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Sect and wine by Tendal tires in the Atlantic Ocean – Sale Summer 2018


The Bodega Submarina is no slap in the water

Nancy und

Nancy and Constancio before its Winery on the heights of Tijarafe: always fresh ideas. Photo: La Palma 24

The winery Tendal in Tijarafe is one of the avant-garde among the 18 Wineries, the original seal "Denominación Orígen de La Palma" (DO) allowed to wear. There are some reasons for this: The first produced on the island Nancy Castro Rodriguez and her husband Constancio Ballesteros Magan organic wine. The tiny couple from the Northwest brings the only sparkling wine on the Isla Bonita called 'Zorongo' on the market. 2007 they started with the pilot project "Bodega Submarina", and in the summer 2018 can the first bottles of the grape juices mature on the seabed be purchased. There's a new kid in the House Tendal, the cider called "Cidra O ´ Daly". We have looked over at Nancy and Cosme times.


To explore the estate from Tendal, You must first in the Northwest of Isla Bonita after driving Tijarafe and then along a bumpy road in the between 800 and 1.500 Meter high mountain vineyards Montaña de Bellido curves. About 80 Nancy Cosme vineyards and farming here, taking a year up to a total 100.000 Bottle White, Red and rosé bottle - around 60.000 of which they are allowed the designation of origin Orígen, denominación de La Palma To write.


Most of the wines aging in the winery located at the foot of the Roque de los Muchachos. At the same time has the wine couple 2007 get started, to sink part of their produce in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. The idea, To age vino and sparkling wine on the bottom of the sea, have implemented until today, only a handful of the Canary Islands into action wineries on the Spanish mainland and another.

Advantages of a Bodega Submarina: economically and ecologically

Well protected: About the Cork prevent sealing wax seals, that sea water enters the bottles. Photos: Tendal

Well protected: About the Cork prevent sealing wax seals, that sea water enters the bottles. Photos: Tendal

"It's an experiment, but not a publicity stunt ', emphasize the seriousness of their pilot project the re-known pioneers in underwater maturation. "It's not just about the research, which quality- and flavors brings the aging in the sea, but also about, the economy to improve and to deal more responsibly with the environment." Thinking in particular of the oak barrels Nancy and Cosme, where the wine is aged traditionally in their cellar: "A 200-liter drum costs about 600 "Euro and must be renewed every two years", Cosme explains, where with a underwater-Bodega to the one saved and also spared the oak stock.

Because in one Bodega Submarina rest the liquid resources logically in the keg, but in bottles. Can thus prevent water, comes through the corks still a wax cap. On the seabed the wines were brought Castro and Roberto Cáceres Ventura of the diving club in the first years of the attempt by Ricardo García Club de Buceo Cueva Bonita; Today, employees are hired for this. And of course the grape juices in the undersea lava reefs slumber well hidden maturity contrary – only the Tendal divers can find them with the help of GPS data.

Well hidden:

Well hidden: The bottles are slumbering in reefs, only those who know the GPS data, can find them. Photos: Tendal

In five, 15 and 20 The attempt in several places off the coast of La Palma bottles meters depth. That is, the different types are exposed to different pressures and temperatures. "Positive on aging in the Atlantic is, that in the respective storage locations are stable temperatures and the right lighting conditions", Cosme explains. Depending on the chosen depth of the ocean is 16 to 20 In the winery in the North West the thermometer shows degree cooling - however, the 13 Degrees Celsius to.

More than ten years of experimentation

The comparison of the "scuba tanks" with the appropriate varieties, traditionally mature in the cellar on land, revealed after approximately ten years of experimentation and trial and error, that Bodega Submarina no shock in the water was: "The white and rosé sparkling wine and the white wine we noticed big differences relatively soon", berichtet Cosme. "The varieties mature in the sea taste fresher and they are more aromatic than those from the winery - best of the deepest places, It has to do with pressure."


Expected to be in the summer 2018 is it as far as: the Vinos submarinos is available in a limited edition – but only on pre-order. Photo: Tendal

The submarine bearing red wine, however, needs more time, to develop its full flavor. Reason: Especially important for a good bluefin microoxidation, which can come across the harsh tannins refined and elegant, lasts much longer sealed bottle – in the barrel reaches oxygen through the pores of the wood much faster on the wine, to set in motion the maturity process.

In the summer 2018, as Nancy, is it now finally: For the first time to sell a limited edition of the most successful wines and cult of the underwater-Bodega: The bottles "not come naturally in the trade”, explains the Tendal warden. “Prospective customers must order them from us, then she fetched from the sea – that is, for organizational reasons must be with a waiting time between 15 and 30 Days are counted."

A few more (In)insights and outlooks

The two authors and wine experts Cornelius and Fabian Lange wrote once: "The higher a winery balancing on the tightrope, the more dramatic his wines. "Nancy and Cosme belong to this type Weingartner – so far, their avant-garde ideas were always crowned by success.

Zorongo: There is the only sparkling wine on La Palma from white and red grapes. Photos: Tendal

Zorongo: There is the only sparkling wine on La Palma from white and red grapes. Photos: Tendal

So has 2007 created, and so far the only palmerische sparkling wine called Zorongo, the it in white and rosé as a Blanco Espumoso brut nature and Espumoso Blanco Brut Reserva are, today its firm place in the shops on La Palma. The white owes its freshness and slight acid of a mixture of Listán- Albillo and grapes, its lively flavors developed the Rosé from the Negramoll vine.

The range of wines by Tendal presents dry at the White Blanco Albillo with its elegant flavors and slight acidity. It consists of a mixture of Albillo and Listán grapes Blanco Joven, Thus comes the fruity-floral. Which is pure Listán pressed Blanco Tradicion, will ferment before the actual maturity and reminiscent of dried fruit compote and.

It's been a while: Tandal was also the first Winery on La Palma, the ecologically produced wine produced.

It's been a while: Tendal was also the first Winery on La Palma, the ecologically produced wine produced.

The red wine offer is also three varieties the wine rack selection: Prieto- and Negramoll grapes give the Tinto Roble along with at least two years aging in oak casks its rusty hue and a fine vanilla aroma. However, the is Tinto Selección a young wine only Prieto grapes with full taste forest fruit, for he is in a special process kaltmazeriert. Is the third member of the Group Tinto Tradición. Negramoll pressed from grapes he remembers young of fruits and herbs, in the second year, he developed notes of toasted bread and dried fruits. When organically grown wine offer and Nancy Cosme a red from Prieto- Castellana and grapes on. The white man is made Albillo and Listán. It emphasizes the vintage pair, that their vineyards are tightly controlled and are provided continuously from evidence, that no chemical fertilizers or chemical plants- and insecticides are used.

First cider made in La Palma

The latest idea from the House of Tendal: Recently, Nancy and Cosme produce the Cidra O ´ Daly – a sweet Apple wine Manzanas, they grow in the North West of La Palma. BB´s is already in a few stores – However, only with the provisional label. Professionally designed according to Nancy that is soon ready.

Weinlese im Nordwesten:

Read of the Tendal vines: On the slopes of Tijarafe grow grapes for the fresh Vinos in the North West of La Palma.

Wine tasting soon in the new Hall of Tendal

Those who are interested in the wines of Tendal, can make an appointment with Nancy Cosme and a wine tasting – from April 2018 held the wine tasting in the new tasting room, which is currently set at the winery in Tijarafe. Just call phone: 922.49.00.66. The company's Web site, under the umbrella Bodega Castro y Mágan S.L.. trades, is being renovated – We log, If the new website goes online.


Last but not least, you can virtually into the Bodega Submarina Immerse by Tendal:

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