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Jewel on La Palma: El Sitio restaurant at Hotel Hacienda de Abajo

Dine royally in a historic setting

Deluxe holiday stay and dine: For this are that Hotel Hacienda de Abajo and be El Sitio Restaurant Tazacorte. The Nobel Hostel in the historic style has won many awards for their extraordinary concept, the restaurant belongs to the. We have undertaken a journey into the history and the modern era of the lavishly restored estate on La Palma along with managing director Miguel Hahn.

Renommierte Reiseführer und -portale empfehlen das Hotel Hacienda de Abajo und das Restaurant El Sitio in Tazacorte.

Renowned tourist guides and portals recommend the hotel Hacienda de Abajo and the restaurant El Sitio in Tazacorte.


Once, as now she is Casa Sotomayor Topete a noble family from Galicia, the Finca in Tazacorte in the 17. Century as a sugar cane farm operation. Built for two years, faithfully the historic part to integrate the new building, and an indoor garden with exotic plants from all over the world was created. But it was still not all long: More than 1.300 Antiques from the 1. to 20. The owner carried along century, order your project a distinctive, exclusive touch to give. The concept was. Already shortly after the opening in September 2012 This contact Hotel Hacienda de Abajo and that El Sitio Restaurant at the top of the charts by Internet review sites such as TripAdvisor or HolidayCheck, received prestigious awards in the past four years, How found feeding on gold-lists and guides Michelin, Repsol or the Guía del Lujo y la Excelencia en España. Despite all this, no star shine gloriously at the entrance to the luxury hotel, only a simple Hey sign indicates that Hotel Emblemático Hin. Says Managing Director Miguel Hahn, why:

Hotel Hacienda de Abajo: Außen ist alles schlicht und puristisch gehalten. Foto: La Palma 24

Hacienda de Abajo and restaurant El Sitio: simple look from the outside. Photo: La Palma 24

In 2010 has made a new hotel classification to the Canary Islands Government, it applies only to the archipelago. This resulted in four categories, including two, you are not marked with stars: The one who "Hoteles Rurales", so the country hotels, and on the other the "Hoteles Emblemáticos", to which the Hacienda de Abajo heard. To translate this Hey category with "Historic-style hotel", and our House was the first in the Canary Islands, which received this rating due to its grade II listed buildings.

Hotel Hacienda de Abajo und Restaurant El Sitio: Im Eingangsbereich wird´s schon ein bisschen luxuriöser... Foto: La Palma 24

Look inside: BB´s is luxurious in the entrance area. Photo: La Palma 24

Connoisseurs need but no star at the entrance and know the special ambience, to appreciate the service and the rest of the luxurious oasis in Tazacorte. The VIP-book of Hacienda de Abajo shows illustrious names – also Alexei Leonov has immortalized here. Not only celebrities such as the Russian, First, he undertook a spacewalk, have in the 32, overnight accommodation rooms with elegant ancient pieces. Also quite "normal" people write enthusiastic comments in the Internet portals and on the Facebook page Hacienda de Abajo. And the Managing Director is very important, that not only the hotel, but are open to the restaurant and Caféteria for everyone:

Das Restaurant El Sitio: Speisen wie Fürst in Frankreich. Foto: La Palma 24

The restaurant El Sitio: fine dine in a historic setting. Photo: La Palma 24

The The Site not only our hotel guests available, of course, also residents and tourists on La Palma are welcome. However, our guests in all areas must always be at least 16 Years old be, so that the principle of peace in our House is safeguarded. We know from colleagues from other houses, many have a threshold, go to restaurant for dinner. This is because, that their kitchen was estimated previously not so much, but it has improved a lot in the past few years. More emphasis on quality is commonly used today in Spanish hotelsdid gelegt.

Chefkoch José Gómez: zaubert geniale Menüs aus frischen, lokalen Zutaten.

The menus: fresh, local ingredients.


It begins of course with fresh produce and culminates in the skill of our chef. Miguel Hahn stresses, that in the The Site get high-quality fruit and vegetables as well as meat and fish from La Palma and the Canary Islands region on the plate. For the culinary implementation of fine ingredients responsible draw a master of his craft, According to the Managing Director:

Our chef José Gómez is originally from Andalusia and worked all over the world - most recently in Asia. That is, the local gastronomic tradition blends in the The Site with international influences. So, we serve as a delicious fondant soup as well as a red tuna Tataki, which is marinated for six hours according to a secret recipe of José and served on a bed of vegetables.

Good taste with wines is completed. In the view of the vino of rarities, the first catchment allowed by the in-house tasting team after a critical review on the wine map. In addition it served in the The Site exclusively the white and Red Clarissimus, He comes from its own vineyards in Breña Baja and Mazo. To celebrate, a sparkling wine from the Malvasía grape called stored in the basement of the hotel Hacienda San Juan brut nature, which is produced in Tenerife.


Cards range in El Sitio: Rarities are waiting for connoisseurs – both the vino and hard drinks. Photo: La Palma 24

Connoisseurs of the gins have spoilt for choice between round 30 Varieties of Juniper spirit, including honey as the Monkey 47 from the southern black forest. Whisky lovers will also enjoy and discover rare one 18 Years old Japanese Yamazaki. Because it must be but not always something exclusive, can be found on the menu of the The Site also all kind of just good barley juice - including the beers of the two re-known breweries Cervezería Isla Verde in Tijarafe and Race in Los Llanos. Food and drink, not only in the restaurant or on the terrace of the Caféteria is served, draws attention to a very special experience Miguel Hahn:

Der "Mirador": In diesem Open-Air-Separée wird bei privaten Feiern oder Geschäftsessen das Degustationsmenü serviert. Foto: La Palma 24

The “Mirador”: The tasting menu is served at this Open-Air booth at private parties or business lunches. Photo: La Palma 24

In our "Mirador", we offer the possibility, very private in the friend's- or family to enjoy the exclusive degustation menu. The heart of this covered terrace with views of the Atlantic Ocean is a large Italian marble table, to accommodate up to 12 people. This "vantage point" is used not only for hotel guests, Here, also residents of La Palma like to celebrate a birthday or invite to business lunches. An appointment of at least one or two days is however required.

Detail im El Sitio: Darauf wird sowohl bei der Dekoration als auch im Service Wert gelegt. Foto: La Palma 24

Historical books in the El Sitio: Is put on the detail of decoration with antiques of all kinds as well as in the service value. Photo: La Palma 24

Of course, the guests at the Mirador as well as in all other areas be operated carefully. Miguel Hahn stresses, that the service is principally very large written in his house:

It comes to the last detail, thereby we not compare us with other hotels on La Palma. But our standards are based on houses in Central Europe. In the The Site We practice the so-called personalized service, know what our guests appreciate.

Miguel Hahn lets through no negligence. You can tell, If you go with him through the hotel and restaurant. And also the special events in the The Site He organized with attention to detail. There are concerts or lectures - which can be combined with a dinner on request for example again. In addition, chef José creates special menus with wine or festive courses for the big new year's Eve Gala. Reserve a table, not only for these special events, is always recommended:

Die Caféteria des El Sitio: lauschige Terrasse mit historischem China-Touch. Foto: La Palma 24

The Caféteria of the El Sitio: The dishes of the restaurant are served on the secluded terrace – otherwise there's tapas and breakfasts here. Photo: La Palma 24

The The Site offers space for 40 to 50 People, at events like the new year's Eve Gala, we create space for up to 55 People. It is important to know, that the restaurant daily from 13 to 15.30 Watch and 19 to 22.30 Watch is open - the end times mark, When the last order in the kitchen is possible. Should that The Site be fully booked, the possibility of, on the including nearby terrace of the cafe to dine - what incidentally, happy is used by many tourists. Who attaches importance to "his" special place in the restaurant, must be booked just in time.

In the Caféteria tapas are served continuously from noon until evening, by the way. And in the morning, a luxurious breakfast is waiting not only to the hotel guests, but to all, who want to tackle the day enjoyable. Of 7.30 to 10.30 You can watch in the Hacienda de Abajo revel in Iberian ham, all kinds of eggs creations cost, of different types of sausage, Choose cheese and bread and SIP this includes freshly squeezed orange juice and of course coffee or tea. By the way, the kitchen of the House not only very good works, but also very sustainable, comes on very different topics to speak Miguel Hahn:

Blick in die El Sitio-Küche: Hochtechnologie des 21. Jahrhunderts. Foto: La Palma 24

Look in the El Sitio kitchen: High technology of the 21. Century. Photo: La Palma 24

The Hacienda de Abajo has received under other awards also the "National Medal of merit in tourism for sustainability and quality". Because we have many facilities with a view to protecting the environment, as for example our biomass plant for the production of hot water for the kitchen and the hotel. In the kitchen are two high-tech ovens, independently calculate a cooking process and allow Nachtgar processes in the low-temperature range. Moreover, various rooms facilities meet – about the mattresses and bed linen in the historic beds – the Eco-Tex standard 100 the EU, and we take our cosmetics from a manufacturer, He comes from non-animal tests.

Hacienda de Abajo: Es gibt Übernachtungen mit Frühstück oder mit Halbpension. Foto: Hotel

Hacienda de Abajo: There are nights with breakfast or half-board. Photo: Hotel

Guidelines of the 21. Century in combination with selected traditional elements the recipe for success is the Hacienda de Abajo. And so the special hostel and its gastronomy promise a very special experience. Miguel Hahn briefly comes on the special dining options for hotel guests to speak:

There's no all-inclusive, but only the choice of bed and breakfast or half-board. The latter, guests choose their menu in the morning for the evening, from two cold appetizers, a soup, is a main course and a dessert - the main course are a vegetarian version, Fish or meat of choice.

Moderner Komfort und historische Möbel: luxuswohnen in der Hacienda de Abajo in Tazacorte. Foto: Hotel

Modern comfort and historic furniture: luxury living in the Hacienda de Abajo in Tazacorte. Photo: Hotel

Guests, who have booked only breakfast, can of course in the The Site a la carte dinner, Tapas in the Cafe enjoy - or you order a simplified, cheaper version of the half-board menu. The menus are tailored to the length of stay of guests, that is, the consequences of the food never repeat themselves, whether it is one or two weeks remains.

Miguel Hahn now has made watery mouth who, is any additional data to the Hotel Hacienda de Abajo and El Sitio Restaurant auf der Website des Hotels in deutscher Sprache.

Reservations for the restaurant El Sitio:

Phone: (+34) 922.40.60.00

E-Mail: Info@hotelhaciendadeabajo.com

Página Web del restaurante The Site en Español.

Website of the hotel Hacienda de Abajo and the restaurant The Site in English.

Internetseite des Restaurants The Site in deutscher Sprache.

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