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Top themes are the NIKI sale to IAG's Vueling mother today, ferry services in the Canary Islands, the EU safety certificate of the airport of Santa Cruz (SPC) and the project for many years planned an El Remo coast Street in the South of the island. In addition there are more messages from the Isla Bonita and colorful messages for fans of animation cinema in this news ticker, Drums and sports.


News from the ferries and the airport

NIKI kommt unter Fittiche von Vueling. Am 30. Dezember 2017 wurde bekannt, dass "wesentliche Anteile" von NIKI an die Internacional Airlines Group (IAG) verkauft werden. Unterm Dach dieses Mutterkonzerns befinden sich British Airways sowie die Fluggesellschaften Iberia und Vueling. Letztere beiden Airlines sind auf La Palma wohlbekannt: Iberia und ihre Tochter Iberia Express verbinden die Insel mit Madrid; Vueling steuert La Palma ab dem Drehkreuz Barcelona an. Die IAG-Holding erklärte, dass NIKI ein Teil von Vueling wird - laut IAG-Chef Willlie Walsh passt NIKI perfekt in die Strategie von Vueling. Nach Angaben von Insolvenzverwalter Lothar Flöther gehen auch alle Start- und Landerechte der NIKI Luftfahrt GmbH an die neue Gesellschaft über, wobei Insider davon ausgehen, dass die Maschinen nicht vor März 2018 wieder fliegen werden. Das La Palma 24-Journal berichtet weiter, sollte es News in dieser Sache mit Bezug auf Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) geben.

NIKI comes under the wing of Vueling. At the 30. December 2017 was known, that “significant share” the insolvent NIKI at the Internacional Airlines Group (IAG) to be sold. Under the umbrella of this parent company are British Airways and Iberia and Vueling. The latter two airlines are well known on La Palma: Iberia and her daughter Iberia Express connect the island with Madrid; Vueling controls La Palma from the hub of Barcelona. The IAG holding explained, that NIKI is a part of Vueling – According to IAG Chief Willlie Walsh, the Austrian airline fits perfectly into the strategy of Vueling. All start go according to liquidator Lothar Flöther- and land rights of NIKI Luftfahrt GmbH to the new company about, where insiders assume, that the machines not before March 2018 fly again. The La Palma 24-journal reports, It should be news on this matter with reference to Santa Cruz de la Palma (SPC) To give. Press photos of NIKI/Carlos Díaz La Palma spotting




Anselmo Pestana is optimistic: It was agreed at the meeting with the directors of the shipping companies Fred Olsen and Armas, ferry services to modify. Photos: Chapter

Ship traffic is optimized. Island President Anselmo Pestana Announces, that the ferry services in the year 2018 should be "dramatically improved". Had been agreed in talks with the management teams of the shipping companies Fred Olsen and Armas, both the timetable and the frequencies and objectives in terms of the needs of passengers and commercial to modify. Armas shipping company wants to check now, whether a direct connection from Santa Las Cruz Palmas de Gran de La Palma after Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife-possible is, to you in March 2018 to include in the schedule (Editor's Note: So far the ferries of the two shipping companies from La Palma start directly only La Gomera and Los Cristianos in the South of Tenerife.) Fred Olsen announced, that the quick trimarans from June 2018 twice daily to amended timetables which will connect with Los Cristianos Isla Bonita, where a journey is to be direct and the other about La Gomera leads. Furthermore, the project of a ferry-bus from the port in the Aridane Valley is discussed.


Airport Santa Cruz de La Palma: erfüllt die neuen EU-Sicherheitsstandards. Foto: AENA

Airport SPC: compliance with new EU safety standards. Photo: AENA

Airport SPC complies with EU regulations. The airport of Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) acquired the certificate, with him is to certify the security in accordance with the current regulations of the European Union. How to split the State Airport operator AENA continue with, guarantee this, that all equipment, Systems and amenities, as well as all services and procedures comply with the new EU criteria for public use airports. In the meantime all Canaries airports with the exception of La Gomera this certificate have according to AENA.


News from city and country

La Bombilla im Westen und die Playa Zamor

La Bombilla in the West and the Playa la Zamora in the South: Nieves Lady Barreto thinks, that the environmental assessments for planning long awaited the coastal road between these two points of the island by the new Ley de Suelo in two years will be feasible. Photos: La Palma 24/Facundo Cabrera/GobCan

Road from El Remo in the South? The project of a street of the small town of El Remo in the West of the island in the zone around the La Zamora Beach to the South is discussed already feels like forever without much hope of realization – but now a new impetus in the matter could come: Nieves Lady Barreto, Canary Islands Minister for territorial policy, Sustainability and safety, said at the turn of the year 2017/18, that the new land law Ley del Suelo the environmental assessment need for this project allow in only two instead of the previously planned five years. The direct connection would be highly desirable for commuters and tourists on La Palma, as is this the journey from the West to the South extremely--shorten so far there is only the way high on the island, communities Las Manchas and Fuencaliente, to get from the West at the southern tip of the island. The project is huge, as for the planned coastal road, a tunnel must be built - the cost will be on more than 120 Estimated millions of euro.


So soll es mal aussehen: Heilbad an der Fuente Santa im Süden von La Palma. Foto: Cabildo

So it should look even: Spa of Fuente Santa in the South of the island. Photo: Chapter

Environmental Assessment Committee will be created. The Island Council has now decided, a Comisión de Evalucación Ambiental de la Palma to call in life. That politicians and pundits of advice should, Programs and projects in the environment sector on the Isla Bonita. Island President Anselmo Petana stressed, that thanks to the Land Act which entered into force a few months ago Ley del Suelo the reviews of planning in this area are no longer just thing of the Canary Islands Government, but could be directly realized also on the Islands. One of the first tasks of this Commission, so the island President next, will be the assessment of the amendments to the nature reserve to the Teneguía in the South of La Palma. This update of the protection statutes is essential, to implement the plans of the Spa at the Holy spring in the reality.


Inselpräsident Anselmo Pestana: "Investitionsregen" in 2018. Foto: Cabildo

Island President Anselmo Pestana: “Investment rain” in 2018. Photo: Chapter

Island President faces in the new year. Anselmo Pestana promises in an open letter to the holidays, that 2018 "significant investments" will be. 2017 had been the "year of the transition, as well as improving the economy and reducing unemployment". 2018 However, the island's President expected a "rain of investment" in the social and health sectors, as well as in view of the projects, them from the Canary Development Fund Fondo de Desarrollo de Canarias (FDCAN) to be financed.


Einwohnerzahl auf La Palma sinkt: Dieser Trend währt schon seit sieben Jahren. Foto: La Palma 24

Decreases number of inhabitants on La Palma: This trend would last for seven years. Photo: La Palma 24

The island's population drops further. End 2017 had 81.350 People residing on La Palma – that were 136 less than at the end of the previous year. This is of the most recent report of the Instituto Canario de Estadística (ISTAC) forth. This continues on the Northwestern island of the Canary Islands the population decline since 2011 continuously on; at that time were 87.163 People reported. ISTAC recorded in 2017 only on La Palma and Gran Canaria demographic decline – on the other islands of the Canary Islands, the number of inhabitants grew.


Inseltourismusrätin Alicia Vanoostende freut sich: Diese Bürgermeister wollen Plätze für Caravans schaffen. Foto: Cabildo

Island tourism Councillor Alicia Vanoostende is pleased: This Mayor want to create places for caravans. Photo: Chapter

More places for Caravan tourism. After Garafía, Barlovento and Los Llanos explain also Breña Alta, Step, Puntallana and Tijarafe, Places for caravans. The Cabildo was known now, that this an agreement was concluded with the communities, to subsidize the plans. It was agreed, that the work for the caravan sites up to the 30. September 2018 should be performed. The island's Government promotes this form of tourism particularly, because he promise revenue the local shops. Caravan riders of the Canary Islands archipelago had asked for several tours around the island, to create more opportunities for your type of holiday.


Das Cabildo verteilt Sammelbehälter für den Biomüll zuhause: Dann kommen die organischen Abfälle in die Braunen Tonnen. Foto: Cabildo

The Cabildo distributed bins for organic waste at home: Then come the organic waste in the Brown bins, the Canary Islands far only on La Palma in El Paso, Los Llanos and Fuencaliente is. Photo: Chapter

Separation of organic waste is always better. The amount of organic waste, Compost obtained from those on La Palma, has end 2017 tripled compared to the previous year. This calculated the Managing Director of the waste management office, Álvaro Duque. In the Brown for it provided tonnes were according to him from January to November 2017 about 423 Tons of organic waste collected- 2016 there were 163. The reason for the increase is, that year 2017 after El Paso Brown tons were raised in Los Llanos and Fuencaliente. The organic matter make round 35 Per cent of household waste on the island from. This amount of silt the domestic waste at the plant in Mazo, so there, the separation is no longer possible and the most bags must be deposited. To prevent this imminent collapse of the landfill, has introduced the Brown bins as first Canary Islands La Palma, that should be placed in the future in other communities.


Schutz der alten Kiefer in El Paso. Die Kanarenregierung unterstützt die Maßnahmen zur Rettung der Pino de la Virgen in El Paso im Jahr 2018 mit mehr als 300.000 Euro. Mit diesen Mitteln werden verschiedene Aktionen bezahlt, die den weiteren Verfall des auf ein Alter von 800 Jahren geschätzten Baums aufhalten sollen. Bereits seit April 2016 berät ein Expertenteam über dessen Rettung – die in diesem Gremium ermittelten Sanierungsschritte bildeten die Basis zur Gewähr der Finanzspritze der Kanarenregierung. Die Kanarenkiefer an der Kapelle oberhalb von El Paso auf La Palma wurde schon vor Jahren zum Kulturgut erklärt, da sie die älteste ihrer Art weltweit ist.Die Pino de la Virgen in El Paso: Dieses Foto brachte Alexis Javier Acosta Simón den ersten Preis beim Astrofotowettbewerb des Cabildo den ersten Preis ein.

Protection of old pine from El Paso. The Canary Islands Government supports the measures to save the Pino de la Virgen in El Paso in the year 2018 with more than 300.000 Euro. These funds are paid different actions, the fall of the old by 800 Years to stop estimated tree. Since April 2016 advises an expert team on its rescue - identified in this Panel remediation steps formed the basis for the assurance of the financial injection by the Canary Islands Government. The Canary Islands pine at the chapel of El Paso was declared the heritage years before, as the oldest of its kind around the world is. The photo above of the Pino de la Virgen in the light of the stars, Alexis Javier Acosta Simón took the first prize at the Astrofotowettbewerb 2017 the Cabildo first prize a.




Colorful messages of the Isla Bonita

Schönes Wetter auf La Palma: optimal für Wanderungen! Foto: Fernando Rodríguez

Nice weather in La Palma: ideal for hikes! Photo: Fernando Rodríguez

Weather in La Palma. While there are in North West of Spain of these days of severe weather alerts, are the prospects of La Palma not bad in the new year: After the cool, last week of the old year temperatures rise again – on the beaches in the West as well as in the East, the Weathermen advise best bad weather with mostly sunshine and temperatures over 20 Degree, However it winds locally fairly decent. Until next weekend, it will be cool again and locally give Schauer.


Djeme-Kurs in El Paso.

Djeme course in El Paso.

Djembe drum course in El Paso. In February 2018 is there an Afrokick in the bar central in El Paso: The djembé teacher from Holland called EDF is back and organising courses for beginners and advanced – Drums are available. The fee per hour 10 Reduced costs euro - a subscription for all seven dates with EDF 60 Euro. The Djembe lessons take place on the following dates: 14., 19., 21., 26. and 28. February 2018 and 5. and 7. March 2018. Beginners will be on these days by 19.15 to 20.15 Teaching clock; the workshops for advanced students take each of 20.30 to 21.45 Clock. Application: German buyers call Gabi under the Spanish fixed-line number 922.48.66.85 an, Spanish Info Joachim below 922.42.85.13, To get information on English and Dutch at EDF below 0031-6-304.757.16.


Für Freunde von Animationsfilmen: Best of-Japan auf La Palma.

For lovers of animation films: Best of Japan on La Palma.

Animation films for a euro entry. From the 2. to 5. January 2018 is in the Teatro Cine Chico in Santa Cruz the third Festival de Cine anime celebrated. Thus, La Palma joins the nationwide events to the 150. Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Spain and Japan to. In the cinema at the market Hall on the Puente crossing are also competitions and discussions in addition to the performances on the programme. Four of the most popular Japanese animation films to run: Rincón del Mundo, Your name, La Chica que saltaba a través del tiempo and Perfect blue in the original version with Spanish subtitles. All performances begin to 18 Clock, and tickets cost one euro each. Cinema-goers, you appear about dressed in a costume - a hero of comics or video game-, must watch for free.


Premiere Halbmarathon auf Asphalt: 4. Februar 2018.

First half marathon on asphalt: 4. February 2018.

First asphalt race on Isla Bonita. On Saturday, 4. February 2018, the first half marathon on the asphalt of the island will take place on the municipal area of Breña Alta. The race run under the title Divina pastora 2018 and should be carried out in contrast to the many mountain runs on relatively flat terrain. To the participants at the premiere start am 4. February in Santa Cruz to the finish in Los Cancajos on the East. There are the 21-km half marathon category and a 10-kilometer fun run. Anyone can participate, Registrations run about the fitters website.


Neue Kiesewetter-Ausstellung. Helmut Kiesewetter zeigt wieder einmal seine Werke: Diesmal präsentiert er Malereien im Tourismusbüro in Los Cancajos. Die Vernissage findet am Donnerstag, 4. Januar 2018 um 15.30 Uhr statt, ab dem anschließenden Tag ist die Ausstellung montags bis freitags von 9 bis 13.30 Uhr und von 15 bis 18 Uhr, samstags von 9 bis 13 und von 16 bis 18 Uhr und sonntags von 9.20 bis 14 Uhr geöffnet. Bis zum Ende der Schau am 19. Januar ist Helmut Kiesewetter täglich von 11.30 bis 12.30 Uhr anwesend. Wir haben über den Maler und Fotografen schon einmal berichtet.

New Kiesewetter exhibition. Helmut Kiesewetter once again shows his works: This time he presents paintings in the tourist office in Los Cancajos. The vernissage will take place on Thursday, 4. January 2018, at 15.30 Clock place, from the subsequent day, the exhibition is open Monday to Friday from 9 to 13.30 Watch and 15 to 18 Clock, on Saturdays from 9 to 13 and from 16 to 18 Clock and Sundays from 9.20 to 14 Clock open. By the end of the show most 19. January Helmut Kiesewetter is open daily from 11.30 to 12.30 Watch here. We have already reported about the painter and photographer.





Nightlife tips this week

Cabalgata de Reyes in Santa Cruz de La Palma: Augenschmaus für jung und alt. Foto: Stadt

Cabalgata de Reyes in Santa Cruz: Feast for young and old. Photo: City

Removals at the Epiphany. You are one of the highlights in the course of the year on La Palma Cabalgatas de Reyes. Rings around the island the three kings brought their grand entrance, bring on the Isla Bonita Kaspar, Melchior and Balthasar the gifts and not the Christ child. For this reason, which is 6. January is also one of the highest holidays – Attention Island guests: many shops have closed this Saturday! We have summarised the many three King moves in our Festival calendar.


Anticraisis con

Anticraisis consort: The singing satirist. Photo: Chapter

Music and humor in the capital. The musical satirist of Anticraisis consort come on Wednesday, 3. January 2018, After Santa Cruz. From 20 Watch take on Plaza de España again all the fun, What was an issue this year in the Canary Islands: Tourists, Micro algae carpets, Avocado thieves and more. The show costs no admission.



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