: 23 Kilo baggage freedom, for an additional fee of 35 You can further euro each way for the Internet booking 23 Kilo wrap up. Experiences of La Palma 24 employees: To get a boarding pass valid also for the onward flight in Madrid at check-in to the departure airport. Passengers from Germany don't have to board the plane in Madrid the Terminal, but only the gate switch. And if the flight from Germany should be even late, and you miss the plane on the Isla Bonita, It is housed in a high-quality hotel and flown the next day to the destination. You must study the opportunities on the website of Iberia -Click here.


Vueling: fliegt zweimal pro Woche ab Barcelona nach SPC. Foto: Carlos Díaz

Vueling: flies twice a week from Barcelona to SPC. Photo: Carlos Díaz

Vueling: twice a week!

How had, the flight plan shows the low-cost airline Vueling in summer 2018 again two machines, the every Wednesday and Saturday from Barcelona the Isla Bonita control. The huge hub of Barcelona suited of course as a travel alternative to the direct flights to SPC. Click to the Vueling website here.

Flights from the rest of Europe in the summer 2018

Transavia: Der Jet ab Amsterdam nach SPC. Foto: Carlos Díaz

Transavia: The Jet from Amsterdam to SPC. Photo: Carlos Díaz

Transavia: two pilots per week!

In looking at the flight offer for the Dutch La Palma holiday comes the airline Transavia in the game - and here everything stays. From Amsterdam lifts in the summer 2017 every week on Tuesdays and Friday based on a Jet in the direction of Santa Cruz de La Palma from. To the website of Transavia here click.


Thomson Airways: nimmt in Manchester und London Kurs auf SPC. Foto: Carlos Díaz

Thomson Airways: sets course for SPC in Manchester and London. Photo: Carlos Díaz

Thomson Airways: twice the rate on SPC

Come from the UK in summer 2018 two aircraft per week on the Isla Bonita. Thomson Airways sends a machine from Manchester and one from London every Thursday According to SPC. All details and bookings on the Thomson Airways Web site.

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  1. Hohleweg   12. February 2018 at 16:11

    Class page thank you!
    From what date start or end the summer/winter schedules?
    Greetings Joachim

  2. admin   12. February 2018 at 23:14

    Depending on the airline, this veschieden is – always October to April/May and April/May to September/October each year is a rough guideline. Some airlines fly only for example from October to February – you need to check always the respective plans of airlines. Greeting Gudrun editorial La Palma 24-journal

  3. Hohleweg  16. February 2018 at 10:05

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