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News Ticker: La Palma news am 30.6.2016

Newsticker: La Palma Nachrichten am 30.6.2016

New in the winter 2016/17: EasyJet-connection Berlin-SPC… Forest fire risk: significantly decreased… Windward: July Saturday action… Beach of Puerto Naos and Playa Bajamar: Disabled leisures… Santa Cruz: Increased street cleaning… The weekend on La Palma: Hiking Festival begins - Gay Film Festival in Santa Cruz - capital shopping…

La Palma airline ticker am 20.6.2016

La Palma Airline-Ticker am 20.6.2016

News from the Santa Cruz de La Palma connection Vueling Airlines: new offices in the Canary Islands… Iberia Express: Online price… Canaryfly: New flyer… Airberlin: Flight Zürich – Summer offer for families – Football-EM service – Progressive Web app – Condor: ground-breaking Jump4DutyFree idea – Airbus cockpit…

La Palma: Airline ticker am 11.2.2016

La Palma: Airline-Ticker am 11.2.2016

News from the Santa Cruz de La Palma connection Condor airlines: 60. Anniversary & new blog… Airberlin: Easter flights & Load increase… Iberia Express: Winter discounts & good numbers… Transavia: new logo… Island Hopper: Binter-apps & Canaryfly Info… Travel with kids: Award-winning Advisor also 2016…

La Palma Winterflugplan 2015/16

La Palma Winterflugplan 2015/16

Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC): Winter timetable 2015/16 A frosty temperatures bye: The spell of bad years seems broken flight deals on the Isla Bonita overview: More and more flight control on the Canary Island of La Palma, and also the…

Santa Cruz: Flight Schedule 2015/16

Santa Cruz: Flight Schedule 2015/16

Santa Cruz de La Palma: Flight Schedule 2015/16 Fly from Netherlands – England and Belgium to SPC: winter vacation on the "Isla Bonita" the amount of tourists from England, Netherlands and Belgium, who discover the Canary Island La Palma, is is…

News Ticker: News am 11.3.2015

Newsticker: Nachrichten am 11.3.2015

Winter timetable airberlin 2015/16 – La Palma airberlin - winter flight schedule plays storm damage in the West - ITB price for Canary Islands Pavilion - money for community projects and business start-ups - classical concert - Götz Widmann for SOS 2015/16 arrived to La Palma. Still, the winter timetable is 2015/16…

News Ticker: La Palma news am 17.10.2014

Newsticker: La Palma Nachrichten am 17.10.2014

News Ticker: La Palma news am 17.10.2014 Canary Islands Government searches for new flight routes - recycling is improved – Corniche El Remo-Las Indias - weekend nightlife tips green light for air subsidies. The Ministry of tourism of the Canary Islands has now opened a tender with flight routes, the in the…


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