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Model construction art: The Christmas crib in Los Llanos

13. December 2016 La Palma 24 Write first comment now!


Up to 6. January 2017 to see: The Christmas crib in Los Llanos

Time travel in the 1920s en miniature

Ensure diligent "Brownie", that each year in Los Llanos is a unique modelling work of art. The tradition of slightly different Christmas crib in the Aridane capital dates to the year 1991 zurück, and this year, the motto "Rincones del Pasado en los Barrios" - "District angle of the past". Can be found next to the Plaza de España in the basement of the Casa de la Cultura the Belén, and she can can up to the 6. January 2017 be viewed free of charge.


Also the Party Councillor from Los Llanos, Monica

Also the Party Councillor from Los Llanos, Mónica González, is satisfied with the Belenistas: Visit to Marcelino Rodríguez (links) and Francisco Pedrianes during the construction of the Christmas crib. Photo: La Palma 24

It's called "Belén" or even "Nacimiento" this special Christmas cribs on La Palma. Rotary- and always the three kings are point - however Caspar walk, Melchior and Balthasar in lifelike replicas of island landscapes in miniature format always hand in hand. And so goes the Belén 2016 in Los Llanos on a journey through time in the 1920s to Retamar, Montaña de Tenisca, Triana, La Laguna and Todoque.

Clubs and even island allround artist Luis Morera made already the Belén von Los Llanos. Eight years Marcelino Rodríguez and Francisco Pedrianes responsible for the perfect models. Both are signed to the city as a gardener, but from September of each year they are released, to put all their energy into the Christmas crib: "We work on average ten hours per day on the development", explain Fran and Marcelino. "Shortly before the opening of even a little more."

Old photos of the districts in Los Llanos: Templates for nativity scenes.

Old photos of the districts in Los Llanos: From these templates, the cribs baby details, and then model, assemble and paint the building and its surroundings in the small format in months Feinstarbeit . Surely not for the impatient people ...

Fran studied painting, and Marcelino has been his childhood building models and Nacimientos: "We are a perfect symbiosis", laugh at the Belenistas. "One is responsible for the form and the other for the colour". And both must investigate: Before starting the actual work, Fran and Marcelino looking for old plans and photos of the buildings, are no longer. Then they make up in the workshop of the city of Los Llanos exact miniatures of the houses and fine detail of the environment: Each banana tree, every palm tree and every flower are homemade.

"To build the Belén handicraft and art is at once", forward Fran and Marcelino, that them also for Christmas 2016 again, a unique Nativity scene is managed. More insights our photos - the panorama spot is of course much more impressive and up to the 6. January 2017 free to watch.


belen-montana-flat-2016-de Teniscabelen los llanos-2016-la-laguna
Montaña de Tenisca in the 1920s: Replica of the former Hospital.The Laguna: So it was on the crossing almost 100 Years from.
marcelino-2belen-los-llanos-painter working
The workshop of the city of Los Llans: Here, the models are built.On the ground floor of the Casa de la Cultura: The painter Francisco team cares about the color scheme of the exhibition hall.
belen los llanos-2016-todoquebelen-the-plain-2016
Todoque before many, many years: Also the palms are homemade.La Palma in times long past: There were even bananas.
belen los llanos-2016-detailbelen los llanos-2016-Detail3
Finca anno 1920 in Los Llanos: Pay attention to the lovingly designed details!Only the cars of yesteryear are purchased: "But we tune them something", laugh Fran and Marcelino.



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