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Ayurveda is on everyone's lips, and on La Palma, you can combine the holiday with this wellness offer. In a small, but fine frame: The p-system by Birgit and Ben van Dijk in Las Norias combines comfortable accommodation with a range of, where is the "wisdom of life" revolves around. The Ayurveda experience at Birgit is to not only House guests. The massages can be booked by all, constantly live or just on the Isla Bonita make holiday on La Palma.


Birgit van Dijk:

Birgit van Dijk lived and worked for many years on La Palma: Ayurvedic practitioner with much professional experience.

With gentle and deep relaxing herbal oil massages, Birgit van Dijk serves as a certified AP® ayurvedic practitioner in the p-Ayurveda centre their customers. For four years she has 5.000 Old naturopathy in the Dutch the Hague and the Indian Delhi studied for years- 2005 graduated from Birgit this internationally recognized training. Since moving to La Palma it practiced now for about seven years in the p. For laymen in terms of Ayurveda, the expert explains, What distinguishes this type of massage from others:

Ayurveda is a whole worldview, in which everyone is left completely in its individuality. Therefore treatments or diet on the individual people are cut to. Destined to the doshas - there are three of these vital energies, Vata, Pitta and kapha -, where everyone is a combination of all three with different weights. If now a leisure, a resident or a Palmero comes to me, in an interview to determine the, that each treatment is preceded, the respective Constitution, the massages are tailored to that. Help me myears of experience.


Ayurveda-herbal stamps: Birgit individually vote her massages.

Ayurvedic herbal oils used as massage ingredients Birgit, the she from Germany, Holland or Austria applies. She even grows a part of plants. You must use not per se only herbs from India, says the expert:

In order to achieve, What do you want, you need to know the properties of the herbs. In fiery people, for example, with an excess of heat, I use herbs and oils, you bring the heat balance and massaged so, that body and spirit can come to rest. In people with a rather slow, You can work a sluggish metabolism even powdered herbs, to awaken and stimulate the metabolism and thus the whole person so to speak. The treatments also in all kinds of tensions are particularly successful, excessive demands or non-letting go can, talk: Stress in all areas.

Parami-Ayurveda-Zentrum: Wohlfühl-Athmosphäre...

Parami Ayurveda Centre: Comfortable atmosphere in all rooms…

Ayurveda is mind you not science in the modern sense, but attempts to establish the harmony of man with nature - by relaxation, holistic experience and enjoyment. Birgit gives insights:

The Ayurvedic massage is the harmonization of body energies, Head of metabolic toxins out and supports the deep cleaning- and renewal processes. Pulses are released through individually tailored massage techniques, clarify the mind and strengthen the nervous system. It is also on the sensitive hands of the Practicer - only make each massage to a deep encounter of body, Mind and soul. A deep cleaning of slag physical and emotional congestion takes place in an inner room of touch and affection.

So ayurvedic massages according to an expert are useful for tension, Exhaustion, Insomnia and obesity. Other effects were the improvement of vision, Basic strengthening of the immune system, as well as the calming of the nervous system. Also, the lymph will stimulated and the skin smooth and silky. And because dedicated to Birgit van Dijk of this belief with body and soul, She organises cooking courses:

Ayurveda: Die ganzheitliche Lehre umfasst auch gesundes Kochen.

The holistic Ayurvedic theory includes also healthy cooking: Birgit are courses for nutrition-conscious people.

Anyone can buy an Ayurvedic Cookbook, There are also very good. But something very different is to cook and eat. Nutrition-conscious people are among my guests, who want to learn something new, as well as about girlfriends, say that, "today, Cook and eat together instead of going in the restaurant". Herbs and preparing tasty and healthy meals are very important in Ayurvedic medicine and formed a large part of my training in Holland.

The courses start generally in the morning, where the teacher gives first some theory. Then all swinging the spoon and against 14 Watch will dine together. And what is there on the menu, Birgit?

Nach dem Kochen: gemeinsames Tafeln auf der Terrasse des Ayurveda-Zentrums im Parami.

After cooking: joint tables on the terrace of the Ayurveda Centre in the p.

You can not say that. As always in Ayurveda everything depends on individual people. I plan meals according to the needs of the participants. In principle, one can say, that the Ayurvedic kitchen is the health of Indian cuisine. That is, It is used less fat and less deep fried, with herbs, Curries or coconut milk provide great taste experiences. What's cooking, According to whatever regional and seasonal organic offer of the island....


Holiday home in the La Palma Parami: The three free-standing homes are spacious and comfortably furnished. Refresh can be in the salt water pool, relaxation can be seen on the terraces, surrounded by greenery, with sensational views of the Atlantic Ocean – or on request also with a massage at the Ayurvedic Center of Birgit. The complex is located on the sunny West side of La Palma in around Las Norias 230 Meters above the sea – Here pleasant temperatures in winter. Still a great advantage: You ferienwohnt just a few minutes ' drive from the large beaches of Puerto Naos and Tazacorte removed. Just as quickly with the car accessible metropolis of the West is Los Llanos with its varied offerings in the views of gastronomy, Culture and shopping. Photos: Uwe Meschede and Birgit and Ben van Dijk

When Birgit tells, shows your knowledge and dedication to the 'wisdom of life". Much lifeblood is not just in the Ayurveda Centre of Parami - the three free-standing houses all around were designed with attention to detail. 2007 Birgit and Ben have the spacious vacation homes in the only 230 Metres above the sea level top remote Las Norias built and inside and outside for holiday-makers claim equipped with. The rooms are spacious, Glass domes in the roof provide brightness even on the rare rainy days on the sunny West side of La Palma, and the walls decorated in warm colors create Wohlfühlathmospähre. In the course of the last decade thrived the exotic trees and bushes on the chemistry-free salt water pool and among the houses on the best, so even on the terraces, you can enjoy a privacy created by nature, with unobstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean. After all these years of growth and with much care the former idea of Mr and Mrs van Dijk is now a reality:

Our goal was and is, that Casa Soluna, Guarantee a cosy holiday Casa Soraya and Casa Aladin. The kitchens are well equipped, It's really fun, time at home to cook with fresh ingredients of the island and to enjoy the delicious food on the private terrace with sea views. Casa Soluna is especially family-friendly decor.

"P" is Spanish and translates "for me. This was originally the name of the Ayurveda Centre, but in the meantime have Birgit and Ben the entire system in so baptized Las Norias. For guests like clients of the Ayurveda Centre can do something "for themselves" especially in the Parami in every respect. At all is the keyword "Individuality" as a thread running through the history of the Parami. Accordingly, the appointment also designed, Birgit van Dijk has no fixed opening times:

Those interested just call me, send an E-Mail or even like a Whatsapp, because the phone is obviously not turned on during the treatments. It is recommended, to reserve before arrival of the homeland, particularly in the high season on La Palma in the winter.

The same applies to appointments with natural hairdresser Michaela Brehm, She are offered in a part of the practice of Birgit their skills. Michaela specializes in fair-type haircuts and detoxifying massages of the head, where she works with natural color and care products. Last but not least,: A beautiful and very popular gift idea is a voucher for an Ayurveda massage at Birgit, on request can be combined with a beautification session at Michaela.

Wellness & Living in the Parami on La Palma:

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