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Hafen Tazacorte: Barrier after death… Reserva Marina La Palma: soon 15 Years old… Dive photo challenge Canarias: complete success... Santa Cruz: Possible visit to Corvette... La Palma: Hola magazine was there… Internet game: Canary Islands pictures Yes or no?… Windward: first Motocross facility on La Palma… Tips for the weekend: Summer fiestas - Music Festival, and more… Event preview: Waterproof in Puerto Naos 2016…


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1.444 tolle Fotos: Taucher aus verschiedenen Ländern nahmen die tollen Unterwasserwelten der Kanaren in den Fokus. Fotos: Dive Photo Challenge Canarias

1.444 great photos: Divers from various countries took the great underwater worlds of the Canary Islands in the focus. Photos: Dive photo challenge Canarias

Summary of the dive photo challenge Canarias. In the three months of its life, the first online photo scuba diving photo competition of the Canary Islands encountered great international response. Total sent photographers from different countries 1.444 Taking pictures of the underwater worlds of the Canary Islands archipelago, the also stand still at the end of the competition on the Internet. According to the responsible advertising agency Promotur saw more than 5,2 Million followers on the social networks the underwater photos, addition, there were reports in prestigious journals for diving in Spain, England, Ireland, Poland, France, Germany and Russia. The winners of the competition will be most 20. June 2016 announcedthe wonderful submissions are on the website of the dive photo challenge Canarias.


Nach dem tragischen Unfall: Die neue Mole im Hafen von Tazacorte wird abgesperrt - nur noch Fahrzeuge der Behörden dürfen hier manövrieren. Foto: La Palma 24

After the tragic accident: The new jetty in the harbour of Tazacorte is locked – only vehicles of the authorities may maneuver here. Photo: La Palma 24

Barrier in the harbour of Tazacorte. The Canary port authorities have announced, that a barrier will be installed in the new harbour of Tazacorte. This is intended to prevent, that unauthorized vehicles in the area of the landing go around. Gave rise to, that crashed last Sunday a car with four people in the dock, with three people even managed to save and a woman died.


15 Jahre Reserva Marina La Palma: Im alten Leuchtturm von Fuencaliente gibt´s Infos im Besucherzentrum des Meeresschutzgebiets. Foto: La Palma 24

15 Years Reserva Marina La Palma: The old lighthouse of Fuencaliente BB´s has information at the visitor center of the marine protected area. Photo: La Palma 24

15 Years marine protected areas La Palma. At the 8. June 2001 was called the Reserva Marina La Palma in life and celebrates this year its 15. Birthday. The marine reserve covers around 3,5 Hectares of Atlantic Ocean in the southwest of the island and is in two zones with 1.000 respectively 500 Divided meters water depth. The aim was to, maintain the biodiversity of marine life off the coast of La Palma; In addition, the protection zone helped, that fish stocks reduction due to overfishing recovered. Tip for island guests: The Reserva Marina visitor centre is housed in the old lighthouse of Fuencaliente; Interested see here detailllierte. Opening hours of the 15. June until 15. September always on Wednesdays to Sundays vo 10 to 18 Clock. In the winter months, the gates open Tuesday to Saturday from 9 to 17 Clock. Info telephone: 922.48.02.23.


Kann besichtigt werden: Am Sonntag heißt es auf der M

Can be visited: one of BAMP fast patrol boats of the Spanish Armada comes to Santa Cruz.

Open day on Spanish military corvette. From the 11. to 13. June 2016 is one Buque de acción Marítimia (BAM) notified of the Spanish Armada in the port of Santa Cruz de La Palma. On Sunday, 12. June, can the Meteoro class offshore patrol vessel of 10 to 13 and from 16 to 19 Clock will be inspected.


Town and country

Neue Idee aus dem Rathaus in Brena Alta: Gratis-Angebot für autodidaktisches Lernen am Computer.

New idea from the Town Hall in Breña Alta: Free offer for auto-didactical learning on the computer.

Virtual learning in Breña Alta. The municipality of Breña Alta has put online now the first virtual training school for free. The Escuela virtual de Formación to allow interested inhabitants, to improve their knowledge of the computer. According to Mayor Jonathan Felipe are 95 Courses in the areas of administration and Office, Trade, Social, Industry, Environmental, Design and languages to choose. This virtual training to increase the chances of the inhabitants of Breña Alta at applications for a job. Leads the way in the Escuela Virtual de Formación via the website of Breña Alta.


Brena Baja: wirbt auf Titsa-Bussen auf Teneriffa. Foto: Gemeinde

Brena Baja: advertises on titsa bus to Tenerife. Photo: Gemeinde

Breña Baja are advertising gas. Breña Baja is in June 2016 represent in various regional media as an attractive destination for tourists. Among other things an article to appear in the journal of the Canary Islands airline Binter, Blue flag in the summer wedelnden the numerous attractions of the municipality in the East of La Palma such as Los Cancajos beach with the highlights. In addition, the line is 014 advertise the titsa bus to Tenerife with large vinyl printings for your holidays in Breña Baja.


Construction work at the Las Mimbreras tunnel. Noch bis zum 10. June 2016 the road at the Mimbreras tunnel at the kilometre point Las 3+800 from 14 Watch locked. Work in this area are basic. Traffic will be diverted Castillo the LP-1 Centre in Barlovento to the Cruz.


La Palma international

Hola-Redaktion auf La Palma: schöne Werbung für die Isla Bonita. Foto: Cabildo

Hola editorial with island tourism Councilor Alicia Vanoostende (second from the right) auf La Palma: Nice advertising for the Isla Bonita. Photo: Chapter

La Palma as a great background. More and more creative people from all over the world discover the Isla Bonita as a backdrop for their works. This week, photographers and editors of the journal came Hola nach La Palma, here to elaborate a report about Mireia Lalaguna Royo from Barcelona, the Miss world by 2015 titles won. Also the models Claudia Bueno and Jana Pérez be photographed with La Palma in the background. Island tourism Councillor Alicia Vanoostende did not take it, the team personally to welcome (see photo on the right).


Ganz schön knifflig: Spiel mit Fotos von den Kanaren oder auch nicht...

Very nice tricky: Play with photos of the Canary Islands or not…

Three Instagrammer design true or lied game. Sylvia Matzkowiak from Germany (@goldie_berlin), the Spaniard Oliver Vegas (@ovunno) and the Englishmen James Wright (@jamwrights) have provided for a new action of the Canary Islands-Werbeagentur Promotur. Having the three Instagrammer on the Internet platform Filter o no filter Set photos, that they have on Canary hiking trails and elsewhere shot. The player must find out, whether the images original Canary or fakes are and can win even cameras.


Messages from the Motorsport

Erste Motocross-Anlage auf La Palma bei Barlovento: Ein Zuschuss vom Cabildo macht´s möglich. Foto: Cabildo

First engine plant on La Palma at Barlovento: A grant from the Cabildo is possible BB´s. Photo: Chapter

Motocross terrain in Barlovento comes. The first engine plant on La Palma is built on a site at the soccer field in Barlovento. Island sports Councillor Ascensión Rodríguez announced on, that the Cabildo in this year 12.000 Euro instead available. The terrain will prepared so, It was used both for training and competitions. The sport of Motocross is according to La Palma, the island sport Councilor in the upturn, the plant in Barlovento is also designed for riders of BMX wheels, Quad bikes or buggies are available.


Ascensión Rodríguez: Inselsporträtin mit Herz für den Motorsport. Foto: Cabildo

Ascensión Rodríguez: Island sports Councillor with heart for motor sport. Photo: Chapter

Cabildo supports auto racing. The Sports Department of the Government of La Palma has an agreement with the Federación insular de Automovilismo de La Palma (FIALP) closed. Therefore, the automotive is supported financially for the first time this year – the grants for the teams, Organizers and pilots on 42.000 Euro. Island sports Councillor Ascensió Rodrígzez justified the subsidy with the tradition and the many supporters of the rallies on La Palma.


Tips for the weekend

Mittagskonzert am Samstag: La Trova mit "All you need is love". Foto: Band

Lunchtime concert on Saturday: La Trova with “All you need is love” plays in the context of Patrona Fiesta of Los Llanos. Photo: Band

The Sommerfiestas start. In The Plains run the events to the Patrona Festival, in San Antonio del Monte This weekend is the popular Fiesta with livestock market held, and in Puntallana San Bautista-fest starts soon. We have translated into German the most interesting program points in these events and integrated into our concert rubric, because of course always plays the music in the fiestas on La Palma.



In the Castillo de Santa Catalina: Re-enactment of the English attack on Santa Cruz before 273 Years.

Fun in the streets of Santa Cruz. In the context of the urban series Paseo Lúdicos is most Friday, 10. June 2016, Live music with the singer Alba from 19 Watch in the Avenida el Puente 39 announced. From 21.30 Watch maintains that Grupo Básico in the Calle Álvarez de Abreu 40. At the Saturday, 11. June, There's all day long open air activities. Of 9 to 14 Watch is in Calle O ´ Daly between the Plaza de la Constitución and Calle Blas Simón a Oldtimer exhibition to see. Also in the morning, she plays Band Manhattan in the Calle Pérez de Brito. At 10 Watch begins Chapel la Guataca a walk through the old town by the Plaza de vandal up to the Plaza de España, where is next performed in the atrium of the Town Hall. Of 11 bi 14 Watch presents the Asociación de Recreación Histórica Los Doce de su Majestad a performance to the 273. Anniversary of attack on Santa Cruz by the English Captain Charles Windham in the Castillo de Santa Catalina, then the actors to the Plaza de España Ravel. On Saturday evening by 20 to 23 Watch enters the Singer Rayco in the Avenida Marítima 4 on. Since that day the British cruise ship Britannia in the port of Santa Cruz the Moors, should go to it in the capital of La Palma turbulent. By the way: On board is Stephen Hawking on his journey to the Starmus Festival; the Britannia sets course for Tenerife on Saturday night.


De Banda a Banda: Musikapellen-Treffs.

De Banda Banda a: Music apellen meetings.

Bands dance. The bandas municipales of Fuencaliente and Mazo have a big show this weekend. At the Saturday, 11. June, play around 12 Watch on the Plaza de Minerva in Fuencaliente, on Sunday, 12. June, are their sounds on the Plaza del corpus 13.30 Clock in Mallet to listen. Is always free of charge at these concerts of the bands Reigens of the Island Government.


Zum dritten Mal bei der Fiesta de Agua: Wahl zur Miss und zum Mister Fitnasio. Foto: Fiesta de Agua 2015

For the third time at the Fiesta de Agua: Election of Miss and the Mister Fitnasio. Photo: Fiesta de Agua 2015

Event preview: Water Festival in Puerto Naos. The date for the patschnasse Fiesta de Agua 2016 is. The event with live music and the Miss & Mister Fitnasio election transformed the beach resort of Puerto Naos this year am 23. July back in a gigantic Aquarium. Tip for tourists, that this party does not know: The dress code is swimsuit and bikini – Valuables need to be packaged in waterproof, because here, no eye stays dry. At this Fiesta on the beach promenade runs the cool water from all possible showers and sprays specifically from hoses of the fire brigade, Buckets and water pistols on the party people.

Wasserfest in Puerto Naos: wieder am 23. Juli 2016. Foto: La Palma 24

Water Festival in Puerto Naos: again most 23. July 2016. Photo: La Palma 24

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