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Festive on the island

Dear guests of the island, If you are on holiday for the first time on the Isla Bonita, may not know, that Christmas on Isla Bonita to the 6. January takes. On Canary Island, the Magi traditionally only bring the gifts for the children. We summarize again clearly the many events with a festive character in our Festival calendar. They are particularly recommended Cabalgata de Reyes These moves on 5. January 2018 in the communities around the island.

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Sunday, 24. December Monday, 25. December Tuesday, 26. December
engel-gudi weihnachtsbaumi-rand Krippe-San Andres y Sauces
Santa Cruz: The flea market is moved from the port on the Plaza de San Francisco. BB´s is Christmas here by 10 to 14 Clock.

Puerto Naos: 18 Watch deutschprachiger Christmas Eve worship service of the Evangelical Babtistengemeinde La Palma, Hotel Sol.

Puntagorda: At 12 Watch comes Santa Claus on the farmer's market.

Step: Christmas mass in the Church of bonanza to 20 Clock.

Garafía: Nochebuena off 18 Watch in Las Tricias, from 20 Watch in Santo Domingo, from 23 Watch disco in the Casa de La Cultura.

San Andrés y Sauces: Holy evening party with DJs from 24 Watch in the tent on the Plaza Montserrat.

Santa Cruz: The market hall is due to the Holy morning from 7 to 13 Clock open.

Puntagorda: Christmas concert with the Orchestra of Antonio Vivaldi, 18 Clock, House of Culture – Admission 5 Euro. Tazacorte: The Christmas market on the promenade is after the break am 24. and 25.12. continued. Duration: Up to 4. January 18-22 Clock.

Tazacorte: The local music band concert, 20 Clock, Plaza San Miguel.

Garafía: Christmas concert with the Chapel Salvatierra, 20 Clock, with tasting of Christmas desserts.

Fuencaliente: 17 Clock, Street circus in the main thoroughfare.

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Wednesday, 27. December Thursday, 28. December Friday, 29. December
Inselmusikschule Banda San Miguel de Santa Cruz de La Palma-rand Cartel Ima Galguen
Santa Cruz: Christmas concert of the children- and Youth Choir of island music school, 20 Clock, San Francisco church.

The Plains: Youth Culture Festival all day at the Plaza España with workshops and music.

Step: Christmas concert in the Church of bonanza to 19.30 Clock.

San Andrés y Sauces: Festival Lo Divino with different groups 20 Clock, Montserrat-Kirche.

Tijarafe: 17.30 Clock, Christmas Theatre on the street in La Punta and El Jesús.

The Plains: Youth Culture Festival all day at the Plaza España with workshops and music.

Santa Cruz: Christmas concert of the urban music Chapel of San Miguel, 19.15 Watch before the Town Hall. At 21 Clock Festival de Navidad de Troveros de Asieta in the Circo de Marte.

Tijarafe: 17.30 Watch Christmas Theatre on the streets Aguatuvar and Tinizara.

Garafía: Christmas market 17 Watch on the Plaza in Santo Domingo.

Puntallana: IMA Galguén sings Christmas carols, 20.30 Clock, Casa Luján. Eintritt frei.

Brena Alta: Weihnachsbenefizkonzert with Son de Mujeres, Parque Los Álamos.

Garafía: Christmas market 16 Clock.

San Andrés y Sauces: Christmas concert with the town band, 20 Clock, Tent Plaza Montserrat.

Tijarafe: 17.30 Watch Christmas Theater on the street in El Pueblo.

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Saturday, 30. December Sunday, 31. December Monday, 1. January 2018
Stern-hell silvester kugeln-gudi
Garafía: Christmas market 17 Watch on the Plaza in Santo Domingo.

The Plains: Lunchtime concert off 13 Watch with the Parranda La Palma – Songs from the 1960s- until 1980s, Spain Square.

Garafía: Tiramasil concert by Bolero to pop, 19.30 Clock, Plaza Santo Domingo.

Tazacorte: Concert to 19.30 Watch with Pedro Sanz (Flamenco entre Amigos) and other musicians in the Casa de la Cultura.

San Andrés y Sauces: 21 Watch Escuela de Calor concert with music from the 80s- and 1990s, Tent Plaza Montserrat.

Mallet: End of Ano-fiesta für Jugendliche von 12 to 16 Years, 19-23 Clock, Centro Cultural Andares mit DJ Adasat Ramos.

Santa Cruz: from 14 Clock Fin de Año Mediterranean in the Zona Cuadrilátero. From 23 Watch new year's Eve party Plaza España with the GC band Arena and DJs.

Windward: Lunchtime concert off 12.30 Watch with Galaxy and Full de Copas.

Step: Fiesta fin de Año from 12 Clock on the square in front of the old church.

Tazacorte: New year's Eve Fiesta off 22.30 Clock with music in the halls-free bath, Eintritt frei.

Brena Alta: from 16 Watch old-year-good bye Festival at Los Álamos Park.

Garafía: Fin de Año celebration at midnight, Culture House.

San Andrés y Sauces: Year-end party, 24 Clock, Tent Plaza Montserrat.

Fuencaliente: at midnight new year's Eve at the Centro Los Cananrios.

Puntagorda: Dance in the new year in the Casa de la Cultura.

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Tuesday, 2. January 2018 Wednesday, 3. January 2018 Thursday, 4. January 2018
los-arrieros-chocolate-konzert-los-llanos domi el-paso-casa-de-la-cultura-tanausu1-entstehung
Brena Alta: Christmas market with arts and crafts (also most 3.1.), 16-20 Clock, and from 17 Clock Festival Divertilandia 2017 in the Parque Los of Álamos.

Brena Baja: Arts and crafts market of the 2. to 5. January, Plaza de Las Madres, San Jose. Opening 2.1. at 17 Clock, 3. and 4.1. of 11 to 20 Clock, on 5.1. 11 to 17 Clock.

Santa Cruz: 20 Clock, Concert with the satirical group Anticraisis consort, Spain Square. Step: Festival Divertilandia 2017 from 18 Watch in the Casa de la Cultura.

Brena Alta: 16-20 Watch Christmas market on the Plaza Bujaz (to 5.1.).

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Friday, 5. January 2018 Saturday, 6. January 2018 Sunday, 7. January 2018
reyes-magos-santa-cruz parranda-la-palma
Santa Cruz: from 11 Clock reception the three kings before the Town Hall. From 19 Watch great parade Cabalgata de Reyes.

Step: Three King parade down 18.30 Clock.

Tazacorte: Visit the Holy three kings to 17.30 in La Bombilla, at 19 Watch in Tazacorte Puerto, at 20 Clock in the Centre of Tazacorte.

Brena Alta: Cabalgata de Reyes parade down 18.30 Clock, Start Barranco Aguacencio.

Tijarafe: Epiphany from 19 Watch on the Plaza de Candelaria.

Garafía: Three King-Moving off 21 Clock.

Puntallana: Cabalgata de Reyes, Home 11.30 Clock, Casa Luján.

San Andrés y Sauces: Three King parade 19 Watch at the Puente de Los TILOS to the Plaza Montserrat.

Fuencaliente: Cabalgata off 18.30 Clock of the post to the Church.

Puntagorda: Three King parade, 16.30 Clock.

Santa Cruz: Christmas closing concert with the Parranda La Palma, 22 Clock, Spain Square.
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