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Messages from the airlines

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Once again news and press releases have accumulated in looking at the airlines, the Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) fly to. We publish it every few months in our airline ticker, order to keep travelers on developments and backgrounds in aviation. The current summer timetable and Winter timetable 2017/18 According to SPC 24-journal can be found under these links in La Palma.


News from the German and Dutch Airlines

Poker um die Airberlin-Anteile: Einzelbieter und Allianzen haben ihre Gebote eingereicht - die Entscheidung über die Zukunft der Airline soll am 25. September 2017 fallen. Foto: Carlos Díaz/La Palma Spotting

Poker to airberlin: Single bidder and alliances have submitted their bids for the complete or partial acquisition of the insolvent airline – the decision about the future of the airline is to most 25. September 2017 fall. Photo: Carlos Díaz/La Palma spotting

Airberlin bidding period has expired: Decision on investor offers the 25. September 2017. On Friday, 15. September 2017, at 14 German time, ended the deadline for binding bids to acquire of the insolvent airberlin and NIKI daughter. Shortly thereafter, it became public, that new investors for the partial or complete takeover of the airline were added to the interested parties, known already for weeks, shortly before the end.

The General Manager of airberlin in the insolvency proceedings in equity management, Frank Kebekus, said: "We will now very carefully review the incoming offers and the creditors Committee our evaluation on" 21. September 2017 present. I'm counting on final decisions for the Supervisory Board meeting of the airberlin am 25. September 2017." Airberlin CEO Thomas Winkelmann said on Friday afternoon, the brisk investor interest speak for the airline: "We will pay attention now in the examination of the offers that, the best possible solutions for the enterprise and the employees to reach. Our goal is and remains, as many jobs as possible to a safe haven."

Airport Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC): Seit Mai 2017 fliegt die Airberlin-Tochter NIKI auf die Isla Bonita. Foto: Carlos Díaz/La Palma Spotting

Airport Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC): Since may 2017 flying the airberlin daughter NIKI on the Isla Bonita – What happens next, experienced travelers, who have already booked, likely to be most 25. September 2017. Photo: Carlos Díaz/La Palma spotting

In various media following airberlin prospects in recent weeks were called until today: Lufthansa and Eurowings daughter, Condor, Niki Lauda, Easy Jet, the International Airlines Group (IAG), the businessman Hans Rudolf Wöhrl and Alexander Skora, the Chinese operating company of the airport of Parchim, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, LinkGlobal, the Berlin-based logistics company time cargo and a consortium led by British Airways. Editor of La Palma's Note 24-journals: We continue to report the development at airberlin and recommend travelers to Santa Cruz de la Palma, the flights have already booked at the airberlin subsidiary NIKI to SPC, now for the 25. September 2017 advised, to wait for final decision on the future of airberlin, before you cancel already reserved accommodation.


Dreamliner-Premiere in Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC):

Dreamliner premiere in Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC): The aircraft came from Schiphol. Photo: Carlos Díaz La Palma spotting

Premiere at the airport of SPC: first Dreamliner landed. On Sunday, 10. September 2017, put the first Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner in Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) on. Locally, the photographer of the La Palma spotting clubs were of course, to scan the TUI Netherlands-Jet from Amsterdam: "We believe, that is the largest bird, the landed ever here", They said agreed and let their cameras to the bet click. The airport spotters were amazed, This aircraft is how quiet: "A Binter, She arrived shortly thereafter, made much more noise". The Boeing 787-8 offers 18 First class seats and 291 Seats in the tourist Department. The low sound emission of the engines of the Dreamliner will be inter alia through an attached to the secondary power nozzle, zigzag-shaped rear edge allows you to.


Flughafen Shiphol: Gratis-Wifi-Pionier. Foto: Transavia

Airport Schiphol: Free WiFi pioneer. Photo: Transavia

Transavia-Info: Schiphol had the nose front. Did you know, that the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 2010 was the first in Europe, He made the visitors free WiFi available? Informed the airline Transavia, she flies to the coming winter this airport also Santa Cruz de La Palma. More details about the flight of the Dutch airline.


Germania: Die deutsche Airline weitet ihr Flugangebot auch auf La Palma ständig aus. Foto: Carlos Díaz La Palma Spotting

Germania: The German airline constantly expands their range of flights to La Palma. Photo: Carlos Díaz La Palma spotting

Germania is 2018 views. Germania offers summer 2018 more tourist destinations from Dusseldorf. As a result of current market changes the airline with the Green-and white aircraft has even adapted their offer and now more often flies on the Canary Islands, after Greece and Portugal. Flights to Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) go in the summer 2018 According to the Germania plan every Friday and are one way 99 To have euro. Tickets are on the Internet under, by phone at +49 30 610 818 000 (Normal rate from the German landline, Mobile prices may vary) and can be booked in the travel agency. All prices are inclusive of taxes and charges and already include the legally prescribed air traffic levy. Germania controls Santa Cruz de la Palma in the summer 2017 and in the winter 2017/18 an (see timetable links in the header).



Condor: Actions such as book on board or Airshoppen to make the journey even more enjoyable with the holiday flyer. Photos: Condor/Carlos Díaz La Palma spotting

Airshoppen with Condor: new catalog. Since the summer 2017 is the new Condor Airshoppen catalog. Passengers can in an assortment of more than 1.200 international brand-name articles, including more than 600 new products, Select. This offers Condor to the best price guarantee, with savings of up to 60 Percent compared to the retail price. On the Airshoppen Web site can log the passengers with their flight details; the selected goods are delivered aboard the Condor flight directly on the seat. Also during the flight, the order for the return flight can be abandoned at the cabin crew. The Condor best price guarantee: Should be to find somewhere cheaper offer,the difference will be refunded.


Condor landing in Santa Cruz de La Palma: Der Fotograf Carlos Díaz ist immer mit der Kamera dabei - danke Carlos!

Condor landing in Santa Cruz de la Palma: The photographer Carlos Díaz of the La Palma spotters is it always with the camera – muchissimas gracias, Carlos, for the great photos on this way!

Condor book struck again on Board action. About 20.000 Passengers used in July 2017 the offer of the campaign NOW A BOOK! and travelled with a kilo more reading material in the holiday. And, Although the action with a month ran only half as long as in the previous year; 2016 in July and August together 35.000 Travelers took part. To get the free extra baggage allowance of one kilo of the Condor check-in, had concerned himself the leisure advance in bookstores a special suitcase stickers. The action, not only wide public attention also scored the second year, but enthusiastic again Bookstore, Customers and passengers alike. The team now a book! had all of the Booksellers Association Member bookstores 330.000 Action stickers and promotional materials. 50 Bookstores ordered to stickers and posters.


Messages from the Spanish airlines

Air Europa: Die in Mallorca ansässige Fluggesellschaft nimmt Kurs auf die Kanaren. Foto: Air Europa

Air Europa: The Majorca-based airline takes course on the Canary Islands. Photo: Air Europa

Air Europa takes course on the Canary Islands market. The Spanish airline Air Europa wants to enlarge the range of inter island flights on the archipelago of the Canary Islands. The Majorca-based airline announced, that in the first phase of the end of October 2017 with flights between Gran Canaria and Tenerife North, between Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria and Lanzarote should be started. Phase two of the project, that Air Europe machinery from March 2018 commute between Tenerife North and La Palma - this connection is with seven flights from Monday to Friday, set up five on Saturdays and six on Sundays. In the third and final phase of the entry on the Canary Islands of Tenerife-Lanzarote route are the realization, Tenerife Fuerteventura and Tenerife-El Hierro plan. The 1986 based Air Europa is the airline branch Globalia Corporation. The route network of Air Europe covers large parts of Spain, as well as destinations throughout Europe, North Africa, as well as in North- and South America down.


Azoren-Airline SATA:

Azores airline SATA: four flights per week from Ponta Delgada to Boston and Toronto – Government of the Canary Islands and Azores chefs think about cooperation. Photo: SATA

Azores and Canary Islands: Thought about cooperation on trans-Atlantic flights. The Canary Islands and Azores want to cooperate, to improve the air connection to the United States of America and Canada. This was announced by now Kanaren President Fernando Clavijo after a visit in the Azores. So far, the Canary Islands have no direct air connection to the United States or Canada, Travelers must go via Madrid and are at least 15 Hours on the road. However, there are four flights per week from Ponta Delgada to Boston and Toronto with the airline SATA on the Azores, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. SATA flies also three times a week to Gran Canaria and has a code share agreement with Binter Canarias. Governments of the Azores and the Canary Islands are the possibilities with a view to cooperation in the United States in the next few months together- and explore Canada connections.


Iberia Express: täglich Flüge von Madrid nach Santa Cruz de La Palma. Foto: Carlos Díaz La Palma Spotting

Iberia Express: daily flights from Madrid to Santa Cruz de La Palma. Photo: Carlos Díaz La Palma spotting

Iberia express again most punctual low cost airline. After 2014, 2015 and 2016 the FlightStats portal selected Iberia express in the summer 2017 to the "most punctual low cost airline of the world again – the on-time factor amounted to 90,98 Percent. The Spanish airline, It controls of Madrid also Santa Cruz de La Palma, is proud of this new award: In particular because the numbers in the peak travel period be determined in July of each year. Iberia Express is the low-cost subsidiary of the airline Iberia and has in the last five years approximately 20 Carried millions of passengers. Be available 21 Machines, the on 47 Routes in Spain and Europe in action. To the website of Iberia express.


Binter Canarias: immer mehr Flüge nach Afrika und Europa. Foto: Carlos Díaz La Palma Spotting

Binter Canarias: more and more flights to Africa and Europe. Photo: Carlos Díaz La Palma spotting

New Binter route. From the 29. October 2017 connects the Canary Islands for the first time directly to Lisbon Binter Canarias. The machines start at Tenerife North Airport in the capital of Portugal. Already for the summer 2017 had increased their direct flights to Africa and Portugal the airline. All other infos on Binter Canarias Web site.


Canaryfly: junge Airline jetzt mit eigenem Bordmagazin. Fotos: Carlos Díaz/Canaryfly

Canaryfly: young airline with its own in-flight magazine. Photos: Carlos Díaz/Canaryfly

News from Canaryfly. Anfang September 2017 has the low cost airline Canaryfly taken flight operations between Tenerife North and El Hierro. Canaryfly always offers tickets at bargain prices - currently runs up to the 17. September 2017 the action Días of Azules. New: On board you can now read the magazine from Canaryfly. Under the title Volar y of Más It appears printed monthly in newspaper format, and also the Internet.


Vueling: Anreisealternative via Barcelona nach Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC). Foto: Carlos Díaz La Palma Spotting

Vueling: Check alternative via Barcelona to Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC). Photo: Carlos Díaz La Palma spotting

Vueling & La Palma. Auf der Website My Vueling city found a piece of advice for stressed people: "Recharge their batteries on La Palma". This website was 2011 started, to the reader about the more than 130 Objectives of the airline in Europe, in the Middle East and Africa to inform. Vueling flies the route of Barcelona - Santa Cruz de la Palma (SPC) – Click here.



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