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Noble & exclusive: Jewelry Volcán Verde

30. October 2019 Vera Write first comment now!

Vulcan Verde in Tazacorte
Chef Frank Hofmeister before his goldsmith Volcán Verde in Tazacorte. © La Palma 24

From the innovative idea, through production in our own workshop to consulting and sales - that is since 13 Years, the unique goldsmith "Volcán Verde" in the historical center of Tazacorte. Already in the window of the business the most diverse jewelry boast a noble, straight appearance - be it as a bracelet, Ring, Earring, Pendant or chain.

Trailer Sunset Vulcan Verde
latest creation: Sunset © Uwe S. Meschede

then you go the little stairs, you stand directly on the sales floor, and at the same time in the studio, where the unique arise in our own workshop. Along with his three employees boss Frank Hofmeister working on the incomparable pieces: Here is soldered, milled and filed - to the piece of jewelry is just as, Frank had imagined it. The ideas for this also go after him 13 Years not out: "Sunset" is his latest creation. "I was just wondering: which is typical of La Palma? What enjoy the holiday on our island? Since I came very quickly to the unique, beautiful sunsets - and can one of them, our customers take a trinket to take home now. "

Custom-made in a few days

The framed with silver pendant is made of lava stone and a gem as desired. "Individual individual productions are natural for us", says Frank. "In our workshop the most diverse requirements can be met. If necessary, in a few days. We are set to, that our customers might have been the day after tomorrow to fly back home. And then our organizational skills are in demand. "

And the selection at Volcán Verde to be proud of: olivine (Peridot), which naturally occurs in the Lava, about topaz, Aquamarin, tourmaline, Sapphire up to the diamonds, everything can be processed in a very special piece of jewelry. "In the women, for example, is very popular our model" Joy ". This gem has the shape of a spiral with a polished lava stone in the center, optionally with a gem choice or classic pur. It is as a pendant, Ring, Earring or bracelet available ", explains Frank.

Vulcan Verde Team
Frank and his staff © La Palma 24

The "some other trinkets" the island

"In terms of popularity of the men standing at the moment Cufflinks, Bracelets and pendants for chains straight top ". even after 13 Years still would be Frank about it, that his Volcán Verde concept worked: "I am often asked about our jewelry, because it's just different. And: You can buy in the jewelry manufacturer or visit him only with us - we do not supply to other businesses on the island ".

Anyone - want to get an idea of ​​the extraordinary pieces of jewelry - for example, a short stroll through Tazacorte, the goldsmiths of Frank found here:

Volcán Verde
Angel street 4
Tazacorte - Pueblo

Opening times:
Monday - Friday: 10 Clock to 19:30 Clock
Saturday: 10 Clock to 14 Clock

Tel.: 922 48 09 43 / 651 610 867
E-Mail: info@volcan-verde.com



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