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News am 22.12.2017


Condor campaign: Flight deals of the year… NIKI bankruptcy: Hotel occupancy dropped Christmas 2017… Course on the Internet of things… Digital electricity meter: Installation on the island is almost complete… Waste separation on La Palma: Campaign attention… Santa Cruz: LP-1 single track road… Native American Museum Los Llanos: MAB goes virtual… Astrofotowettbewerb 2017: the winners… Transvulcania 2018: Premier class almost fully booked… Santa Cruz: Donations for the needy… Tazacorte: Christmas market on the promenade… Nightlife tips…


News from the field of tourism

Kurzfristig frei geworden: Apartment mit Meerblick am Strand von Puerto Naos. Foto: La Palma 24

Become temporarily free: Apartment with sea view on the beach of Puerto Naos. Photo: La Palma 24

Apartment on the beach promenade of Puerto Naos free. The apartments in the first series of Puerto Naos are usually busy this time of year all. A short-term cancellation makes it possible, that an apartment on the third floor of a House at the beach promenade off immediately to the 8. January 2018 can be booked. It offers two bedrooms, a salon, a bathroom and a kitchen, and a terrace with stunning sea views. You can study the details on the website of La Palma, 24-holiday accommodation – There you will find also the E-Mail- and telephone numbers for reservations.


Condor: Neue Kampagne für günstige Tickets. Foto: Carlos Díaz

Condor: New campaign for cheap tickets. Photo: Carlos Díaz

Bargain with Condor. To 22. December 2017 the German holiday flyer Condor is again launching a campaign, cheap tickets can be found at the. Among them are also flights to the Canary Islands 69,99 Euro. Click here, to study the "Condor flight deals of the year".


Hotelauslastung auf La Palma: nach der NIKI-Pleite gesunken. Foto: Sol Melia

Hotel occupancy on La Palma: sunk after NIKI bankruptcy. Photo: Sol Melia

NIKI bankruptcy affected hotel occupancy at Christmas – Island tourism Councillor warns against short-term conclusions. The Association ASHOTEL expects an occupancy rate of the hotels on La Palma, over Christmas by 84 Per cent, or possibly even lessthat has been a fall of 10 percent in view of the initial expectations. The decline is caused by the insolvency of the NIKI airline, the end of the last week has been known. Island tourism Councillor Alicia Vanoostende, however said the last island Parliament session before the holidays, that the ten percent reduction in the Christmas week could not necessarily be regarded as definite trend; rather the development over a period of time must be evaluated. According to Vanoostende, the tour operators report, that of despite the NIKI bankruptcy “very few cancellations” did. Also one of the five fallen away NIKI flights per week from Eurowings had meanwhile been adopted.



LoRa network on the Canary Islands (see map above): Insular Council, Jorge González announced, the installation of telecommunication infrastructure for this network started with low energy consumption and long range. This technique forms the basis, that La Palma a laboratory for the Internet of things (IoT) can be. Photos: Chapter

News from city and country

Look into the future: La Palma is a laboratory for the "Internet of things". The Cabildo of La Palma is the first point of an open telecommunications network on the way to the so-called now LoRa-Internet installed, in the future all over the island distributed sensors with each other should be networked. Projects such as the already existing network should be included in measuring devices, with their help the beginning 2017 previous online Real time weather maps be created. Another example is that in the context of La Palma smart Iceland proposed distribution of sensors on the hiking trails of the island, to operate such as outbreaks of forest fires to warn and informative video boards. 2018 There is also on this networking plan of the Cabildos, 15 To operate webcams with live images from various points of the island.

LoRA-Internet is a system with low energy consumption and long range, that works regardless of WIFI or cellular; It should be open and can in the future not only of the Cabildo, but are used by private operators. The mentioned installation of telecommunication infrastructure is the first step before the application of sensors according to, the competent insular Council, Jorge González. The objective is to, to improve the life of the Islanders; on the other hand La Palma to become a laboratory for technology and products of the so-called Internet of things (IoT).

Intelligente Stromzähler, die digital nach Stundentarifen abrechnen: Die Installation auf La Palma ist fast abgeschlossen. Foto: Endesa

Intelligent electricity meter, the digital account after hours rates: The installation on La Palma is almost complete. Photo: Endesa

This also Allesnetz called Internet referred to the vision of a global infrastructure of information societies. The goal is, physical and virtual objects to link together and by information- and to collaborate with communication techniques. The Internet of things to assist people imperceptibly in their activities.


New electricity meters on La Palma. Endesa has at the end of the year 2017 just 46.000 Electricity meters of the new generation installed on La Palma. So are the companies that round 92 Percent of all households and enterprises equipped with these 'smart' meters. The law requires, that all counters with a contracted power of under 15 Kilowatt – virtually all private households and small businesses are – the end of 2018 must have the digital counter. In terms of power in La Palma we have summarized 24 journal in this article of La Palma information.


Traffic restrictions on the Northern bypass of Santa Cruz. Due to stones in the zone of the LP-1 between the Virgen de Las stabilisation works have now begun Nieves school and the roundabout of Mirca. Communicated by the construction of the Cabildo, that the Northern bypass of Santa Cruz and is likely to 8. January 2018 in this area will be only single track road.


Werbung für mehr Mülltrennung auf La Palma. Die Kampagne der Inselregierung zur Aufklärung in Sachen Recycling namens Márcate un Punto por La Palma hat in den sozialen Netzwerken mehr als eine halbe Million Menschen auf der Insel und außerhalb erreicht. Dies hat das Cabildo jetzt auf der Basis von Internetzahlen errechnet. Unterstützt wurde die Werbeaktion von Künstlern wie Aarón Gómez, Luismi Castillo, Ramón Araújo, Yapsi Bienes, Nieves Bravo oder José Victor Fuentes. Auch namhafte Fotografen beteiligen sich an der Aufklärung über die Nutzung der Container zur Mülltrennung, die überall auf La Palma bereit stehen. Anlass dazu gibt, dass die Recycling-Bilanz im vergangenen Jahr enttäuschend ausfiel.

Advertising for more waste separation on La Palma. The Island Government to the enlightenment in terms of recycling's campaign called Márcate un Punto por la Palma in the social networks, has more than half a million people on the island and outside reached. This has now calculated on the basis of Internet numbers the Cabildo. The promotion was supported, Posters in the communities were set up at the also (see above), by artists such as Aarón Gómez, Luismi Castillo, Ramón Araújo, Yapsi bienes, Nieves Bravo or José Victor Fuentes. Also well-known photographers participate in the education about the use of containers for the waste separation, the everywhere available on La Palma. Gives rise to, that the recycling balance was disappointing last year.





Die Siegeraufnahmen des Astrofoto-Wettbewerbs von La Palma 2017:

The winner recording of the Astrophoto contest of La Palma 2017: Above the picture of Alexis Javier Acosta Simón the Pino de la Virgen in El Paso and below the snapshot from the deep space of José Jiménez PRIEGO.

Colorful messages of the Isla Bonita

Astrophotography competition La Palma 2017: The winner. For nine years, the Cabildo organized by La Palma the concurso Internacional de Astrofotografía, where images are evaluated by professionals as well as amateurs in the category of "Deep sky" and in the category of "Astronomical landscapes of La Palma".

2017 won in the field Deep space José Jiménez PRIEGO with the photo Pollination of the universe. Place two Jerome Astreoud came here with Simeiz 147, Yuste Rodríguez was Andrés with his third Kaleidoscope of colors. In the the star-over-La Palma-category was won by Alexis Javier Acosta Simón his recording of the Pino de la Virgen -It shows the ancient pine of El Paso in the light of the stars. Second was a photographer, which has already twice cleared Astrophoto contest prizes: Giovanni Tessicina convinced again, This time with the picture At the end of the trail. Rank three in the Landscapes of La Palma-Category went to Carlos Cartina Martín and his photo The night forest. The winning photos appear soon de la Palma along with other selected works in an exhibition in Santa Cruz. We report in the news and in our exhibition section, When the time comes.


Eröffnet ganz neue Betrachtungsmöglichkeiten: Artefakte der Ureinwohner von La Palma werden im MAB digitalisiert. Fotos: Cabildo

New viewing opportunities: Artifacts of the natives of La Palma is digitized in the MAB and can be viewed by visitors from all sides without touching. Photos: Chapter

MAB goes virtual. The Museo Arqueológico Benahoarita (MAB) progresses in terms of digitization in Los Llanos. Now the visitors for example can 15 Look at ceramics in 3-D look. The project is financed with funds Fundación CajaCanarias and the Cabildos of La Palma. Island Culture Council Primitivo Jerónimo stressed, that the new "Virtual Museum in the cloud" offers the possibility, all in the MAB to consider existing artifacts of native people from all angles, without touching. The MAB joins with the use of this new technology as a third Museum on the archipelago of the Canary Islands behind the Museo Canario and the Museo Arqueológico of Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. The digitized artefacts in the MAB can be seen also in the Internet.


Kult: Start des Transvulcania-Ultramarathons am Süd-Leuchtturm von La Palma. Foto: Rennleitung

Cult: Start of the Transvulcania ultra marathon at the South lighthouse of La Palma. Photo: Race direction

Transvulcania Premier class almost fully booked. The race is known, that in the Ultramarathon and Marathon Transvulcania in may 2018 only around 100 Places are free. It is expected, that this premier class of the Trailruns about the volcanoes of La Palma to end 2017 are fully booked. In the coming year, the Transvulcania celebrates its tenth anniversary under the slogan Space runner. Registration and all infos on the website of the mega-events.


Tips for the holidays

Weihnachten 2017 steht vor der Tür: Auf La Palma wird überall festlich musiziert. Foto: Inselmusikschule

Christmas 2017 just around the corner: All festive music on La Palma. Photo: Island music school

Christmas market in Tazacorte. The Christmas market at the evening strolling and shopping invites currently on the seafront of Tazacorte. The stands are daily from 18 to 22 Clock open. At the 24. and 25. December 2017 makes the Mercadillo de Navidad Holiday break. Continues BB´s most 26. December up to the 5. January 2018. Incidentally, there is the multicultural Club The Banana, of the coexistence of immigrants and Palm Eros dedicated We have reported.

We have even more Christmas markets and events in the character of the Festival in our Advent calendar listed. More detailed descriptions can be found in this overview of the La Palma 24-journals.

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