Information flight schedule winter 2017/18

Flight schedule Santa Cruz (SPC) in the winter 2017/18


Flights from Germany, England, Scandinavia and mainland Spain

nach Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC)

Airlines in winter 2017/18


La Palma is located in the trend - growth rates of the past two years are remarkable, It attracts more and more tourists on the Isla Bonita. So it is advisable now, for the upcoming cold season a flight, a hotel and a car book. Not least because, because a glance in the winter flight schedule 2017/18 for Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) shows, that the previously optional flight offer from Germany and Switzerland in comparison to the previous winter is decreased slightly. Here we are this time very early, is it however not excluded, that is still the one or the other connection. We update this information and also our Schedule 2017/18 in table form, as soon as we discover new travel options.


Condor: Der Ferienflieger bedient in Deutschland die Nord-Süd-Schiene. Foto: Carlos Díaz La Palma Spotting

Condor landing in SPC: The holiday plane serving the North-South rail in Germany. Photo: Carlos Díaz

SPC flights from Germany and Switzerland

7 x Condor: one more than in the last winter!

The holiday flight Condor is today the most important startup option on the Isla Bonita in the views of the North-South axis for La Palma-fans from Germany: From Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Hanover, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Munich takes Condor in the winter 2017/18 Course on Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC). There is even the Frankfurt connection twice a week – a holiday flyer tour whose been biking on Wednesdays and one Sunday on the Isla Bonita. The Click to the Condor's site here.


NIKI: Die Airline hat inzwischen die Airberlin-Flieger in Santa Cruz abgelöst. Foto: Carlos Díaz

NIKI: The airline has now replaced the airberlin plane in Santa Cruz. Photo: Carlos Díaz

5 NIKI x - less than airberlin

Niki Luftfahrt GmbH has already to the summer timetable 2017 the former middle distance taken over by airberlin - also for flights to the Canary Islands -. For the winter 2017/18 announced five flights to Santa Cruz de la Palma NIKI (SPC). Each raises a machine on Tuesdays and Fridays in Düsseldorf and Berlin from. Reduce the six connections offered last winter by airberlin - also the former direct flight from Zurich to SPC falls away. This is a new: In the winter 2017/18 Tour whose been biking NIKI always Fridays off Frankfurt to SPC. Click the NIKI website here for booking.


Germania: immer mehr SPC-Flüge! Foto: Carlos Díaz

Germania: more and more flights to Santa Cruz de La Palma – also from Switzerland! Photo: Carlos Díaz

4 x Germania: an airline is gas

The direct connection from Zurich to Santa Cruz de La Palma, not maintained by NIKI (SPC) can you compensate with a flight with Germania. The German airline not only constantly expanded its fleet in recent years, but also their connections to SPC. In the winter 2017/18 departs every Monday the Isla Bonita to Germania Dusseldorf and Thursday from Zurich an. (Anmerkund of editor: Announced for Wednesday flight to Zurich was postponed until Thursday.) The North and South of Germany will be covered, by Saturday a machine Hamburg and Tuesdays off Nuremberg starts to La Palma. Here goes BB´s to the booking site of Germania.


Ab dem 1. November 2017: Eurowings fliegt erstmals von Düsseldorf nach Santa Cruz de La Palma. Foto: Eurowings

From the 1. November 2017: Eurowings flies for the first time from Düsseldorf to Santa Cruz de La Palma. Photo: Eurowings

3 x Eurowings: New SPC-Düsseldorf connection

In addition to Condor and Germania flies also Eurowings from Düsseldorf to SPC – and from the 1. November 2017 every Saturday. The newcomer on the airport of Santa Cruz de La Palma tour whose been biking in the coming winter also from the South and North of Germany on the Isla Bonita: Every Saturday a Eurowings Jet takes in Stuttgart and an in Hamburg Course on SPC. Check the Eurowings website – Click here.


Easy Jet: günstige Flüge mit der Low Cost-Airline ab Berlin. Foto: Carlos Díaz

Easy Jet: cheap flights from Berlin with the low cost airline. Photo: Carlos Díaz

2 x easy Jet: the Berlin alternative and London-SPC

Last winter, easyJet cracked the previous monopoly of airberlin in the views of the flights from Berlin to Santa Cruz de la Palma (SPC) and offered a low-cost alternative. The concept seems to work: The low cost airline takes in the winter 2017/18 again course on La Palma - a flyer highlights Tuesday and one on Saturdays in Berlin from. Thus the Berlin can choose in the coming winter, including the above mentioned NIKI connections between a total of four direct flights after SPC. EasyJet connects in the winter 2017/18 again in London, with SPC: From the 19. September 2017 a machine comes on Tuesdays every week and a Saturday flown on the Isla Bonita. ZWebsite by easy Jet here click ur.


SPC flights from Spain

Iberia Express: Dauer-Verbindung von Madrid nach Santa Cruz de La Palma. Foto: Carlos Díaz

Iberia Express: Continuous connection between Madrid and Santa Cruz de La Palma. Photo: Carlos Díaz

7 x express of Iberia: the Madrid connection

TOPP: The Spanish airline Iberia Express offers in winter 2017/18 seven days a week a possible via Madrid-Santa Cruz de La Palma - two pilots are more than in the past cold season. Flight days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Our tip: Iberia express and the parent company of Iberia fly every day, sometimes several times from many airports in Germany and Europe to Madrid. At the airport of Barajas you can change de la Palma Santa Cruz on the plane. A possibility, the check! Advantage for long term visitors: 23 Kilo baggage freedom, for an additional fee of 35 You can further euro each way for the Internet booking 23 Kilo wrap up. To get a boarding pass valid also for the onward flight in Madrid at check-in to the departure airport. By the way, Iberia Express celebrates 2017 its fifth anniversary and you will find birthday discounts – Click to the website of Iberia express here.


Vueling: startet vom Drehkreuz Barcelona nach SPC. Foto: Carlos Díaz

Vueling: Barcelona-SPC. Photo: Carlos Díaz

2 x Vueling: the Barcelona connection

Super: What began a few years ago with test flights, becomes the fixed items in the flight plan of Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC): The airline Vueling seems to take home good occupancy rates, because she sends in the winter 2017/18 again two machines per week from Barcelona to the Isla Bonita. Every Wednesday and Friday you can on the hub of Barcelona in the machines of low cost airline a- or switch to. Spenders from Germany and Switzerland have now discovered this possibility of arrival. Here goes BB´s to the website Vueling.


Flights from other countries

Thomson Airways: bringt die Engländer into the sun. Foto: Carlos Díaz

Thomson Airways: the Englishman brings into the sun. Photo: Carlos Díaz

4 x Thomson Airways: from island to island

Good news: The English airline of Thomson Airways had expanded its range in the last winter, and the flight plan 2017/18 shows how had four flights from the big to the small island: The machines with the TUI inscription take Thursdays and Sundays London and Manchester Course on Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC).


Primera Air: Premiere gut - die Skandinavier kommen weiterhin. Foto: Carlos Díaz

Primera air: Premiere good – the Scandinavians are still. Photo: Carlos Díaz

4 x Primera air: Scandinavians come back!

Pleasing: Last winter, the connection with the airline was launched Primera air and tour operators in Northern Europe. And like the look in the winter flight schedule 2017/18 shows, It seems to like the Scandinavians, instead of snow and ice to enjoy the Sun of the Isla Bonita. A flight on the flight schedule by Primera air next winter are on Thursdays from Billund and Copenhagen nach Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) -Friday is BB´s Stockholm and Gothenburg in warmer realm.


2 x Transavia: Many La Palma-fans in the Netherlands

Transavia: Auch in den Niederlanden gibt es viele La Palma-Fans. Foto: Carlos Díaz La Palma Spotting

Transavia: In the Netherlands there are many fans of La Palma. Photo: Carlos Díaz La Palma spotting

Loyal La Palma airline from the Netherlands: Last winter the Transavia flying season 2017/18 weekly on Mondays and Fridays from Amsterdam to Santa Cruz de La Palma. Click to the Web site of the Dutch airline here.


1 x Jetair: Belgium – SPC

Jetair kommt aus Belgien: immer freitags Brüssel-SPC. Pressefoto Jetair

Jetair comes from Belgium: every Friday Brussels-SPC. Press Photo Jetair

Also, the Belgians have in winter 2017/18 again a direct flight to Santa Cruz de La Palma: As for the first time in the summer 2017 operated the airline Jetair every week on Friday the line Brussels-SPC.


Book holidays on La Palma:

The early bird catches the worm

Mit dem Mietwagen von La Palma 24 über die Insel: feine Sache, aber im Winter muss man rechtzeitig buchen. Foto: Jordi Saragossa

Rental car La Palma 24 about the island: fine thing, but in the winter you must book early. Photo: Jordi Zaragoza

We do not claim to be complete with our flight schedule, but show only the previous direct flights to Santa Cruz de la Palma (SPC) for the winter 2017/18 – It still could happen. In addition, there are many alternative travel options, that we ever have - summarized as a tip Click here.

The tip of the La Palma 24 car rental: In the view of Car rental is BB´s on La Palma closely our experience from November, between Christmas and new year's Eve there most of the time on the island to rent a car. Who is a Top holiday accommodation will, should be booked in looking at the crowds also soon for the coming winter – the La Palma 24 portal offers a range of more than 400 Apartments and houses throughout the island. By the way, 24 fleet wait in La Palma Rental motorcycles friends a holiday rides over the Isla Bonita. We have about the Bike-FLotte have you ever reported.

Mit dem Motorrad die Isla Bonita erkunden: Kein Problem - bei La Palma 24 kann man Bikes buchen und erhält fachkundige Anleitung.

The motorcycle to explore the Isla Bonita: No problem – beautiful La Palma 24 You can book bikes and get expert advice when booking with Charlie, who even likes is with the motorcycle.






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