Volcán Verde: The jewelry manufacturer in Tazacorte


Volcán Verde: The slightly different Jewelry manufacturer in Tazacorte


Volcano jewelry by the Goldsmith:

simple elegance in noble design

Volcán Verde-Stile: einfach edel!

Volcán Verde-jewellery: simply elegant and always an eye catcher!

Hot magma pushing from the Earth to the surface. As soon as the light of the world sees, the magma becomes lava. And if Frank Hanson once the hot rock from inside of our planet with high-quality materials, He calls itVolcano jewelry. He christened his studio in Tazcorte at the opening eleven years ago "Volcán Verde", and in the autumn 2017 has the Goldsmith renovated. Now the load-workshop is still schmucker as previously, and there's eleven-year existence of the 20. to 25. November 11 percent discount.

Volcán Verde: das rote Haus gleich hinter der Kirche von Tazacorte.

Volcán Verde: the Red House just behind the Church of Tazacorte.

Frank Hanson manufactures for eleven years in the Volcán Verde in Tazacorte Pueblo right in the small alley behind the church his fine creations. Simple elegance and clean lines characterize the just renovated load-workshop in accordance with the range. Now, the Goldsmith from southern Germany wants to celebrate the new interior a bit with his clients and customers:

Who at the time of the 20. to 25. November 2017 take a look, is welcomed with a glass of Prosecco. We also give our eleven year old anniversary 11 percent discount on purchases. We surprise our regular customers with news in assortment: For example, our rings from the series "Fuego", with a special technique in the flame are melted and get such a unique look. In addition we now also work with bolder opals from Australia, have an incredible luminosity.

Volcán Verde: Das Team um Frank Hofmeister im neu gestalteten Werkstatt-Laden.

Volcán Verde: The team to Frank Hanson at the newly designed workshop store.


Volcán Verde: In der Schmuck-Manufaktur wird Edles aus der Erde zu Vulkanschmuck verarbeitet.

Volcán Verde: Noble from the Earth by the team to Frank Hanson at the jewellery manufacture is processed into volcano jewelry.

In the past eleven years Frank Hanson has created a loyal customer base is. His finely crafted pieces of lava, Gold, Silver and gemstones are popular with residents and tourists alike. Because who is vacationing on La Palma, aspires to the individual holiday away from mass tourism. And in the Volcán Verde found matching jewelry from nature for all, the special search, explains the boss:

We produce only high-quality pieces in hand work, so that we can - ensure quality visitors of our studios can like to over the shoulder look. While we are pursuing a style from the outset, which is straightforward and timeless.

Plain, elegant and noble supporters present themselves, Rings, Earrings and bracelets, as well as jewelry for men in the showcases of the Volcán Verde. Mostly, the lava in silver is grouped, sometimes in gold, some pieces are a combination of the two precious metals, and some are pure as a gemstone. Frank Hanson is always looking for new designs and perfect technical implementation:

I see myself as an artist and have new ideas. It is a challenge, These intuitions in the course of creative processes also technically to achieve and to create new works.

The variety and eleven years meticulous Feinstarbeit are the key to the success of the exclusive world of jewelry in the Volcán Verde. However Frank Hanson offers more than his designs - the Goldsmith allows modifications and more:

In principle, everything is possible, because we make everything myself. That is, We can customize the jewelry at a glance on the size, We can the "ingredients" - so the combinations of lava, Precious metals and gemstones - change, and if our customers with individual ideas on a piece of, We implement it in mutual consultation with respect to the technical possibilities. These customers are then always totally happy, because they know, having a unique according to your own design.

Volcán Verde: schöne Andenken für La Palma-Fans.

Volcán Verde: beautiful keepsake for La Palma fans with and without sparkling gems.

However, it must be not always extravagant. Popular pieces are La Palma pendant made from lava in gold and silver, where ever a sparkling gem in the desired place of the Isla Bonita is the dot the "i" -, Designs with "happiness-making" geckos will also find great appeal. Bestseller in the Volcán Verde - and stylish band rings or simple pendant on the rubber band are like worn also by the Lords of creation-. With Frank takes his customers fear the tiresome tarnishing of silver:

We rhodinieren the components made of silver, that is, We have similar to rhodium as oxidation protection a thin layer of precious metal such as at Goldplatierung. Some pieces are blackened but also consciously, to create a counter movement to the shiny parts of a plant. In the views of gold jewelry, there's one the possibility of Goldplatierung with 999 fine gold and on the other hand, the custom-made with solid real gold in 750 yellow gold or 750 white gold or a combination of both. Also, Platinum and palladium are located in the program.

Volcán Verde: stylische Ringe für Sie und Ihn.

Volcán Verde: stylish rings for him and her.

Last but not least, a question for the imaginative Goldsmith from Tazacorte: The work in the Volcán Verde after eleven years is still fun? Frank laughs and says:

Of course, for creative processes always delight and revive a forward. The most I am happy but, If our customers happy walking out of the store, because they have found something special in us.

And how do you find the Volcán Verde? Very simple: One walks past the Church in Tazacorte Pueblo direction tourist information and the beautifully restored Red House in the Calle sees in the streets branching off right Ángel 4, where is located the small jewelry box by Frank.

Volcán Verde: Vulkanschmuck von der Isla Bonita.

Volcán Verde: Volcano jewelry from the Isla Bonita.

More impressions and many pictures of fine creations from volcanic rock by Frank Hanson can be found on the website of the Volcán Verde, It offers also the possibility for orders via the Internet.

Volcán Verde website Click here.

Facebook Volcán Verde Click here.

Phone: 922.48.09.43

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