Fancy figures of the island fiestas


Outlandish figures make unique the island festivals

Dwarfs – Devil and crazy horses:

Will visitors here with imagination

La Palma-fans know the witty and colorful characters of island festivals. For everybody else, we even briefly introduce the craziest and most famous figures.


La Negra Tomasa – Sosó swirls through the Indians day

Die Negra Tomasa: bunter Tupfen im weißen Hexenkessel Santa Cruz. Foto: Stadt

The Negra Tomasa: colorful polka dots in the White Witch's cauldron Santa Cruz de la Palma on the Shrove Monday. Photo: City

Actually the Negra Tomasa is neither black nor female. Behind this Galleonsfigur of the Day of the Indianos hiding rather Victor Lorenzo Díaz, the only Samy is called by all. He has more than 20 Years at lit Carnival in Santa Cruz de la Palma to the first time black painted and brightly dressed. Thus he created a colorful counterpoint to the white inferno of Day of the Indianos, where are other light clad in colonial style therefore stroll. In the rush of powder are all but – wIR spoke with the Negra Tomasa and give Insights in the Día de los Indianos, He next time on Rosenmontag, 27. February 2017, again thousands of Carnival visitors to the capital of La Palma will entice.


La Sardina - the sardine Merry toasts in Carnival purgatory

Kleine Gruselschau: Trauerzug mit Sardine schreitet zum Scheiterhaufen in Santa Cruz. Foto: Stadt

Small horror show: Funeral procession with sardine progresses to the stake in Santa Cruz. Photo: City

When the Carnival to end on La Palma, one torched rings off fish from paper and fabric to the island. Here come the most guests in mourning parades and black, but nevertheless, BB´s is always fun. By the way, she finds Entierro de la Sardina called funeral on Ash Wednesday held. The Palm Eros so kill the sardine, how the programs in the communities and the weather give it up. Say: Everyone makes, what he wants - it's called Narrenfreiheit. A date for 2017 already it is clear: The sardine in Barlovento comes am 18. March on the grill. As I said: without guarantee!


Giants and convince conquer the old town of Santa Cruz

Riesen und Dickköpfe: ein Spaß für jung und alt. Fotos: Stadt Santa Cruz

Giants and convince: Fun for young and old. Photos: City of Santa Cruz

Say and write 40 Stout Cabezudos and five giant pairs conquer the 2. May of every year the old town of Santa Cruz de la Palma during the celebrations of the founding of the city. The only exception: Every five years, If the island's biggest festival – the Bajada de la Virgen de las Nieves – will be celebrated, the figures have several great performances. The most famous is undoubtedly Biscuit, the “Biscuit” with the big Napoleon Hat. He should not be confused however with the dwarves, also wear head-dresses in the style of the land-hungry Corsicans. Other famous characters are La Luna de Valencia, La Manola and El Asmático. In more recent times the Walt Disney World and fairy tale characters like snow white mingle Micky Maus and Bambi from under the Mascarones-People.


Streets and squares revive Los Mayos - figures

Mayos: täuschend echt!

Mayos: “live” each year for a day in the streets of Santa Cruz de La Palma.

Worked throughout the year and each 3. May is ready: Celebrate the day of the founding of the city of Santa Cruz de La Palma, and made from fabric remnants Mayos are allowed on the road. Everywhere you can explore, where the funniest characters in a competition of the city will be awarded. Fiddling this lifelike dolls has been the 14. Century tradition in Santa Cruz.


Los Enanos - the dwarves dance polka

Die Zwerge tanzen nur alle fünf Jahre auf der Bajada: 2020 ist es wieder soweit. Foto: Santa Cruz de La Palma

The Dwarfs dancing only every five years on the Bajada: 2020 It is that time again. Photo: Santa Cruz de La Palma

1833 has anyone bothered to for the first time and the Danza de los Enanos recorded in writing. However, the dwarves there within the framework of the Corpus Christi celebrations danced. Only 1905 She hoppelten with her polka in the circle of events rings to La Palma's largest Festival – and until now, they have the Bajada de la Virgen de las Nieves every five years her appearance – 2020 It is that time again! No wonder, that the souvenir industry has discovered the Zwergerln for years for themselves. But the city of Santa Cruz blocks de La Palma of the unfettered exploitation: The symbolic figure and her logo are protected. By the way: How Napoleon hats of the Enanos easily suggest, they were invented as a parody on the not exactly tall Bonaparte. Because the Emperor of the French, the Spaniards were after the war of independence of 1807 to 1814 everything else as well to speak. More info about the dwarves.


El Diablo - the devil is dancing after midnight

Danza del Diablo in Tijarafe: der Teufel tanzt nach Mitternacht - nichts für Feiglinge. Foto: Gemeinde

Danza del Diablo in Tijarafe: not for the faint of heart. Photo: Gemeinde

Who's afraid of the Boogeyman? In Tijarafe certainly nobody. The Northwest population and many other Palm Eros jostle literally about, the hell with rockets at the annual Danza del Diablo to come as close as as ICH. Why is that, and why do not deter the daring fellow dancers also possible infringements, has Ricardo García stated us. The hotshot mimed the Diablo team for years and also is a water ski star – to the article. Not to forget: The Fiesta del Diablo exploded early September every year -getting around 2.30 Watch at night.


El Borrachito Fogatero – the tipsy scorcher spraying sparks

Mazo: Der beschwipste Feuerwerker heizt ein.

Mallet: The tipsy scorcher heats up.

Palm Eros of love Fireworks. That is why all always and away, If the Borrachito Fogatero in August by Mazo. At the end of the summer he can be there in the course Fiesta de la Señora de los Dolores RIP so correctly with fireworks on the vest and Sombrero. And because this figure is so popular, She has even a own website.


Los Caballos Fuscos – the Crazy Horse galoppeln in Fuencaliente

Caballos Fuscos in Fuencaliente: kann man nicht übersetzen, ist einfach eine witzige Tradition. Foto: Asociación

Caballos Fuscos in Fuencaliente: can you translate, is just a funny tradition. Photo: Asociación

Not to be confused with the Steed from Tazacorte: the Caballos Fuscos, every year in the Fiesta de la Vendimi(a) by Fuencaliente trot. They are colorful and months crafted by the Asociación cultural Etnográfica Caballos Fuscos tinkered. Galoppeln the funny NAGs from midnight through the village during the wine harvest festival, and all guests in La Palma South community dance enthusiastically.


Los Caballos Fufos - the colorful horses hop in Tazacorte

Caballos Fufos in Tazacorte: wie ihre Kollegen lustig und bunt, besondern wenn noch Reiter drinstecken. Foto: Gemeinde

Caballos Fufos in Tazacorte: like their fellow funny and colorful, especially when even riders stuck in there. Photo: Gemeinde

You Gallop of every year in order to Fiesta San Miguel by Tazacorte in the West of La Palma. You have been "Invented" Caballos Fufos Palm Eros, who immigrated to Cuba and returned to their home country. Colorful, loud and funny, as in the Caribbean, the motto is accordingly. The crazy horses occur always in September and all year round on the Internet.

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