The Palm Restaurants: Arepera El Rinconcito


The Palm Restaurants: The Arepera El Rinconcito

Specialities from Venezuela and Mexico:

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"Vamos al Venezuelano"-"we go yet again to the Venezuelan" – do you say in La Palma for round 30 Years. This control both residents and tourists Arepera El Rinconcito in La Laguna of. Because there is original Venezuelan raised - the Arepas, Cachapas and Hallacas the Rinconcito-Family are legendary. And not only that: In the "corner" even more culinary specialities from South America are waiting for their discoverer.

Arepera El Rinconcito: Das gemütliche "Eckchen" in La Laguna. Foto: La Palma 24

Arepera El Rinconcito: The cosy “Corner” in La Laguna. Photo: La Palma 24

José Angel Rodríguez Martín and his wife Macris González Pérez forward, Guests from the island and from all over the world welcome in their restaurant on the main road between Los Llanos and La Laguna. 2004 the two have taken the place of José parents and the once tiny Rinconcito expanded to a gourmet Temple on several levels. One has however never changed in the "corner": Cooked, Fried and baked will remain according to the recipes, with which the Padres Since the opening 1986 Have had success.


Original recipes and know-how of the parents

Nach Rezepten von den Eltern: gefüllte Maistaschen aus Venezuela und Mexiko.

Arepera El Rinconcito: Specialities from South- and Central America – here a Taco with spicy filling.

Because the parents were How many Palm Eros emigrated to Venezuela in one day and returned to their home island. In the rear baggage they had accordingly not only the recipes, but also the know-how to prepare the delicacies from South America. They passed this treasure to their children, where José and Macris not only the traditional cooking methods, but congratulations dealing with guests continue to maintain: "For us the main thing is, that all feel", invite them to a trip to the South American cuisine. "If it should not taste someone, We serve an alternative Court."

Das Rinconcito wurde ausgebaut: großzügiger Gastraum oberhalb des ursprünlichen "Eckchens". Foto: La Palma 24

The Rinconcito was expanded: spacious guest room above the ursprünlichen “Corner”. Photo: La Palma 24

Where complaints are the absolute exception case. Because everything is prepared from fresh ingredients, and subsequently, the guests rave about their experience and the good service in the Rinconcito. At the restaurant reviews on TripAdvisor is the Arepera of 60 Percent of Internetvoter rated "excellent" classified. Also on their Facebook page, where José and Macris constantly new photos, publish seasonal dishes or events, There are nice comments. Hanne for example greets from Germany and Announces, to visit again in your next holiday.


Look at the map: Pita pockets and pockets with fillings

Arepera El Rinconcito: die überdachte Terrasse. Foto: La Palma 24

Arepera El Rinconcito: the covered terrace. Photo: La Palma 24

Who in the map of the Rinconcito looks, understand the enthusiasm: When the starters, the South American cuisine To find treats like fried Yucawurzelknollen with guacamole, followed by salads from around the world and Of course the specialities from Venezuela and Mexico. Alone for the Arepas have reserved two sides of your card Macris and José. Reason: There is the flat bread made of corn flour with more than 20 various fillings, from the vegetarian scrambled eggs with salad of inlays for meat fans to the Gouda or goat cheese there is something for everyone - even mild, hot times.

Gemütlich tafeln: Der "alte" Gastraum im Rinconcito. Foto: La Palma 24

Cozy tables: The “old” Guest room in the Rinconcito. Photo: La Palma 24

As diverse and juicy you come Cachapas Therefore. Knapp 20 Variations of pancake made from corn flour make watery mouth guests: Cachapas are in the Rinconcito optionally with meat, Egg, Avocados or cheese filled, where they sometimes can have a sweet heart of mozzarella cheese with Cranberries or jam.

Number 3 the stars of the Venezuelan cuisine you are Hallacas. This typical Christmas dish serve year-round Macris and José on La Palma. The preparation is quite traditional as learned from the parents: Corn flour bags are with pig, Beef- and chicken, Olives, Raisins and capers filled and wrapped in banana leaves.

Blick in die Küche: Im Rinconcito kann man den Köchen auf die Finger schauen. Foto: La Palma 24

Look in the kitchen: You can watch the chefs on the finger in the Rinconcito. Photo: La Palma 24

Also for Mexico fans can be found in the Rinconcito delicious delicacies: Burritos with minced meat, Vegetables and cheese and Of course crispy Tacos, which are filled mostly with meat and are keen. There is also a Taco vegetal with vegetables.

José and Macris To give very A lot trouble In addition in looking at the sweet tooth guests. Their new dessert- and cocktails By the way also introduce them on their Facebook page. And fine Vinos in La Palma and from the Spanish mainland to round off the menu, Needless to say.

Original-Rezepte und Know-how: In der Küche des Rinconcito sind alle mit Spaß bei der Arbeit.

Original recipes and know-how: In the kitchen of the Rinconcito are all having fun at work.

Up to 90 For people in the Arepera El Rinconcito Place: In the cosy bar lounge, in the small entrance courtyard, as well as in the large winter garden with terrace and great views of the Atlantic Ocean. Here is also enough space for events of such as family celebrations or company outings.

Macris and José take your reservation by telephone 922.46.35.74 counter.

Current Öhours during the summer 2017: Daily from 19 to 2 Clock – Thursday closed.

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Some tasty prospects:

Maybe you must write there something
Rinconcito-Cachapa Rinconcito-Tasche Rinconcito-Arepa
The Burrito: Much is “wrapped”. Arepa: Filled with meat and avocado. Deep fried: Hallacas – the Christmas Court.
Rinconcito-Fleischspiess Rinconcito-1 Rinconcito-Fleisch
There are also meat – here on the spit… … consistent with a mixed salad. Pork chop for Papa – French fries for the kids.
Rinconcito-Nachtisch Rinconcito-Cocktails Rinconcito-Duenos
Sweet desserts round off everything. Cocktails always fit… Bienvenido Macris and José!


The Arepera El Rinconcito (the Red House front right in the image) is located directly on the main road to La Laguna Los Llanos. Photo: La Palma 24

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