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News am 14.12.2017


NIKI bankruptcy: Grounding out 14.12.2017 – Liquidator Farkas tried emergency sales and reports “almost all passengers be compensated or reposted” – Airlines organize special actions for repatriation by NIKI customers… Airport Santa Cruz de La Palma: positive development is endangered by NIKI bankruptcy… Centro Salud Los Llanos: Renovations and new radiology… Brena Alta: Budget 2018 adopted… Blood donation bus: next week in the West of the island… The Plains: Seized stuffed turtle… For mushroom lovers: Excursion with experts… Festival Internacional de Música de Canarias 2018: four classical music concerts on La Palma... Restaurants at Christmas: Guide of Tourism Association is... Carmen Arozena exhibition: from now on in Santa Cruz... Félix Farncisco Casanova: Dedicated to sculpture… Tips for the weekend: Christmas market in Tijarafe - Dixiekonzert in Los Llanos and more…


News from the flight area

Air Berlin - NIKI - Lufthansa: Der Deal ist geplatzt, die EU-Kommission hatte wettbewerbsrechtliche Bedenken. Pressefoto Lufthansa

Air Berlin – NIKI – Lufthansa: The deal is off, the EU Commission had competition concerns. Press Photo Lufthansa

NIKI follows the Air Berlin mother was – Machines from today on the ground – Insolvency administration tried last-minute emergency sales – Airlines organize return actions by NIKI customers from abroad. Yesterday, Wednesday, 13. December 2017, was known, that Lufthansa has withdrawn its offer to buy the Austrian Air Berlin daughter NIKI. Only hours later, NIKI filed for insolvency at the District Court of Berlin-Charlottenburg and published this communication on the evening: “Dear customers, NIKI Luftfahrt GmbH under the IATA airline code HG air traffic will be from the 14. December 2017 set”. In the view of the booked tickets NIKI reports the following: “We ask that passengers, which have booked their flight through a tour operator, to contact this. The tour operator is responsible for the carriage of passengers. For passengers, which have booked their flight directly with NIKI, organize multiple airlines currently a return action on a standby basis for a small fee from abroad to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.”

NIKI-Maschinen übernahmen und wetgeleaste TU

NIKI air and TUIfly machines wetgeleaste of the airline had in may 2017 the line to Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) Air Berlin acquired by the. As of today, 14. December 2017, is the flight operations due to the bankruptcy of NIKI. For all, who have booked a package holiday and are on the island, are organized on a standby basis return actions. Photo: Carlos Díaz La Palma spotting

La Palma is strongly affected by the insolvency of NIKI: In the winter 2017/18 There were five machines of this airline per week on the airport SPC planned. Basically, package travellers are covered by their tour operator, who is responsible for the operation of the flight. Who has booked his ticket, and is currently on the island, is also bringing home. Meanwhile, several airlines have announced, with the return of NIKI delegates with booking period until 31. December 2017 help.

Condor for example offers free standby drive and also sets a replacement flight plan with additional flights with special rates for NIKI customers into force. Info telephone +49( 0)180 6 767767Click for details here. The following airlines have announced more return actions: Eurowings T: +49 (0)180 6 320 320, Germania T: +49(0)30 92033242, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Swiss T: +49 (0) 69 86 799 799 and TUIfly T: +49(0)180 6 000120.

In the afternoon of Thursday, 14. December 2017, came from NIKI insolvency administrator Lothar Flöther good news for all delegates: “The holder of the 200.000 get directly at NIKI of acquired tickets - if after the bankruptcy petition by Air Berlin in mid-August 2018 acquired the price expected to be fully refunded or be rebooked. This applies to all of these tickets with travel period until end October 2018.” According to current have been around up to the petition by NIKI 410.000 not flown off tickets issued – 210.000 of which are booked through travel, the remaining direct.

NIKI, die österreichische Tochter von Air Berlin, folgt der Mutter nun in die Insolvenz. Foto: NIKI

NIKI, the Austrian subsidiary of Air Berlin, now follows the mother in the insolvency. Photo: NIKI

Background: The insolvent Air Berlin Luftverkehrs KG had its subsidiaries NIKI and airline Walter (LGW) After a bidding process on 12. October 2017 sold to the Lufthansa Group and since then waited for the antitrust approval from the EU Commission. Since that time, NIKI could survive only through financial support of Lufthansa Group tens of millions. Theoretically, Lufthansa would have still 90 Days can wait, further to the Commission, detailed examination of the competition situation would have made. This risk was apparently too big the company, because it would have caused the NIKI in the waiting period with an uncertain outcome costs in the hundreds of millions for the operation.

Not only NIKI's customers are mad, also Frank Kebekus, Chief Representative of Air Berlin, no longer understand the world: "The failure of the NIKI sale and the insolvency of NIKI Luftfahrt GmbH are highly annoying and could have been avoided. The European Commission's position is not understandable. Lufthansa has been awarded at the end of a fair and transparent process as the only bidder with a valid offer. Lufthansa had solutions for complex themes "wet lease agreement for the single bidder 14 "TUI planes" and "Demands of Etihad" placed on the table. Airberlin had again made contact with the potential prospects of IAG, and the consortium of bidders to the tour operator Thomas Cook after the first concern of the European Commission. The result: IAG said Air Berlin in writing, that she has no interest in buying more at the NIKI. The renewed talks with the consortium of bidders to the tour operator Thomas Cook have not led to the submission of a viable alternative offer. The Commission knew so, that there was even no alternative to sale the NIKI to Lufthansa. We must now carefully analyse the situation and advise the next steps. A full repayment of the KfW loan has become less likely. The Commission reached exactly the opposite of the uncontrolled collapse of NIKI, What does it intend: With the NIKI more capacity out of the market disappears overnight. There will be less competition rather than more."

Dieser Mann versucht zu retten, was noch zu retten ist: Lucas Flöther, Insolvenzverwalter der NIKI, verhandelt Notverkauf. Foto: Agentur Insolvenzverwaltung NIKI

This man tries to save, What is still to save: Lucas Farkas, Liquidator of NIKI, negotiating emergency sale. Photo: Agency insolvency administration NIKI

Last glimmer of hope: As stated in a recent press release, tried Lucas F. Farkas, the court appointed liquidator by NIKI, the business operations of the airline through a quick sale, called Fire sale, might yet be rescued. The aircraft, however, remain on the ground. “We have still a couple of days time, but finding an investor for NIKI”, Farkas underlined on Thursday in Berlin. The sale of this emergency would then no longer on the sale of NIKI Luftfahrt GmbH – "Share Deal" – completed, but the sale of the business relationship wise of parts of the business – "Asset Deal". "An asset deal has benefits for a potential buyer, Since such a transfer with less risks associated", added Farkas. In the conversation, you're Thomas Cook Group, the British Airways mother IAG, Ryanair and founder of the former NIKI-Niki Lauda, who has now logged an urgent appointment with Farkas. The clock is running: A possible sale of emergency must go quickly on the stage, because in a few days the authorities of NIKI the valuable start escape- and land rights and assign them to other airlines. Then NIKI would be completely worthless – is expected to be the sale price significantly lower than the zurückgezogenenen offer from Lufthansa is already. An interview is Courier with Niki Lauda in the Austrian online newspaper interesting outcrops – Click here.

At the 30. December 2017 is known, that “significant share” by NIKI on the Internacional Airlines Group (IAG) to be sold. British Airways and Iberia and Vueling is located under the roof of this British parent company. The latter two airlines are well known on La Palma: Iberia and her daughter Iberia Express connect the island with Madrid; Vueling controls La Palma from the hub of Barcelona. Specifies the IAG-holding, NIKI to be a part of Vueling, where land rights by NIKI to go over to this new company. Insiders assume, that NIKI before March 2018 do not fly.


Airport SPC: im November im Plus. Foto: Carlos Díaz La Palma Spotting

Airport SPC: in November in the plus – the increases are likely to suffer by the NIKI bust, since five machines per week fall away. Photo: Carlos Díaz La Palma spotting

Thick plus at the airport. The upturn at the airport of Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) continued in November 2017 as expected on: The State Airport operator AENA had just 118.000 takeoff and landing passengers - an increase of 18,5 Percent compared to the same month last year. Editor's Note: Eliminating the five NIKI machines a week above the positive development on the airport SPC is in the winter 2017/18 significantly interrupted, and the insolvency of NIKI is very bad news for the economy on La Palma. In a press release, island tourism Councillor Alicia Vanoostende informed on Thursday, 14. December 2017, that your team now search for alternatives with high pressure, created to it by the NIKI bust “Hole” in looking at the connections from Germany to Santa Cruz de La Palma to stuff. She referred to the Condor airlines, Eurowings and EasyJet, that also offer direct flights.


News from city and country

Centro de Salud Los Llanos: Neue Radiologie.

Centro de Salud Los Llanos: New radiology.

Centro Salud will be further renovated in Los Llanos. The Canarian Ministry of health invested 217.000 Euro in the health centre of the Aridane metropolis. Among other things, renewed the flooring of the physiotherapy area and built sanitary facilities for the disabled. In addition, the new X-ray room completed with this money and air conditioning installed in various Department of the Centro de Salud.


Brena Alta-Rathauschef Jonathan Felipe:

Breña Alta City Hall chief Jonathan Felipe: “Budget 2018 with pronounced social component”. Photo: Gemeinde

Breña Alta adopted budget 2018. The Municipal Council of Breña Alta has the budget 2018 on Monday given unanimous green light. The work includes income and expenditure by a total of more than 8 The volume up to millions of euros - to 4,2 Percent over 2017. "This is the highest amount in the history of the village", stressed Mayor Jonathan Felipe. "Also, the budget has a strong social component." In total, are 25,4 Percent is earmarked for the social sector, Why Mietbeihilfen, Include support for people with disabilities and grants for studies outside of the island. Also the investment on the rise in 2018 on more than 867.000 Euro.


Blood donation bus next week in the West. This week is the blood donation bus of the Instituto Canario de Hemodonación y Hemoterapia (MEE) toured in the East of La Palma, and in the next, the West's turn is: On Monday, 18. December 2017, has the mobile laboratory of 15.30 to 21 Watch in Tazacorte, on Tuesday and Wednesday, 19. and 20. December, can you get by 15.30 Clock to 21 Watch in the Avenida doctor Fleming in Los Llanos donate blood and again on Thursday, 21. December of 8.30 to 14 Clock. On Friday, 22. December, the MEE bus stops by 8.30 to 13.30 Uhr in El Paso.



In the MAB: stuffed turtle.

Stuffed turtles seized. Employees of the island environment Office have seized a stuffed leatherback turtle in a public building of the municipality of Los Llanos. The circa 1,50 Meters long Dermochelys coriacea was in a bad state, and ownership are not clear. The Tortuga Laúd was in the Museo Arqueológico Benahoarita (MAB) brought, where one is considering a conservation, the animal later in the school- and environmental use. The Dermochelys coriacea is the largest living tortoise, is frequently sighted in the waters of the Canary and stands on national as international level protected species.


Pilztag in Mazo für jedermann.

Mushroom day in Mazo for everyone.

Mushrooms with provision for everyone. The Sociedad Micológica de La Palma and the municipality of Mazo organise on Saturday, 16. December 2017, a mushroom search. Start is 8.30 Uhr im Centro de Setas in the Casa Roja in Mazo, then, it enters the Refugio del Pilar. After returning to 11.30 Watch found mushrooms in the garden of Casa Roja under expert guidance are determined. Then, there's a show cooking on the farmer's market at the market Hall in Mazo, where the chef Georg Buch reveals a few mushroom recipes.


Colorful messages of the Isla Bonita


Festival Internacional de Música de Canarias with four concerts on La Palma: Vienna Chamber Orchestra, Nordic voices, Tense and Klengel Quartet. Photos: Festival

Classical music festival of the Canary Islands. The 34. Festival Internacional de Música de Canarias invites friends of classical music by the 11. January until 17. February 2018 for a colourful concert dance on the Canary Islands. Tickets can be reserved online now. On La Palma, following appearances are to each 20.30 Watch planned: On Friday, 12. January, performs the Norwegian A Cappella formation Nordic voices in the Casa de la Cultura in El Paso. On Friday, 26. January, performs the Spanish string ensemble Preterite in the Museo Arqueológico Benahoarita (MAB) in Los Llanos. On Sunday, 4. February, does it Vienna Chamber Orchestra at the Teatro Circo de Marte in Santa Cruz de La Palma, and on Friday, 16. February, that comes Klengel Quartet in the Casa de la Cultura in San Andrés y sauces. All the details on the website of the Festival - click here.


Ausgehen an den Feiertagen: CIT-Restaurantliste.

Going out on the holidays: CIT restaurant list.

Restaurants at Christmas. Like every year, the Association of tourist entrepreneurs on La Palma CIT Tedote has published again a list of restaurants, that have opened over the holidays. Names of the restaurants are listed, Opening hours and telephone numbers to the reservation. The list is on the site of the CIT Tedote set - click here.


Carmen Arozena winners show. To Madrid is the exhibition of the winners and more than 30 Finalists in the graphic competition of the Cabildo of La Palma from now up to the 11. January 2018 shown in the Casa Salazar in Santa Cruz.

Arozena-Preis 2017: ging an die Thailänderin

Arozena price 2017: went to the Thai Warranutchai Kajaree.

The Premio Internacional de Arte gráfico Carmen Arozena 2017 This year goes to Thailand: Warranutchai Kajaree won with her work called The remains of the painful things. Second place, Shirin Salehi managed; the Madrid-based artist from Tehran convinced the jury with work Para recostrame en tu recuerdo. Overall, this year had 224 Participants from 36 Price countries to these coveted advertised, of this year to the 45. Times was awarded. This competition is a tribute to the artist Carmen Arozena, the 1917 was born in La Palma.


Neue Skulptur in Santa Cruz. Wir hatten die Enthüllung der Skulptur von Félix Farncisco Casanova im vergangenen Newsticker angekündigt - jetzt kann man sie bei der La Pérgola sehen: Die Bronzeversion des 1976 im Alter von nur 19 Jahren verstorbenen Schriftstellers sitzt auf den  Stufen und erinnert an einen trotz seiner jungen Jahre schon als „genial“ eingestuften Schriftsteller und Dichter. Die Statue wurde vom Bildhauer Fran Concepción geschaffen. Foto: Cabildo

New sculpture in Santa Cruz. We had announced the unveiling of the sculpture by Félix Farncisco Casanova in the last news ticker – Now you can see them at the La Pérgola: The bronze version of the 1976 at the age of only 19 Years of late writer sits on the steps and brings to mind one despite his young age as a "genial" classified, a writer and poet. The statue was created by sculptor Fran Concepción. Island President Anselmo Pestana (right next to the sculpture) and Santa Cruz Mayor of Sergio Matos (links) placed for a photo next to the famous son of the capital of La Palma.


Dixi-Band in Los Llanos

Music in El Secadero: The La Palma maintains Dixie band.

Tips for the weekend

Dixie in Los Llanos. The Asociación de Amigos de la Música del Valle de Aridane Invites: Part of their autumn music series there on Saturday, 16. December 2017, a concert at the Espacio cultural El Secadero in the Los Llanos area El Retamar. Guest is the Sextet La Palma Dixie. The band embeds the A Dixieland-style in jazz variations. Beginning: 20.30 Clock, Admission 10 euro.


Weihnachtsmesse in Tijarafe: drei Tage mit Programm.

Christmas mass in Tijarafe: three days with program.

Christmas mass in Tijarafe. From the 15. to 17. December 2017 organized Tijarafe Feria de Navidad in the parking lot at the soccer stadium. For three days business people and Bodegas of the municipality of present ideas for Christmas gifts. Also exhibiting artisans from the region. The exhibition begins on Friday, 15. December, at 17.30 Clock. A Christmas programme awaits the guests on all three days. Click for the detailed programme here.


Still more tips can be found on our Event page. Can Christmas events in the Advent calendar the La Palma study 24-journals.

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    I give you to keep in mind, that – based on the information about the bankruptcy of NIKI – those, them for their end 2017 on La Palma planned holiday whatever your flight tickets at AIR BERLIN have booked, are likely to get nothing. You have a confirmation of a- and return AIR BERLIN with the comment “WB at NIKI”. Definitely is not a NIKI booking.
    Fine and dandy, for me, it was enough for the outbound flight, now I had to do my best for the return flight a replacement at easyJet, what worked for the luck. The additional costs were manageable for the luck.
    According to Spiegel Online, the procedure by Lufthansa AIR BERLIN is regarding more than unhappy say customer hostile.

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