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Year in review 2017 – Part 1 January to June


What happened on the Isla Bonita…

Dear readers,

Traditionally, we let the outgoing year in La Palma reminisce about 24-journal. And shows the time lapse, that the happiness of the Isla Bonita 2017 on the whole, it was hold: Tourism is thriving, and it funds from all possible pots bubbling. There is a mood of optimism on La Palma, big plans in regard to tourist attractions and energy efficiency are forged, and also in the digital world and as a film set the small islets will mix with front. The upturn reflects our Rückblick against, the year after year is longer. That is why have we split it in two editions – otherwise, BB´s is simply too long. Today is part of 1 from January to June – tomorrow part follows 2 from July to September 2017.

January 2017

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La-Palma-Pressefoto-Samantha-Christoforetti-NASA-ESA-ASI capital-del-color-santa-cruz vulkanroute-senderos-la-palma-saul-santos-foto
In January 2017 Decides the Canary Islands Parliament, that La Palma over 207 Millions of euro from the Fondo de Desarrollo de Canarias receives. Retroactively by 2016 to 2025 flow of the Canary development funds, and our annual review will show, great plans of the communities on the Isla Bonita with these funds. In Santa Cruz de La Palma starts the series to the beautification of the city by artist. First painted the pop art master Acenk Guerra the stairs from the Avenida de El points to the Calle Díaz Pimienta. In the course of the beautify of the years under the motto Santa Cruz – Capital of the color more and more artists different zones.
In January 2017 is finished the renovation of so-called walking stick route. The biggest path on La Palma by the Roque de Los Muchachos leads to the lighthouse in the South of the island. Target of around 400.000 Euro was expensive repair work on the GR-131, the diversity of ecosystems by tourists and residents to use path to protect.
condor-la-palma-start-titel-carlos-diaz-foto fimac zwergentanz-santa-cruz-de-la-palma

In January 2017 is known, that in the previous year 1.116.146 Passengers on the airport of Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) off and landed. To manage the airport for the first time since 2010 again the step above the one million mark. In the course of the year 2017 the flight continues unabated. There are cuts only in December by the Austrian Air Berlin daughter NIKI, they now like the mother in the summer 2017 also, bankruptcy must log on.

End of February 2017 meet for the first time the members of the FI-MAC Consortium in Santa Cruz de la Palma. This project was initiated under the auspices of the management of island of La Palma in the life, to improve the competitiveness of companies in Macronesia. FI-MAC is more than 300 Companies promote. This is what standn 750.000 Euro at the disposal, from the European Development Fund in the framework of the Pprogram INTERREG MAC 2014 to 2020 flow.

The Board of appeal of the Office of the European Union for intellectual property (EUIPO) Decides in January 2017 the dwarf question. Therefore management of Santa Cruz is the owner of the priority rights of urban brand of the dwarf character both on national and European level. Had been preceded by a legal dispute with the Asturian companies MENTA y Limón Decoración.

February 2017

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Leuchtturm-Barlovento-Gemeindefoto FDCAN La Palma condor-zwei-flieger-binter-carlos
The Spanish Council of Ministers gives green light to tourist use of the lighthouse on the Punta Cumplida in Barlovento - the basis for this is a 2015 Initiative launched with the aim of, Lighthouses in Spain Hostels to convert. Already in October 2016 had the coastal authorities approved the project. An application for a German company exists for the rebuilding of the Faros hotel. The natural environment of the lighthouse should be obtained, and a section of the building will be reserved for the engineering and maintenance equipment of the Faros. La Palma President Anselmo Pestana (links) and early February give Kanaren President Fernando Clavijo 2017 officially known, that from the Canary Development Fund Fondo de Desarrollo de Canarias (FDCAN) in ten years 207,6 Millions of dollars go to La Palma. All 14 Municipalities of La Palma to submit projects – many in the tourism sector. Background: In the FDCAN 2016-2025 accumulate funds, the Spanish State in the views on once wrongly withheld shares of the impuesto general de Tráfico de Empresas (IGTE) must refund to the autonomous region of the Canary Islands.
In February 2017 the State Airport operator AENA puts the numbers for January 2017 before: The airport of Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) started therefore 106.510 Passengers- 29,3 Percent more than in the same month last year. It is the prelude to a year of continuous growth on the SPC-airport. According to island tourism Councillor Alicia Vanoostende are themselves just under the January 2017 passengers on the SPC-airport 23.000 Tourists from abroad- an increase of no less than 80,5 Percent compared to January 2016.
erneuerbare-energien-plan-la-palma 170217-Entrega-compost-vecina-El-Paso Dia-de-Los-Indianos-Santa-Cruz-de-la-Palma-2017

The Cabildo of La Palma is working on a plan with regard to renewable energy. The Mesa de la Energía considers it feasible, up to the year 2038 about 54,7 Percent of the electricity from "clean source" to provide and at the same time the dependence on fossil fuels to 25 Percent to reduce. The study to detail in a PDF can with many graphics viewed click here. The "power table" gather representatives of the Cabildo and the municipalities, as well as experts in view of power from water, Wind and Sun.

As promised citizens will have a two kilogram bag of the first compost of El Paso as a thank you for collecting organic waste in the Brown bins symbolically, which emerged from the organic waste is. The bags are passed before the Town Hall of island President Anselmo Pestana personally. El Paso was the first municipality on La Palma and the entire Canary Islands, in the 2016 the separate collection and the composting of organic waste has been started. 2017 follow Los Llanos-city and Fuencaliente.

About 80.000 People celebrating at the Day of the Indianos on Rosenmontag, 27. February 2017, in Santa Cruz de La Palma white again the crazy Carnival with TALC rain and colonial outfits. The mega Fiesta brings the business world as well as the bars and restaurants of downtown as always ordinary revenues. According to Trivago travel portal hotels throughout the Canary Islands recorded an average load during the Carnival by 90 Percent.

March 2017

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movistar1 grafcan-straende-la-palma ricardo-castaneda-ies-nieves-santa-cruz-de-la-palma-foto1
Movistar explained in March 2017, that around the end of the year 1.300 Households in Breña Alta on the 300 Mega fibre-optic network will be connected - that are 45 Percent of the connections in the community. So far, there's the quick data highway in parts of Santa Cruz de La Palma and Los Llanos. In the course of the year 2017 come Mazo, San Andrés y sauces and Tazacorte to. The public company Cartográfica de Canarais GRAFCAN updated early March 2017 his maps of bathing areas and water samples on the Canary Islands. The seven controlled beaches on La Palma: Puerto Espíndola, Natural pools Charco Azul, Low tide, The Cancajos, Tazacorte, Charco Verde, Puerto Naos. According to GRAFCAN were 2016 all Canary Islands more than 21.000 Sample map 216 Measuring points examined and "to more than 98 "Percent an excellent water quality ' found. Ricardo Castañeda Pérez from the IES Virgen de las Nieves in Santa Cruz de La Palma cooks in March 2017 When the Spainskills 2017 ranked 1. With this gold medal at the Spanish Championships of vocational students has the talent of the ticket for the WorldSkills Isla Bonita 2017 in October in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates in the Pocket.
plakat-frauentag-kanarenregierung gianni-stars avicado

The times, When democracy and emancipation on the rise were, gone - today is protecting and defending liberal values announced. So roll on Wednesday, 8. March 2017, in the framework of the International women's day a wave of protest under the motto "A day without a women" through the world. Also on La Palma, she splashes to: Women's associations of the island are calling for a strike, There is a demonstration train in the capital Santa Cruz, and the Association Laura somos Tod@s informed in Los Llanos. We have about the “Women's representative” speaking of the Spanish State on La Palma.


In March 2017 representatives of La Palma in the kick-off of the European Night light-Program part in Luxembourg. La Palma is invited, because it was "an example for the control of light pollution and development of the Astrotourismus". Night light combines regions in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Denmark, Slovenia, Hungary and Spain--including Ávila and La Palma. The goal is, to improve the national policy for the protection of the night sky, because more than 85 Procent of the territory of the European Union are illuminated at night artificial. Flow from EU funding pots more than 1,9 Millions of euros to the participants of the Night light-Project.

On La Palma are round 600 Hectares of land used for the cultivation of avocados, Thus is the island off Tenerife with round 473 Hectares of the largest "butter fruit" producer of Canary Islands. The Canarian Ministry of agriculture are in March 2017 further known, that the land used for the cultivation of avocado on the entire archipelago of something more than 800 Hectares in the year 2007 on more than 1.300 Hectares has been extended. At the moment the majority of the fruits on the Islands sold. The continuously increasing production allow it but, that more and more avocados on the Spanish mainland, After France, on the Cape Verde Islands and in African countries to be exported.

April 2017

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e-autos-la-palma-titel besucherzentrum-roque-de-los-muchachos-tv-la-palma-screenshot strasse-roque-del-los-muchachos-obras-publicas-foto
The municipality of Santa Cruz de La Palma modified beginning April 2017 their tax regulation for motor vehicles. As a result are rebates for vehicles with electric- and hybrid drive possible. And that's not all: In terms of electric mobility move on La Palma in 2017 a lot, in the coming months shows how. Preceding the construction of the visitors center on the Roque de Los Muchachos. Target: Should the building complex on the highest mountain of La Palma in the first quarter 2018 be ready, then follows the Interior. That total about 5,5 Million euro project is on 1.400 Square meters exhibition space and projection halls on astronomy, a shop and a theatre and a restaurant, Gardens and terraces offer.
Im April 2017 are the Spanish Ministerio de Fomento announced, that Rehabilitation of the road on the Roque de Los Muchachos is promoted in this and in the next year with a total five million euros. La Palma-Senator Mariano Hernández Zapata stresses, that these building measures "a substantial leap not only for scientists working on the highest mountain of La Palma, but also for the visitors of the observatories mean.
Jose-Pozo-1 stromtankstellen-la-palma-titel Cartel-Preserving-the-skies

Prominent filmmakers discover the Isla Bonita: He by his animated film El Cid - the legend – renowned Director and producer José Pozo explained in April 2017, his next theater project is fully implemented on the Canary Island of La Palma. The film is to Danger hot and rotated at various locations of the Isla Bonita in English. José Pozo won 2003 one Goya for El Cid. La Leyenda, in cinemas in 48 Countries has been shown.

Im April 2017 starts the Cabildo building of four free gas stations for electric vehicles on La Palma: a power pump is created in Los Cancajos, one in Los Llanos, one in the capital city Santa Cruz and one in Tazcorte. These measures are part of the Plan de Eficiencia Energética de la Palma, the Energy Effizenzplan the island.

To celebrate of the tenth birthday in April 2007 adopted Starlight Declaration is La Palma transformed in April 2017 to the World capital of the protector of the night sky. The scientists on the subject days at the Teatro Circo de Marte in Santa Cruz Preserving the skies. This is about light pollution, Environment and biodiversity, sustainable Astro-tourism and new, "intelligent" lighting technology in the cities. On the other hand, there are events for the public.
wertstoff-container-la-palma playa-santa-cruz-de-la-palma-eroeffnung-2017-2 la-palma-smart-island-titel
Despite extensive campaigns of the island administration, the proportion of waste recyclables delimited on La Palma takes a disappointing low: The Cabildo shares in April 2017 with, that 2016 about 38 Per cent of household waste separately to groups that were were - thrown into the recycling container 3.700 Tons and only three per cent over 2015. During the same period fell around 5.900 Tons of unsorted waste, which remains its capacity limit to controlling system in Mazo had to be deposited in the, because the individual materials are only heavily from each other can be separated. In the course of the year 2017 the Cabildo launches multiple actions, recruit among the residents for recycling. On Thursday, 20. April 2017, will the new Playa Santa Cruz de la Palma 12.15 Watch is officially released to the public. The construction of the knapp 70.000 The year had square meters of large town beach 2011 started, and the completion of eagerly awaited by the inhabitants had delayed again. The question of the location and the construction of the urban pumping station as well as problems with one of the dams were the reason. Mayor Sergio Matos stressed at the release of the Playa, that the more than 30 Million euro project not only in the look on the tourism and leisure opportunities for locals have great importance: "The most important aspect is, that our city is well protected by the levees before the beach against the surf of the Atlantic Ocean!“
The word "smart" is on everyone's lips, because it means wise, clever and smart as well as chic and elegant. Also Islands all over the world want to be, and so in April 2017 on the first Mallorca Smart Island World Congress held. In this context, there is a competition: Under 120 The project receives Islands La Palma Isla inteligente the first prize in the category Smart Iceland. Island President Anselmo Pestana sees this award as proof, that direction five years ago is correct: "The introduction of innovative systems brings our island forward, will reproduce the economic opportunities and the society as a whole."

More 2017

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titel-transvulcania-2017-winner-men-women3 waldbrand-la-palma-2016-urteil FEE-2017-la-palma-blaue-flaggen
3.600 Mountain runners from all over the world go in the Transvulcania in may 2017 on La Palma at the start. The mega trail run through the volcanoes is in the ninth year of its existence for the first time fully booked. Champion in the premier class Ultrmarathon becomes the second consecutive Ida Nilsson from Sweden – for men, Timothy Lee Freriks from the United States is surprisingly ranked 1. In the next year the Transvulcania celebrates its tenth anniversary: At the 12. More 2018 start the athletes under the motto Space runner. The 27, Scott German-born V. in may 2017 sentenced to three and a half years in prison by the District Court of the province of Tenerife. The judges are the husband guilty, by burning of toilet paper the forest fires in August 2016 on La Palma, and also the death of the island environmental agency employee Francisco Santana during the unloading by gross negligence to have. In the forest fire in August 2016 fell more than 4.800 Hectares of forest and agricultural land to the flames. In May 2017 is known, that summer at five beaches on La Palma the Eco pennants of the Foundation for environmental education (FEE) may be raised. The blue flag flying on the Playas of Puerto Naos, Tazacorte, Charco Verde, Bajamar and Los Cancajos. The fairy will award the Banderas Azules only at beaches with clean water, Baywatch and proper hygiene facilities. For the first time declared in may 2017 the fairy a walking trail at La Palma to the Sendero Azul: The path of El time to Tazacorte was selected down, because it leads to a blue flagged Beach.
Umwelt-Freizeit-Astro-Zentrum-La-Palma-Mendo waldbrand-2016-la-palma-sanierung-cabildo abehorro-hummel-facundo-titel

Long awaited, and now, the millions of FDCAN make it possible: Island President Anselmo Pestana announces end of may 2017, that on the former landfill Mendo in the Cumbres by El Paso a Centre for environmental, Leisure and astronomical observations will - also a launch site for paragliders will be created. A permanent exhibition is planned, Stations to the stargazing, a planetarium and a Plaza and a Hall for events. Costs be expected four million euros, they made pots of the Cabildo and the Fondo de Desarrollo de Canarias (FDCAN) to be financed.

End of may 2017 has the Cabildo of La Palma for more than 5,2 Millions of euros the largest part of the forest fires in August 2016 the worst-affected areas restored. In the zones had priority, where the danger of landslides in the rain was the greatest, because the holding the layers of vegetation had become a victim of the flames. Restructuring were laid including drainage and householders, to channel rainwater and absorb. She tasten to 80 Percent from the Development Fund of the Canary Islands (FDCAT) disputed; 20 Percent assumes the Cabildo of La Palma.

Islands of eternal spring the Canary Islands because of the pleasant temperatures throughout the year are called. But the seasons are felt - if not as blatant as in Central Europe on the Islands very well. In the winter and spring, there are from time to time cooler and rainy periods, BB´s is more often in the summer and autumn heat. However, the spring - in particular on La Palma is sensational. That's why we show in this annual review, how beautiful it is in may 2017 was on the Isla Bonita – Click here.

June 2017

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puerto-naos11-la-palma-24-foto schlammstrom-el-remo-la-palma OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
In June 2017 is known, that the plans for years on ice, Playa Puerto Naos to redevelop and build a dam to protect of the beach, should be republished. Notify the competent Nieves Lady Barreto Minister of the Kanaren, that the necessary consent of the Supreme coastal authority in Madrid have entered. The goal is, Puerto Naos as a tourism centre continues to develop. A bridge is supposed to get the wanted home when heavy rain always by mudslides and cut off from the rest of the island El Remo. Island infrastructure Council, Jorge González says the press, that a building for two million euros is planned. The bridge should carry on the part of the road, which is submerged during storms.
In June 2017 the City Council of Los Llanos is taking a further step in the direction of a new land use plan. Is decided, that a company commissioned to create the new Plan General de ordenación (PGO) receives. For the planning award, the city takes more than 120.000 Euro in the hand and calls for, to make the new PGO period of four years, that he is blessed by all instances.
groesstes-holz-puzzle-der-welt-la-palma-2017 edita-gruberova-nightingale-classics-cd-cover-foto stromtankstellen-la-palma-titel-sind-da

The world record attempt in June 2017 La Palma is crowned with success: In the Casa Salazar in Santa Cruz 42 Decision-making in 39 Hours and 53 Minutes the largest wooden jigsaw puzzle on the planet. Thus they remain even under the previously set time limit by 42 Hours. Now includes the record-puzzle 84 Pictures, the each of 500 There are parts. The complete works to as murals decorate the Casa Salazar and advertise with its motifs of the Isla Bonita for La Palma.

On Friday, 23. June 2017, is it as far as: Das the second Festival Internacional de Música La Palma will be opened at the Teatro Circo de Marte. Up to 8. July the concert dance stretches, When the interpretern of national and international top-class occur such as Edita Gruberova in Santa Cruz de La Palma. The Association of Opera friends of La Palma ACAPO has for the summer 2018 another classical music festival organised. All information coming soon at La Palma 24-journal.

The Cabildo of La Palma is the 19. June 2017 four power fuel pumps in operation. Electrical energy fueled be can in front of the Cabildo building in the Avenida Marítima in Santa Cruz, in the Avenida Carlos Francisco Lorenzo Navarro in Los Llanos, at the bus stop at the bus stop on the beach promenade of Tazacorte and Los Cancajos. This charging network allowed by owners of hybrid- or electric vehicles be used for two years free. To be able to get, must be requested on the platform a map
cervezeria-isla-verde-la-palma-titel-CICA-medaillen canaryfly-residentenrabatt-carlos-diaz-foto princess-hotels
Is in June in Madrid 2017 the first international competition of the breweries in Spain with 120 competing beers from three countries held. At this premiere, the small creams Cervezería Isla Verde from La Palma on a large scale from. With the Indiana Gino de Reuwe brings the gold medal in the category of the Weißbiere wheat referred to. Once again, gold is there for the Julieta Negra in the area of the "best Belgian beers". In addition, it gives Cervezería Isla Verde a silver medal for the top-fermented beers of summer Pícara back to La Palma. A toast to the nature the motto of the Cervezería Isla Verde -Lovers of breweries all information to this article of the La Palma 24-journals. After the final approval of the State budget 2017 the Spanish Senate on 26. June 2017 is it officially: The discount on ship- and plane tickets for citizens of the Canary Islands when traveling between the Canary Islands is by 50 on 75 Percent increase. Mind: The resident discount for residents of the Canary Islands, with the aircraft or ship on the Spanish mainland, travelling on other Spanish islands or the Iberian enclaves, remains at 50 Percent! The resident discount is a subsidy, the inhabitants of the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and the two Spanish enclaves on the African Mainland in view of the disadvantages will be admitted due to its secluded location.
Recorded in the summer the hotels on La Palma 2017 an average load of 85 Percent. As the Asociación Hotelera y Extrahotelera de Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro (ASHOTEL) extrapolates further in June, This number arises from a survey in the entire province of Tenerife. For La Palma, the association includes, that the occupancy figures so far roughly correspond to those of the previous summer. According to ASHOTEL utilization can increase but still look on last-minute bookings - in summer 2016 was it at the end 89 Percent, 2015 were it 78 Percent.

Photos in the title picture: Facundo Cabrera and HD weather La Palma

Here goes BB´s to the second part of La Palma - year in review 2017.


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