News Ticker 2013

La Palma Newsticker: Messages to the beginning of the week

La Palma Newsticker: Nachrichten zum Wochenanfang

La Palma Newsticker: Messages to the week beginning bargain time hiker Hostels - City biking - earthquake measuring good times for bargain hunters. The Canary Islands Government now has in its official bulletin Boletín Oficial de Canarias (BOC) the sale times for all Islands confirmed. Thus, the winter season begins…

La Palma-Newsticker: Weather and news

La Palma-Newsticker: Wetter und aktuelle Nachrichten

La Palma-Newsticker: Weather and news of yellow weather alarm -. 10 Weather prospects again at yellow years Cecopin - hiking app - toy action - cocktails. The State weather agency AEMET gives for today, Thursday, 26. December 2013, Once again yellow alert because…

La Palma-Newsticker: Latest news for Christmas

La Palma-Newsticker: Aktuelle Nachrichten zu Weihnachten

La Palma-Newsticker: Gives news Christmas SOS-La Palma- 120 Power Manrique-monument - gourmet vinegar SOS La Palma Santa Claus represents years. So that children from less well-off families on the island is a great gift under the Christmas tree, were…

La Palma-Newsticker: Latest news 16.12.

La Palma-Newsticker: Aktuelle Nachrichten 16.12.

La Palma-Newsticker: Latest news for the start of the week in their own right. The severe thunderstorm is also the Office of La Palma last week 24 Haunted in Todoque. The lightning put the telephone line and thus the telephone number 922.46.18.19 lame - and…

La Palma weather: Info at 11. December 2013

La Palma Wetter: Infos am 11. Dezember 2013

La Palma weather: Info Wednesday, 11. December 2013 Fire brigade pumped - Coast residents sure - power outage fixed – Flights cancelled rain alarm which had red stage yesterday the Government causes, to activate the emergency plan for La Palma. Now has the AEMET…

La Palma NewsTicker: Latest news – Wind alarm

La-Palma Newsticker: Aktuelle Nachrichten – Windalarm

News Ticker: Latest news – Wind alarm it is stormy – Light wind alarm on La Palma offers active - gold medal - Endesa new Island Government. The Government weather agency AEMET has for today and tomorrow, Monday 9. and Tuesday, 10. December 2013, Wind alarm…

La-Palma-NewsTicker: Again rain alarm on Friday

La-Palma-Newsticker: Wieder Regenalarm am Freitag

Latest news from La Palma: Rain alarm – Sacred source - Club exhibition - arts and crafts store – Canaries rain makes happy farmers. The Government weather agency AEMET has for Friday, 6. December 2013, again said to rain alarm of level yellow for La Palma. The hiking trails on…

La Palma-Newsticker: Rain alarm remains on Tuesday

La Palma-Newsticker: Regenalarm bleibt am Dienstag

Latest news from La Palma: Better ground services at the airport? -Rain warning and rockfall risk! AENA privatized ground services. The Spanish airport operator AENA begins, the ground services your total 22 Airports to auction. How the economy Ministry now wrote, includes the first phase of the public…

News Ticker: Current events on La Palma

Newsticker: Aktuelle Events auf La Palma

Current events on La Palma: Advent in Los Llanos - almonds very chic - Desafío coming - by professionals white day advent season heralds mushroom Guide. It is a little christfestlich on Friday, 29. November 2013, in Los Llanos. The…

La Palma-Newsticker: Updates coming soon

La Palma-Newsticker: Aktuelles in Kürze

Latest news from La Palma: Gold for art school - Lucha Aurita Tedote lives on - folk music wholesale - classic car drive from gold for art school. The Santa Cruz Municipal Council has now decided, the art school of Manolo Blahnik with the "Medalla…

La Palma-Newsticker: Cosmic, Cheese and art

La Palma-Newsticker: Kosmisches, Käse und Kunst

Latest news from La Palma: TNG observed Earth twin - cheese week - digital "Noise" – Photo hiking Galileo telescope sifts Earth twin. No, the astronomers of the Telescópio Nacional de Galileo (TNG) were not the first in the Observatory on La Palma, the Kepler planet-78b…

La Palma-Newsticker: Measuring - fiestas – Sardines

La Palma-Newsticker: Messen – Fiestas – Sardinen

News from La Palma brief: Fairs - San Martín fiestas - sardines poster La Palma at international trade fairs. On Monday, 4. November 2013, Opens the world travel market in London its gates. Present themselves at this leading trade fair of the travel industry 189 Countries…


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