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Dear readers,

Das neue Layout der La Palma 24-Journal Startseite: übersichtlicher und kürzere Ladezeiten.

The new layout of the La Palma 24 Journal home page: clearer and shorter loading times.

at the turn of the year 2017/18 is the journal in a new dress. We have modified the layout of our home, to simplify you the overview and to shorten the loading times.

At the top is a so-called slider with changing photos, lead you to interesting articles about La Palma. On the left below, you see immediately the title images of our recent posts with information about the content – as previously in the section “Current”. All below, shortly before the end of the home, follows a categories bar, It leads to the top topics in the La Palma 24-journal: La Palma weather, Guide to fly, Events & Food and fiestas & Drink.

Nothing has changed in terms of content, See the categories with our article archive in the red-orange navigation bar completely above still. And not to forget: Click on the ads on the right hand side leads to current information for tourists and residents.

We are sure, that you quickly find your way around the new layout and thank us for all our readers and customers for their loyalty. We will also 2018 remain true to our philosophy of Infotainment and replace with current news and colorful reports about the country and people in the picture. True to our motto: La Palma has many faces – We show you!

The editorial team and the team of the La Palma 24 journal wish you a happy new year and a happy new year 2018!

Their Gudrun Bleyhl

Und immer wieder geht die Sonne auf: Das La Palma 24-Journal wird zum Jahreswechsel übersichtlicher.

And the sun rises again: The La Palma 24 journal is clear at the turn of the year. Photo: Facundo Cabrera




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