Paragliding – Info from the Palmaclub

Gleitschirmfliegen – Infos vom Palmaclub

The Isla Bonita is still on the rise of small but fine - that description applies not only to the Canary Island of La Palma in General, but also on the Palmaclub in Puerto Naos in particular. Because Roger Frey…

News Ticker: News am 23.5.2014

Newsticker: Nachrichten am 23.5.2014

News Ticker: News am 23.5.2014 Paragliding action - Gammaray Flash - crime-minus - shell-check - weekend tips paragliders in the visor. La Palma is a start- and landing net for paraglider arise. La Palma Tourism Council Raúl Camacho according to it has already talks about…

La Palma – Paragliding – Video

Fantastic hovering over the island does not matter, Whether you are paragliding or even not – In this video, they fly over La Palma and discover the beauty of “Isla Bonita” from the air. Join Robby on his paraglider, the him…


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