Condor & SPC: Current flight info and reviews


Condor & Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC): Current flight info and reviews


"Loading special offers" - trends and awards

the German holiday airline

The "sunny hearts" by Condor are today from the airport of Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) impossible to imagine: The holiday flight controls on the Isla Bonita for very many years and has become the most loyal connection between the small island of the Canary Islands and Germany. Under our Condor homepage banner find immediately becoming the latest offers - including cheap flights to SPC.


"Besonderangebote": Die findet man über den Condor-Preisalarm oder den Newsletter.

“Be special offers”: Join the Condor price alert or Condor newsletter – then “fly” the newest info about cheap tickets you home a.

Visitors and part-time residents, you commute between their place of residence in Germany and on La Palma, always look for cheap tickets. They can be found at Condor over different tracks: via the banner link referred to in the opening credits in the La Palma 24-journal, about the Condor price alarm or, for example, in the Condor newsletter. To price alerts to be, register on the Condor's site an, Selects up to three desired goals and receiving immediately relevant offers via email. The Condor newsletter informs subscribers about the popular Mayflies and other promotions.

Current TreNDS on Board of Condor

Sunstreamen und Airshoppen bei Condor: versüßt die Flugzeit. Pressefotos Condor

Sunstreamen and Airshoppen with Condor: sweetens the air. Press photos Condor

Thus the time aboard in the truest sense of the Word as in the flight passes, Condor offers passengers also on the trip to La Palma Entertainment monitors on the cabin ceiling and various music channels. Can recently on the short- Haul and the SunStream mobile entertainment to be posted. Say: Movies, TV series, Music, a wide range of magazines, and more are available via app for Smartphone and tablet - a good thing especially for more relaxed travel with children, the SunStream-Watch bomb of course find – more info click here.

Also shopping above the clouds will shorten the travel time. Today, passengers on board in the catalogue but not only can browse and order when the flight attendants. The Condor-Airshoppen offers the possibility, with the booking number already home from pre-orders in the views of the more than 1.000 to meet international duty free branded online catalogue, which are supplied later on the trip directly at the seat.

Awards for Condor & Sisters: Constantly rising!

Auszeichnungen für Condor und die Schwester-Arlines in der Thomas Cook Group in vielen Bereichen: Bis heute ist die Zahl der Awards auf 61 angestiegen.

Awards for Condor and the sister airlines in the Thomas Cook Group: Awards for popularity, social commitment, sustainable aviation and much more.

The holiday plane dedicated to its passengers, and profiled in other areas, not go unnoticed: In the past five years, there were 61 Awards for Condor and its sister airlines. A few examples: The "world" was rated the holiday Flyer "Service champions", N-TV, the airline awarded the "German fairness Prize 2016", and the survey of the German Institute for service quality was Condor 2017 for the third time in a row as "Germany's most popular airline" at the front. In addition, awards can be found, the Condor for social commitment, praise as an employer or for sustainable aviation. Was in June 2015 the Airbus A321-211 integrated with its latest technology to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in the fleet, and the average, as Condor, all machines consume less than three litres per guest on 100 Kilometers.

2016 feierte Condor das 60jährige Jubiläum: Heute ist die Airline Teil der Thomas Cook Group, aber der Name Condor blieb.

2016 celebrated the 60th anniversary of Condor: Today, the airline part of the Thomas Cook Group is, but the Condor name remained through all the years. Press photos Condor

Travel on Condor wings today and once

Today, more than seven million passengers reach their dream destinations per year with the Condor holiday flyers. Nine Airbus A320, seven Airbus A321, ten Boeing 757-300 and 18 Boeing 767-300 fly around 80 Destinations in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. Through cooperation with other airlines, however, manages Condor, a total of more than 230 To offer destinations all over the world. This is the holiday flyer as a 100% owned subsidiary Thomas Cook Group on the road, under their wings also the Thomas Cook Airlines UK and Scandinavia are located. Overall, the group sends daily 92 Planes in the air – Trend: continue upgrade.

The success story began in more than 60 Years with the Deutsche Flugdienst GmbH and a trip to Jerusalem: At the 29. March 1956 launched an Vickers Viking the maiden flight from Frankfurt to the metropolis of isrealische. 1961 was this company of the Condor air shipping company of the Oetker Group taken over, and the name of the bird remained by all later, time to time varying constellations of companies the airline today. Apparently many travelers attach greatest importance, to discover the world on wings, you are explicitly painted with the Condor emblem: The marking with Thomas Cook After the inclusion in the Group 2009 flopped, and soon the name prangte again Condor on the machines.

Condor: Cult flyer and sunny heart

Zu ihrem vierzigsten Geburtstag gönnte sich die Condor ein besonders großes Geschenk. Sie ließ die Boeing 757-200 mit dem Kennzeichen D-ABNF von dem amerikanischen Pop-Art-Künstler James Rizzi in ein fliegendes Kunstwerk verwandeln Condor Boeing 757-230, ca. 1996 Air to Air

The most famous machines by Condor: The Willi-Jet with the colorful hearts and the Jac flyer. Photos: Carlos Diaz/Condor

Under the Conder holiday fliers there are two absolute cult status: Every child knows the Boeing 767-300 Jac design with Tiger duck, Bear and frog, She once enlisted for the fundraiser "Ein Herz für Kinder". And also the Willi-Jet specially painted with countless colorful heart, named after the unforgettable Condor employee Wilfred Meyer, draws since 2006 – No matter where – everyone's attention.

17 in six decades of Condor aircraft Ed different logos. In recent years, the yellow organgefarbene "sunny"heart of the Thomas Cook Group on the dark gray tail fin in the eye drops. And the latest Condor slogan since the beginning 2017 "When flying", especially". He should signal, that the holiday on Board starts and refer to "loading special offers".

Mit dem "sunny heart" nach Santa Cruz de La Palma: Im Winter 2017/18 fliegt die Condor ab Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Hannover, Stuttgart, Frankfurt und München. Die Frankfurt-Verbindung gibt es sogar zweimal pro Woche – ein Ferienflieger düst mittwochs und einer sonntags auf die Isla Bonita. Fotos: Carlos Díaz La Palma Spotting

With the “Sunny heart” nach Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC): In the winter 2017/18 the flying Condor from Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Hanover, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Munich. Photos: Carlos Díaz La Palma spotting


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Last but not least the nostalgic film, the Condor in the year 2016 to 60. Anniversary in the network has been:

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