Sculpture courses in Jürgen cracks on La Palma 2017/18


Again sculpture courses in Jürgen Steinmetz cracks in autumn and winter 2017/2018

In the holidays create imperishable:

"Free the bat, and let it flow"

Really swing into the holiday, This created an own artwork and meet nice people: You can all of this in the sculpture classes of Jürgen cracks on La Palma. Here, the participants learn to breathe life into the stones in a relaxed atmosphere, as our trip into the House by Jürgen shows in La Punta.


Jürgens Waschbecken aus Steinwürfeln wurde einst sogar im Ökohaus im Bauzentrum München ausgestellt: Jürgen Risse versteht nicht nur sein Handwerk, sondern hat auch eine ausgesprochen künstlerische Ader.

Jürgens sink from stone dice was issued once even in the eco in the building Centre Munich: The stone sculpture master knows not only his craft, It has also a pronounced artistic vein. Photo: Jürgen cracks

He knows, How to swing Knipfelhammer and sledge: Jürgen looks up cracks more than 40 Years of professional experience as a stonemason and sculptor back. The today 57 grew up in the family business in the fine art of stone-working in, completed his apprenticeship in Augsburg and went to Munich on the profession- and master school. In the capital of Bavaria he went independent in the 1980s, specialising in exclusive bathrooms as well as Kunst am Bau - some of his objects came even in exhibitions. Because Jürgen has always had an artistic vein, but found up to now not really time, true love - the sculpture is its – to devote:

Risse-Objekte und -Bäder zieren viele Anwesen auf La Palma: Jetzt will sich Jürgen ganz der Bildhauerei widmen.

Cracks objects and baths are decorated with many properties on La Palma: Now Jürgen wants to devote all of sculpture. Photo: Jürgen cracks

For twelve years I did also very crazy things in my company in Munich with eight employees in part, but it was just a stressful history. That's why I'm 1999 moved to La Palma and wanted to operate here actually focus on stone sculpture and follow my own intentions. However, I had to make yet a little money and made on the island independent. So it was, that I again have let me draw, because the orders come here almost by itself, If you do good work. I have rebuilt many bathrooms on La Palma, However, it was not quite as stressful as in Germany…

Bildhauerkurse bei Jürgen Risse auf La Palma: So sieht das aus, wenn die Teilnehmer ihrer Schaffenskraft freien Lauf lassen.

Sculpture courses on La Palma: So it looks, If the participants give free rein to their creativity and creativity. Photos: Jürgen cracks

But now, Jürgen takes his time for his creative creativity. On the one with the picks of their own, with preference of surrealist objects, on the other hand as a teacher in the workshops, with which he in the winter 2015/16 has begun. The expert reports, that had "huge fun", and that women also not shy away from the hard craft. In the summer is always pause, because the courses are held under a Pergola in the outdoor - and that would be too hot. The mild winter on La Palma are ideal but, and if BB´s is even windy, let down the blinds Jürgen, or you can warm up in between in his parlor at the alarming wood stove. Is usually not necessary, in the dialogue with the stone it is already warm one. In October, November and December 2017 as well as in January, February and March 2018 start new courses – Jürgen invites:

At the beginning there is a one-hour consultation, where I important and interesting facts about tools, Working techniques, Body posture, Idea generation and ultimately tell the stone to be processed. Then we work up to the lunch break, where we eat some tapas go to consultation in the Cooperativa la Punta or at the Kiosco Tijarafe - also vegetarian. Then BB´s goes up against 17 Clock, where of me always coffee, Tea, Are soft drinks and something sweet. Is very important to me however, that the workshops are not a rigid thing - we're not in school. I'm not a strict teacher, but explain, How to allows the own intentions at work and can pick up any resulting blockages in the creative process. Insert a pause time! The broughcycles you also, to see, go BB´s. Time and again you have away from the object, so that work so far "Resulting" on leave with some distance to the stone; give the unexpected space awareness, then with joy and ELAN continues to follow the creative process!


Jürgen cracks: is not a strict teacher, but helps patient. Photo: La Palma 24

Wait and drink tea is the motto. And you do not even bring an idea for a sculpture. The students according to Jürgen do even easier without template in the head at the first steps on the path of free sculpture paved with rocks:

It is also without ideas. I say to my students, "just sit down and let the stone block a while you work". So discover the first form or suggestion on the stone at some point and start. The aim is however not, to rework the structure of the stone, but the motto is, "Free from the bat and let it flow". Therefore I am also deliberately provided no fragments or stones, Rectangle blocks, but, I by the way even work.


The garden in front of the Open-Air Studio in Punta Gorda: Here waiting already the Biocluster limestone blocks from Puglia in Italy, to be transformed into sculptures. Photo: La Palma 24

52 x 37 x 27 Centimeters are the block most, Jürgen from the southern Italian Apulia embark left to La Palma. Six-ton Bioklasten lime now wait in his open Studio in La Punta on creating happy workshop participants, and a block weighs about that 100 Kilo. Of course the holiday artists can take their weighty work not on the plane home, but Jürgen organises transport:

The finished objects are shipping just packed in a wooden box in foil and filled with foam, Thus the sculpture down inside in the box! Then the company La Palma performs twice a consolidation of Santa Cruz logistics de La Palma in the year after Hamburg, and from there it continues in vans to the front door of the course participants.


Limestone blocks in work: Even beginners have a sense of achievement with the soft material immediately. For advanced students, Jürgen harder rocks such as marble will sail to La Palma. Photo: La Palma 24

This is of course not exactly cheap. About 80 Expect euro for the shipping to Hamburg, and again around 60 Euro for the Kleintransport depending on the final destination in Germany. The cost for the workshop on 90 Euros per day plus stone block. Where is the minimum course duration 3 days. Jürgen explains, why:

Taster courses make no sense, because it is important to stay - however you can already come over an hour and try. Putting too little done on one or two days, because if the desired flow is, If can you stay tuned. Because the flow is the whole “Sense” This often ertmaligen and great experience.

The limestone blocks are decorative cream white, the young marine limestone is also not dangerous by inhalation, and the fine the shredded remains of land later on the compost of a gardeners friend. But Jürgen white, that this material for sculptor has even more advantages:

With this stone also equal achievement laity, because it goes forward when working. For experienced students, I am also harder blocks - out of marble upon request – ready. Advanced can take also machines courses and then with flexing, The stone to tackle back grinding and compressor tools.


Knipfl hammers in the workshop of Jürgen: come during the new courses in the winter 2016 used.

Otherwise, Nick hammers are in the workshop of Jürgen, Pointed chisel, Splitting chisels, Zahmeissel, Strike iron, Rasps and sledge, and another interesting tool. Interested parties information workshop dates on the website of Jürgen cracks (see below). Last but not least,: A holiday cottage can be rented directly from Jürgen on the property or in the neighborhood.

Contact information for the sculptor courses on La Palma:

Auf dem Gelände von Jürgen in La Punta gibt es auch ein Apartment mit Pool: Hier können sich die Kursteilnehmer auch einmieten, und in der Nachbarschaft gibt es ebenfalls Urlaubsdomizile. Foto: La Palma 24

There is also an apartment with swimming pool on the site of Jürgen in La Punta: Here, students can rent a, and in the neighborhood even more vacation homes waiting for guests. Photo: La Palma 24

Here you can find the information and registration on the Website by Jürgen cracks, where to find photos of creativity in the previous sculptor courses.

Email Jürgen cracks:

Mobile phone/whats app: 0034 – 649.861.367


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