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Nieves Castelló: Hutmacherin kontra Plastikhalme

21. June 2019 Gudrun Write first comment now!


Nieves pflanzt Roggen in El Paso: The fine parts of the stems common good for Hutmachen, the rough can be used as drinking straws. That would also be in a big way, thinks they.

Nieves pflanzt Roggen in El Paso: The fine parts of the stems common good for Hutmachen, the coarse are fine straws. Photos: Fernando Rodríguez

She is a beautiful, hardworking and above all, a wise woman: Nieves Castelló not only keeps the threatened with extinction on La Palma handicrafts of Strohhutmacherei alive, they planted rye for their sombreros now even to himself. And it is safe, If the "Rye" would cultivated by even more people on La Palma and elsewhere, the stalks of real straw would be a perfectly viable alternative to the non-rotting plastic drinking straws, pollute the beaches and oceans.


Nieves Castelló: Designer straw hats and environmental ideas

On La Palma, there are only two farming families, cultivate the rye in relatively small amounts. With them Nieves Castelló buys the straw for their hats and accessories, if planted by itself in a field in El Paso Rye not enough:

Rye is sown in February, So in time, in which it rains normally now and then. It also depends on rainfall or irrigation facilities, if the harvest fails well. of course, play a role in the cultivation area and the quality of seeds - I buy my in Biocumunidad shop in Triana, because I think, that they are very good.

If it does not or little rain as 2019 on the west side of La Palma, Nieves has to buy rye, because she has no time, to irrigate their fields regularly. However, the straw hat maker hopes, that professional farmers on the island again increased Rye plant, because it is safe, that this crop can bring not only in view of the bread baking profit:

The rye is divided into different parts: Since the ear of corn with the seeds, that go into food production, Since the fine central part, use we artisans, and then there is the thick part of the stem, is cast, because it is too little flexible for our elegant work. And here the idea is to, the not mine, but is already being implemented on the Peninsula, now we have to bring them only on La Palma and running: The thick stalks of rye could replace the plastic drinking straws, because the production is favorable, the environment is protected, and on the island a new business could arise. 2018 the United Nations has called for, to replace plastic as far as possible by natural materials. And it is the duty of each of us, to contribute, to future generations to leave a clean planet.

The long

The long road to Designerhut: Nieves plats, irons and sews many, many hours. Those who want a unique piece of it, must take some waiting time into account. Photos: La Palma 24

Nieves Castelló looks, however, not only to the future, but also honors the tradition. Because the knowledge around the straw braid on Isla Bonita threatens to Thither go the elders in the sinking disappear. Therefore, the artisan creates for several years with imagination and patience headdresses and accessories in her home in Brena Baja, in which she and her husband Fernando Rodríguez, the makers of the website Palm Eros en el Mundo, lives.

I was born not on La Palma, but I live here from childhood. I share the passion of Fernando for the island and its customs and support him. Than I was about six years, a hobby picked out, It was clear, that it had to have something to do with fashion and tradition. And so I came up with the idea .. with hats.

the first by the idea to realization Sombreros Nieves went a long, Rocky Road. She had to find someone to first and foremost, who taught her the old technique of straw weaving. And that was not so easy, reported the dedicated wife:

I've long been looking, because these artisans live in a world of its own. Only a few, master the straw braid, want to pass on their know-how, and when, then they often do not have time or they are already too old. I had the good fortune, that one of the few Artesanas, you are left on La Palma, all showed me - Maria Nela is also one of the best of their craft. Until I could, has it a long, But today I can fly (laughs).

Take the production process under the microscope, It is clear, What does Nieves: First, they must at all times the raw material find their hats - these are the aforementioned, today so rarely cultivated on the island of rye. It all starts with the trimming and cleaning of grain stalks, then sorts the straw length and color and watering her selection. Only now, the artisan can begin, braid with a very special technique a braid and iron this repeatedly with a bottle. The braid must be according to Nieves at the end no less than at least 25 Be metres long, so that one of its Castelló creations can be sewn from:

A Sombrero is always made from one piece. I use no model form at the sewing together of the braid, because this is not usual in the traditional re-known braid factory. It measures only the diameter of the head, and then you start, Sew the braid into the desired shape. This is of course done entirely by hand, and no seam may be visible at the end of.

On the question of, How long it takes for a hat, Nieves responds only with a laugh:

Mucho, much.... You cannot calculate this work after hours, She comes from a different century and requires much Gelduld, because nothing succeeds with haste. One must like the slow, It's simply the result. That's why I work only on behalf and make exhibitions, so people who can see creative possibilities. A Sombrero who ordered from me, must wait at least two months. I work full time at the airport every day and can dedicate myself only after work or on the weekend my hobby.

Finally, lichens and burins are only a part of the work, makes the crafts of Nieves so unique and elegant: In turn with much attention to detail designs and shapes the decorations, Thus their Sombreros, Fascinators and accessories are eye-catching. Sometimes made of feathers, but are usually made of lace and silk flowers or hatbands. The Milliner of La Palma to choose the style and the colors according to customers specifications, The headdress should fit always to a dress or a dress:

So kreativ designt Nieves Castelló ihre Hats: Hats not only for palm generic costumes Fiesta. Photos: Fernando Rodríguez

So kreativ designt Nieves Castelló ihre Hats: Hats not only for palm generic costumes Fiesta, but for women with courage to fashion. Photos: Fernando Rodríguez

I invent nothing new, but I want to make it something different. The base is the arts and crafts and on top I put something fashion - and so is a fusion of old and new. I have an initial idea and then I'm freaking a bit (laughs)...

Despite all of this more than time-consuming hand work, Nieves says of himself, She is not married, but only a woman with a hobby. In looking at their skill, their patience and creativity you can contradict you there probably justifiably. The creations of Nieves Castelló are small, works of art created with heart and hand. No doubt, Nieves is fully on their work - the even goes so far, that she grows even the rye itself:

I can't live without the knispernden sound in the ears, If I fold them with my hands. Her smell, their color - this is my world, I had created me and I feel happy.

More info on the Facebook page of Nieves.

These are the hat models of yesteryear, the Nieves Castelló today modern and newly designed. Photo: Palm Eros en el Mundo

These are the hat models of yesteryear, the Nieves Castelló today modern and newly designed. Photo: Palm Eros en el Mundo

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