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La Palma Kunsthandwerk: Deborah block ceramic in La Punta

28. April 2014 La Palma 24 Write first comment now!

Alke-Block-La-Palma-Keramik title-LP24-Photo

Crafts: Deborah block ceramic La Palma

Stylish stoneware ceramics master


Classical souvenirs on the Canary Islands are replicas of ingenious Native American pottery. Are in total contrast to the works of Deborah block from La Palma: Modern, simple and elegant dishes and objects of ceramic champion come. Their motto: Sky and sea from Earth and fire. We looked at their workshop in La Punta.


Actually, one can not talk about "the" workshop. Because on the Finca, the Deborah and her liqueur glasring partner of Manfred Heinrichs live and work, There are several workshop stations:

Alke at the kiln:

Deborah on the ceramic furnace: High fired glazes contain lead and are robust.

In one, Deborah on her Potter's wheel works, in the next she are glazed their vessels and another their kiln beobdacht. On their way from a little hut on the other hand through the romantic overgrown garden Omar on the sunlit Atlantic look down. And she says, quite work out this creative paradise on their creations:

Preferably I use blue- and shades of green. They reflect sky and sea, and are so South, alive and strong. Now I've developed a great turquoise. And occasionally I use but also warm tones.

Roxane in your creative paradise: Walking from Werkstättchen to Werkstättchen.

Roxane in your creative paradise: Walking from Werkstättchen to Werkstättchen.

Very important: The glazes are not only beautiful, but consistently non-toxic. Rock flour be used exclusively of course such as feldspar, the Deborah itself together mixes:

I'm burning in the temperature range of 1.280 Grad Celsius. This you do without lead-containing raw materials. The high-fired pieces are waterproof, Ritz- and acid-proof and dishwasher, Suitable for oven and microwave.

Lots of chemical technical know-how behind perfect porcelain stoneware. Deborah white, what it does, because she has once their craft in Germany by the Pike learned.

Omar in its glaze workshop:

Omar in its glaze-work station: "Blue- and green tones reflect sky and sea - they are so South, alive and strong".

Three years of apprenticeship and five Gesellenjahre, she completed in the far North near Oldenburg and hung on it then two years study at the school of ceramics in the Bavarian Landshut. This long training time was crowned 1989 with the League title, with a really big "bun" in the oven pushed Alke when assessing:

My training focused on the glass pottery, and so I had to take the master exam in the counter faculty building ceramics. It's regulation, but also has fun. I made a tiled stove, I could even stand in the.

Alka-TASS: "Habe gerade ein tolles Türkis entwickelt".

Alke cups in various stages of production in their workshop: "Have developed just a great turquoise" - There are also bright, pastel tones (see cups left rear).

With the title of the champion of ceramic in the Pocket Alke worked three years as employees, 1993 they became self-employed, and 1996 they packed their bags and moved to La Palma. This has the disadvantage that, they order the expensive raw material from Germany and alone 650 Euro cargo for a ton of sound must shell out. But Deborah looks almost 20 Years of life and work on the Isla Bonita mainly benefits:

I have no high garage costs, so I despite the high transport expenses am not more expensive than comparable companies in Germany. In addition, I have the freedom here, New to try - in a normal operation in Germany I would always produce the same. Therefore, my work is still fun me.

Alke vases: stylish designer pieces for better living.

Alke vases: stylish with La-Palma-touch.

The results by Alkes experimentation can be found on their website. The artist follows the designers rule Supreme and combines form and function - both use ceramic such as cups, Bowls or plates as well as the decorative objects. Creativity and wit by no means stay on track – for example their funny teapots reflect, which partly come with unexpected bellies and become an eye-catcher on any Panel. Alke is pleased, that you developed over the years typical style well received:

I have many regular customers on La Palma and in Germany, particularly, because in the meantime more and more customers via the Internet order. I have now also been orders from Barcelona or England. However, come dIE most of the orders of people, were you ever on La Palma and my SAchen in the hand have had.

Deborah at fairs and markets: blue aesthetics also at their stands.

Deborah at fairs and markets: Aesthetics in blue, Green and pastel on their stands.

The haptic, so the be access in the true sense of the word, is apparently very important objects from Earth and fire. Alkes pottery hand-flattering surfaces can touch and feel example visitors of the Farmers market in Puntagorda. The material presented their treasures every Saturday and Sunday for years. Also Alkes works at the store by Delia can be found - "Manos arriba" - in the bar central in El Paso, and even in La Gomera at "Loca" in Valle Gran Rey. Beyond, emphasizes Deborah, enter them also to individual needs:


Deborah block: gifted hands on the Potter's wheel.

There are often special orders such as doorplates and reliefs made of ceramic, Cups with special shapes, or even orders. Customers can call or e-mail with me contact or come with me.

And what do the customers? The guestbook on Alkes website shows only satisfied feedback: Birgit for example writes the following:

Hi Deborah, delight me every day in your works of art – it is the only ceramics, that 100% meets my taste: great colors, individual, simple and super nice!


Akes Garten in La Punta: all their works from the green light.

Colorful polka dots in Alkes garden in La Punta: All their works from the green light.

Contact Deborah block Ceramica:


E-Mail: Block1@gmx.NET

Phone: 922.49.11.27

Thank you Deborah for the insights! Photos: La Palma 24-Journal - click on it, then you see them in large format.

Von La Palma 24

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