La Palma airline ticker am 5.2.2018


La Palma airline ticker am 5.2.2018

Messages from the airlines

with Isla Bonita-connection

From time to time we publish 24 journals press releases and information from airlines in the airline ticker of La Palma, the course at Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) take. We collect tips for cheap tickets and summarize background information, as well as developments in the aviation industry. We thank also Carlos Díaz of the La Palma spotters for his brilliant photographs in this way, our reports in terms of flying quite incredibly enriching all! Information about timetables in the current winter and summer 2018 There is at this link.


Info from the Spanish airlines

With the new Binter jets

With the new Binter jets: Flights from the Canary Islands to Madeira, Africa or Portugal to the Bintazo price. Photo: Carlos Díaz

New ticket action Binter. Bintazos hot the campaigns at the Canary Islands airline Binter Canarias, where there is cheap tickets. The youngest Bintazo was most 29. January 2018 started and lasts up to the 12. February 2018. During this time are reduced prices for flights between the 1. March and the 30. June 2018 to find and book. The deals are for travel between the Canary Islands and Madeira, Agadir, Marrakech, Casablanca, Lisbon, the Isla de Sal and Banjul. All other infos on Binter's website.


Binter Canarias: La Palma flights are constantly. Photo: Carlos Díaz

Binter Canarias: La Palma flights are constantly. Photo: Carlos Díaz

Binter & La Palma. Since 1989 flying to the Canary Island of La Palma Binter Canarias, with the number of connections and passengers constantly increased. Today, the average airline offers 16 Flights per day to SPC; more machines are used for special occasions. So reports Binter, that on the occasion of the Day of the Indianos in Santa Cruz de la Palma between the 9. and 13. February 2018 so much will be flown, that in addition to the normal program of seats for 9.000 Carnival fans are available. There would be increases in the range of flights in addition to the Transvulcania 2018 and to the Isla Bonita love Festival summer 2018 To give. In addition, Binter Announces, that 2018 not only in the company's newspaper Revista NT, but should be advertised in the social networks for products from the Isla Bonita. Last but not least,: 2017 has this Canary Islands airline 20 Percent more passengers than promoted in the previous year - is also the increase in the summer 2017 of 50 on 75 Percent discount for residents of the Islands increased due.


Canaryfly and Binter work together

Canaryfly and Binter work together: More recently, rebooking of tickets from an airline on the other are possible. Photo: Carlos Díaz

Binter and Canaryfly work together. Tickets by Binter Canarias and Canaryfly can be rebooked free of charge on the other airline. This cooperation aims to improve the connectivity of passengers for flights between the Islands. The agreement applies to tickets, with Binter with tariffs Fleximas or Flexible were bought. Canaryfly tickets which are Completa-Assuming rate changes -, There are still seats in each class. The Exchange must be made on the day of the originally booked flight and at least two hours before the departure of the desired machine. All further details here click.


Binter and Iberia:

Binter and Iberia: Extended sharing. Photo: Carlos Díaz

Binter expands codesharing with Iberia. Binter Canarias has extended the code-sharing agreement with Iberia. Iberia offers now the possibility, After landing on the Canary Islands Airports connection flights with Binter on the smaller islands to through to book!. Connections are La Palma from Tenerife North, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Gomera and El Hierro possible. From Gran Canaria can onward with the code-sharing to Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Tenerife and El Hierro are reserved. Benefits for passengers: Only a ticket with a flight code when only an invoice is posted for the entire trip, Travelers must check in only once and get more efficient connections.


At all Spanish airports of the AENA: new and faster free Internet.

At all Spanish airports of the AENA: new and faster free Internet.

Free WiFi at all airports of the Canary Islands. The State Airport operator AENA has a new year on the Spanish airports, powerful Wi-Fi system released. So can passengers free surf and watch even movies and download. This airport Internet replaces the previous free WiFi, only 30 Access granted to minutes and was punctuated with advertising. The new offering is called Airport free WiFi AENA and requires registration, It ensures automatic login of the user at all Spanish airports then a year long. Login and all further information in the phone 900.02.80.53 or E-Mail


Canaryfly: especially popular with young people with narrow wallet. Photo: Carlos Díaz

Canaryfly: especially popular with young people with narrow wallet. Photo: Carlos Díaz

Again and again promotions at Canaryfly. Major means bargains in Spanish, and she offered from time to time on their Canaryfly Homepage. To the Carnival 2018 has the young Canary Islands airline 90.000 Places for five euros in the network. By the way, Canaryfly has increased now the Office at Tenerife North Airport, to better handle the passengers to be able to.


Iberia Express:

Iberia Express: current ticket campaign! Photo: Carlos Díaz

Action at Iberia express. The Iberia-low cost subsidiary has launched a ticket campaign for flights between Madrid and Santa Cruz de la Palma Iberia express: Ticket prices start 49 Euro wave in the case of bookings made by Hin- and return to the 11. February 2018 for travel up to the 31. More 2018. This offer is according to Iberia express 17 Per cent cheaper than the minimum ticket price last winter. According to the airline to follow since the beginning of the flights according to SPC in the year 2012 a price cutting strategy - now the rates are around more than 50 Dropped percent compared to the start. Iberia express flies year-round daily Madrid-SPC now; the frequencies are increased even more during the summer months. The airline stressed on their reliability in the views on- and departures: 2017 There was in the fourth year in a row the award "most punctual low cost airline of the world". To the Iberia Express website.

Vueling: sets course for SPC from Barcelona. Photo: Carlos Díaz

Vueling: sets course for SPC from Barcelona. Photo: Carlos Díaz

Vueling with new commercial. Vueling is the Spanish airline, from Barcelona to Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) flies. For many travellers from Europe, the arrival of this international hub now provides an alternative to the direct flight on the Isla Bonita. Since the beginning of 2018 does Vueling with a new spot of desire on vacation - always with this yellow heart and the slogan "We love Places", so that means the video even without knowledge of Spanish:

Information from the airlines from Germany, England and Holland

Germania: The German airline expands constantly its flight offer to SPC in winter. Photo: Carlos Díaz

Germania: The German airline expands constantly its flight offer to SPC in winter. Photo: Carlos Díaz

Germania with new North-link. The Germania takes in the winter 2018/19 a direct flight from Bremen to Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) in the program. This has now agreed with the competent with the German airline for new routes Director Claus Altenburg at the tourism fair FITUR in Madrid island tourism Councillor Alicia Vanoostende – the first flight leaves at 7. November 2018, and the tickets for the upcoming winter are already available – Click here. Altenburg said, that the Germania strength the location Bremen with a further machine: "For winter 2018/19 our airline increases the number of set-based green-and white aircraft from previously two to now three at the Bremen Airport Hans Koschnick. In the summer 2019 There are then four aircraft, all of the Airbus A320 family aircraft. Germania thus strengthens its position as a leading leisure airline in Bremen and will create new jobs." Alicia Vanoostende stressed, that more talks with travel agencies and airlines are planned, to compensate for the failure of the connections of the insolvent NIKI. It set up the focus in particular on Germany: Most visitors come to the Isla Bonita from Alemania, alone 2017 their share increased by nearly 1,5 Percent. Last but not least,: Germania offers once again very cheap flights to the Canaries – Click here.


Die Airline NIKI

The airline NIKI will be repurchased by Niki Lauda: The Laudamotion will first 15 Launch aircraft. Press Photo NIKI/Niki Lauda

NIKI goes back to Niki. Not ends never-ending poker to the airline NIKI there after the withdrawal of Lufthansa in December 2017 in the new year, a surprising twist again: Contrary to the original Supplement, the insolvent airline to the British Airways mother IAG is, but the Vienna private jet company Lauda motion GmbH sold. From the press release of the insolvency administrator Ulla Reisch and Lucas F. Farkas is further, that the Austrian creditors Committee decided for the company by Niki Lauda now, because this had presented the best bid. The reason for the new bidding process was, that the District Court had opened in a second bankruptcy in Austria Korneuburg. Have been triggered this was in turn by a complaint by Niki Lauda to the decision of the Landgericht Berlin, to handle the NIKI bust in Germany.

Mit der Insolvenz folgte auch das Aus von NIKI auf La Palma:

The insolvency was also out by NIKI on the Canary Islands: In December 2017 was that a shock just before Christmas for thousands of passengers. Photo: Carlos Díaz

Under the new bidders, the IAG and Niki Lauda were once again, of the holiday plane NIKI 2003 founded and 2011 Air Berlin had sold to the. The combative ex-racing driver wanted back his former airline and stated, that he offered together with its operational partners of the British travel group Thomas Cook and its Condor airline. Lauda plans, that first "under Lauda motion with 15 "Flying machines and the rest then itself will continue to evolve". Look back: At the 13. December 2017 was the NIKI airline set - round 200.000 Passengers, which had not booked during a package holiday, need to worry since even about their refund claims, including many La Palma contacts. For all tickets, them according to the 15. August 2017 were bought, is the German insolvency administrator Lucas Flöther contact. All other information on the insolvency of airberlin - click here.


Condor jumped after NIKI bankruptcy:

Condor jumped after NIKI bankruptcy: Travelers were able to book at special rates. Photo: Carlos Díaz

Condor helps NIKI bankruptcy. Following the insolvency of Niki in December 2017 in the short term additional tracks in the program took the holiday flight Condor, Thus the owner of dilapidated ticket vacation in winter 2017/18 still could enjoy. New flights from Vienna and Zurich and from many German airports on the Canary Islands were offered with seven additional machines. "We are pleased, that we through more than 68.000 additional seats could give affected customers the opportunity, in the holiday and home to fly", so Paul Schwaiger, Commercial Director of sales and marketing of Condor/Thomas Cook Group Airlines. "We have can thus quickly fill a gap in the European leisure flight."


Rail&Fly: Can be reserved with at Germania during the flight booking.

Rail&Fly: Can be reserved with at Germania during the flight booking.

Arrival by rail&Fly tickets at Germania. Traffic jam on the motorway, Finding a parking space and high parking fees? The arrival to the airport is more convenient: Now, passengers at Germania can rail&Fly tickets together with the flight book. For children under 12 Years a discount of 25 Percent per line, Infants under two years of age travel free of charge. The Germania has the exact steps for booking and redemption book on its homepage taking flights deposited. Customers, later still a train ticket would buy this to booking a flight, can this phone up 48 Hours before departure at the service center of Germania under +49 30 610 818 000 do (Normal rate from the German landline, Mobile prices may vary).


Fly with Condor: The flight schedule for winter 2018/19 is already. Photo: Carlos Díaz

Condor-flights for the winter 2018/19 bookable. Since mid-December, the flight plan is 2018/19 for the short- and medium-haul of holiday airline Condor. There is also Santa Cruz de la Palma (SPC): "Early benefit from special rates and can look forward already now on nice days in the climate", writes the airline in a communication. The flight offers of the year by Condor this is.


Condor and Thomas Cook join forces. The airlines in the Thomas Cook Group combine the responsibilities for cross-cutting issues such as marketing, Pricing, Airline partnerships of all airlines and markets of the Thomas Cook Group Airlines. The sales are at the same time in the home markets of Condor and the Thomas Cook Airlines- and sales activities. So valuable synergies can be used as a single commercial organization.


EasyJet: Animal care idea for passengers in planning. EasyJet press photo

EasyJet: Animal care idea for passengers in the implementation phase. EasyJet press photo

Pet care idea at EasyJet. The low-cost carrier EasyJet has teamed up with the TrustedHousesitters joined together, to facilitate travel for pet lovers. Expected to start 2018 should be possible for this airline customers, the flight a free house sitter or a free accommodation for dog, CAT and similar animal friends to book. According to EasyJet, the idea was born after a survey, in the 58 Percent of clients indicated, more often on trips to go, If there were more satisfactory solutions for the accommodation of your pets. Information - click here.


Transavia: The Dutch airline thinks young. Press Photo Transavia

Transavia: The Dutch airline thinks young. Press Photo Transavia

Transavia relies on generation Z. The Dutch airline Transavia, It brings also holidaymakers to Santa Cruz de La Palma, has revamped their YouTube channel. Each week new videos are posted, to the so-called Generation Z to reach. This target group of young people, use the YouTube extensively, will entertain more recently with weekly new contributions and informed, where Transavia flight staff plays the main role. To the Dutch airline's YouTube channel.

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