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Atelier El Tesoro: Magical & individual pieces of jewelry for every occasion

7. November 2019 Vera Write first comment now!

Make yourself happy!

After the pandemic in La Palma turned life upside down, step by step the green island wakes up to new life. To bring all of us some fun and joy back to our Isla Bonita and to enjoy our life to the fullest, the beautiful goldsmith workshop Atelier El Tesoro in Los Llanos opens its door for us again. True to the motto: We support each other! And who is not currently on La Palma, the online shop is of course also available.

"A very special piece of jewelry just for me" - with this request, Anna Joos knows, vom Atelier Treasury in The Plains, best of. For a year, you can look around in the small jewelry business for his own personal favorite. And if you have special requests - no problem! The boss and goldsmith Anna created for you exactly jewel, this corresponds to your needs.

Be it pendants, bracelet, Rings or earrings - the selection has something for every taste and occasion. And: each individual piece is handmade. New in their collection are "open rings", d.h. with this particular form of ring can better adapt to the respective finger, perhaps even something may be swollen from the heat.

Anna in the preparation of their favorite pieces © Vera

All jewels are in gold-plated silver, also available in a Rotvergoldung - in a yellow gold and - new. A very special icing on the cake you get with precious stones such as peridot, Topas, Citrine or Aquamarine. Another highlight is blackened (oxidized) Silver jewelry with gold inclusion. A nice alternative to the ubiquitous Lavaschmuck. "One of the favorites of my clients is the shape of the island of La Palma", tells Anna. "They are available as a pendant, Earring or bracelet and on request also with a gem, perhaps a special place to mark on the island ". Anna buys its precious stones and metals from certified suppliers from around the world, the the "Fairtrade Seal" may have. Sustainable work is very important in the studio El Tesoro. "Many things, I reprocessed using ", says Anna.

"The remains I melt again, so that it can develop a new jewel. And to avoid plastic waste then I pack your jewelry in small cotton bag with my own logo stamped ".

From 25 Euro is something for everyone

And who thinks such a unique cost a fortune?! Far from: From 25 Euro's for all budgets something. "I would like to, that everyone can take a handmade piece La Palma home ". Who wants to convince himself finds the studio El Tesoro Los Llanos in the Calle Real 23.

Tel.: 639.047.965

Opening times:
Monday to Friday: 10 to 14 Clock and 17 to 19.30 Clock
Saturday: 10 to 14 Clock
(Summer opening times may vary)
Sunday: closed.

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