Jellyfish in the Atlantic Ocean to La Palma

Quallen im Atlantik um La Palma

Jellyfish in the Atlantic Ocean to La Palma – Interview with marine biologist Georg Maghon unpleasant encounters in the sea: First aid tips from the experts don't panic: The sea worlds to the Isla Bonita are anything other than an area wimmelndes of jellyfish. Of course…

News Ticker: La Palma news am 5.7.2016

Newsticker: La Palma Nachrichten am 5.7.2016

The Canary Iceland dive photo challenge: The winner… Summer 2016: good hotel occupancy on La Palma… Starlight seminar: international experts on La Palma… Brown bin in El Paso: Half-yearly figures… Wine Museum: goes on holiday… OpenData La Palma: App contest… Events this week: Patrona fiestas in Los…

Canaries: Sea Urchin disturb ecological balance

Kanaren: Seeigel stören Öko-Balance

guest post by diving partner La Palma Chief Georg Maghon "five years and" 3.000 "Diving hours Astropyga radiata decimated in Puerto Naos" Georg Maghon operates ten years the dive center diving partner La Palma in Puerto Naos. The qualified biologist knows so in the…

Barbara and George: 10 Years buddy on La Palma

Barbara und Georg: 10 Jahre Tauchpartner auf La Palma

Barbara and George are 10 Years buddy on La Palma diving compliments for competence and service: "You come as a stranger and goes as a friend"! Happy birthday: The dive center "Buddy La Palma" in Puerto Naos, under the direction of Barbara Wolters and…

Poseidon program is looking for employees on La Palma

Poseidon-Programm sucht Mitarbeiter auf La Palma

Poseidon program seeks staff La Palma underwater detektive views and reports: The ecosystems of the sea are all together for the protection of the sea worlds in which State? This is the question of the Poseidon programme launched a few months ago in the life. The special thing about it: All, the…

Underwater Park Santa Cruz: Dwarf sink

Unterwasserpark Santa Cruz: Zwergeversenken

Underwater Park Santa Cruz: Dwarves are anchored seven dwarves make up the first part of the future divers fairy land the seven dwarfs dwell on La Palma not behind the seven mountains, but since Monday, 23. June 2014, on the bottom of the sea before the capital Santa…


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