The dramatist of Antonio Tabares

Der Dramatiker Antonio Tabares

"One of the vielverspechendsten voices of the contemporary Spanish dramaturgy" "who is Antonio Tabares.", in the year prominent Spanish theatre directors such as Sergi Belbel asked 2011, as the author of Santa Cruz de La Palma sent his piece "La Punta del Iceberg".…

The writer Antonio Tabares

El escritor Antonio Tabares

"Una de las voces of más prometedoras en la dramaturgia Española Contemporánea" ¿Quién's Antonio Tabares? prominent directors of theatre of Spain as Sergi Belbel wondered in the year 2011, cuanto recibieron por correo la obra "La Punta del iceberg" del…

Goodbye Germany looking for actors on La Palma

Goodbye Deutschland sucht Akteure auf La Palma

For people having fun on television: Their immigrant history on VOX? The docu-soap goodbye Germany flickers for years on Tuesdays and Sundays on the screen and made famous actors like Daniela Katzenberger or Konny Reimann. While film crews of German TV channel VOX escort…

ZDF television garden interview with Andrea Kiewel

ZDF-Fernsehgarten Interview mit Andrea Kiewel

ZDF television garden – Interview with Andrea Kiewel "A greater love between presenter and broadcast cannot exist" after the ZDF television Garden on tour on La Palma at 16. March 2014 met far more than 100 of the La Palma blog 24-journals…

La Palma in the ZDF television Garden on tour – Sunday, 16.3.

La Palma im ZDF-Fernsehgarten on tour – Sonntag, 16.3.

La Palma in the ZDF television Garden on tour – Sunday, 16.3. Obertauern – Kitzbühel – La Palma opened the spring Andrea Kiewel Kiwis Island adventures and her team by the ZDF television garden currently traveling through Europe and discover new backgrounds for the almost 30-year music broadcast.…

Drago Azul TV: Report on the La Palma 24-journal

Drago Azul TV: Bericht übers La Palma 24-Journal

Drago Azul TV filming the editorial staff of La Palma 24-journal journal makers in the Internet television today we report time in their own right: The first Internet television in the island – – turned 24-journals a reportage on the editorial staff of La Palma. The…

La Palma: Drago Azul TV - 1. Internet TV Island

La Palma: Drago Azul TV – 1. Internetfernsehen der Insel

Drago Azul TV ist online: Provide colorful reports in Spanish and German, "We want to be free and independent as well as clear and direct information about the island!"With this philosophy went today, 15. July 2013, the first Internet television in the Canary Island of la…


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