El Paso silk: Museum and workshop


The Silk Museum in El Paso on the Canary Island of La Palma "lives"

Arts and crafts at its finest:

The last traditional silk factory in Europe

The Silk Museum in El Paso is no ordinary exhibition temple with exhibits and explanations. Because the Museo de La Seda "lives": On the ground floor reels, twined, wrap and weave Hilanderas the valuable track thread up to the matt shiny silk cloth as was once. Visitors can watch the Seidenspinnerinnen and purchase beautiful souvenirs from the noble material.



Taller de las Hilanderas: Blanca García, one of the two managing directors of the silkworm workshop in El Paso, in their work on the loom. There is large demand for the fine cloth. Photo: La Palma 24

The Hilanderas work around today as their silkworm ancestors 250 Years, as La Palma, with more than 3.000 Looms the number 1 the Canary silk production was. The know-how has been passed down within the arts and crafts families – however, the later industrial mass production in China continued, Japan and India also the small factories on La Palma checkmate.

Only a single silk workshop has survived until today in Europe: The Taller de las Hilanderas in El Paso. Reason for the Canary Islands Government, them to the culture Bien de interés cultural to explain. Including the management of island of La Palma and the municipality of El Paso to subsidise by Blanca García and Carmen Díaz, because otherwise, the centuries-old arts and crafts may not survive: "We are working with one since the 16. Century hardly changed technology under the terms of the 21. Century", explains Blanca.


Hilanderas Chairwoman Carmen Díaz also shows visitors of the Silk Museum in El Paso, how it works: With centuries-old technique of the thread of the silkworm is processed until the finished cloth – play a role in since 16. Century hardly changed technology. Photo: La Palma 24

In view of the time-intensive production from crawler threads to the silk products are the Hilanderas still not even expensive. About 450 Costs according to Blanca euros a square meter of the noble pre-yarn. And there are lots of experts, who know to appreciate the quality of fine cloth from El Paso – According to Carmen and Blanca take orders from different countries. Particularly popular: Accessories such as flies or ties. Lovers of textile art must however wait, because the order books of Hilanderas are full.

Seidenmacherei is a lengthy story, It begins with the breeding of larvae in El Pasos Mulberry. Go BB´s, can be traced in the Museum: The Seidenspinnerinnen reel, twined, wrap and weave - more than ten steps includes the elaborate process. Museums guide Ana explains everything in Spanish hotels, German and English – and also, that the colors come from nature: "For Green we take for example a dye from a plant called Gualda from the Caldera“, as Ana. "With Eucalyptus, however, the yarn is gray-blue."

Seidemuseum El Paso "lebt": Während Ana den Besuchern auf Spanisch, Deutsch und Englisch d

The Silk Museum El Paso “lives”: The Hilanderas work, and Ana explained the lengthy process of silk making in three languages to the visitors at various work stations. Photo: La Palma 24

Visitors like the tour of the Museo de la Seda in El Paso - a glance shows that the guestbook with many enthusiastic comments. Carmen and Blanca are accustomed to applause, because the Workshop des The Spinners There has been 2002, was always open to interested visitors and was therefore always "Silk Museum" called. Only 2011 that changed you Workshop of the silk spinnersin an official Museum to: On the first floor, there is a video area since, Exhibits made of silk in showcases and information about the history of silk production in the Canary Islands and on La Palma – but so far only in Spanish. But below, yes Ana is waiting with their tri-lingual explanation of the practical part of the silk production in the refuge of the nimble and skilful Hilanderas in the midst of their centuries hardly changed equipment.

The Museo de la Seda in El Paso:

La Palma 24-photo impressions – Click on it and see big!

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Seidenmuseum-El-Paso-Fliege Seidenmuseum-El-Paso-Monolos
Taller de las Hilanderas in El Paso: In the showcases beautiful souvenirs such as, for example, fly from silk waiting for visitors. You can order custom-made, but you must be patient then something! Absolutely not for sale: Manolo Blahnik has made these two high-heels Hilandera silk. The “God of the Stilettos” She gave the Seidenspinnerinnen of El Paso as appreciation of their craft work.
Seidenmuseum-El-Paso-Raupe2 Seidenmuseum-El-Paso-Faden
Of course, there's also information about the sericulture in El Paso: The thread is extracted from these cocoons, can be woven out of the many work steps silk fabric. There are the silk threads in all possible colors: You can buy it at the Silk Museum, to use them, for example, for needle crafts.
Seidenmuseum-El-Paso-Ringe Seidenmuseum-El-Paso-Souvenirs
Silk jewelry: Arts and crafts with the Hilanderas friendly processed the precious twisting rings or chains and sell the beautiful pieces in the Silk Museum. Display cases in the Museo de la Seda in El Paso: Even more unusual souvenirs here waiting for the Musemsbesucher – There are also funny T-Shirts with Räupchen to purchase.
Seidenmuseum-El-Paso-Geschichte2 Seidenmuseum-El-Paso-Geschichte
On the first floor of the Museo de la Seda in El Paso: Here you can admire beautiful exhibits made of silk from the carpet up to the elaborately crafted dresses. Those who are interested in the history of silk production in the Canary Islands, you will also find it: There's the information so far but only in Spanish.
Seidenmuseum-El-Paso-Farben Seidenmuseum-El-Paso-Gaestebuch
Pure nature: Also the dyes, with which the silk threads are coloured, obtained exclusively from plants or mushrooms. Enthusiastic echoes: Many visitors express their astonishment at the elaborate process of silk making in the guestbook.
The Silk Museum of El Paso with its colorful illustrated facade: There are even more beautiful pictures and info on the Facebook page of the Museo de la Seda.

You can find the Silk Museum in El Paso, If one goes towards the town centre on the road to the Hiperdino supermarket and shortly before the pink Town Hall right in the small Calle turns a Manuel Taño. It is the Yellow House next to the post office. Also signs point the way! Opening times: Monday to Friday 10 to 14 Clock. There are extra opening hours for groups by appointment by phone 922.48.54.31.

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