News Ticker: News am 22.12.2017

Newsticker: Nachrichten am 22.12.2017

News am 22.12.2017 Condor campaign: Flight deals of the year… NIKI bankruptcy: Hotel occupancy dropped Christmas 2017… Course on the Internet of things… Digital electricity meter: Installation on the island is almost complete… Waste separation on La Palma: Campaign attention… Santa Cruz: LP-1 single track road… Native American Museum lot…

News Ticker: La Palma news am 9.10.2017

Newsticker: La Palma Nachrichten am 9.10.2017

La Palma news am 9.10.2017 La Palma as a fantasy setting: Advertising on the International Film Festival in Sitges… Information for travelers to and from La Palma: Bus station to the airport Tenerife North lowered… La Palma: new campaign for waste separation… Spain: Cartel Office chides State post Correos… Tazacorte: Highspeed-Internet…

News Ticker: La Palma news am 18.9.2017

Newsticker: La Palma Nachrichten am 18.9.2017

La Palma news am 18.9.2017 Photo Festival La Palma Cotidiana: Idea draws circles… Forest fire danger: still high! Canaries: President Campbell: Canaries & Tourism… Spanish Youth Council: alarming numbers!… Mercadona: Looking for staff for branch on La Palma… Churches on Isla Bonita: Millions…

Sun & Moon on La Palma: a picture show

Sonne & Mond auf La Palma: eine Bilderschau

Sunrises – It's sunsets and night impressions around La Palma sensational images of talented photographers once again: As always, the editorial staff of La Palma has collected 24-journal again diligently atmospheric pictures of the island. This time, there are not only sunset,…

Sunsets on La Palma

Sonnenuntergänge auf La Palma

A photo walk through the sunsets to the West of Isla Bonita if at La Palma is the Red Sun in the sea… We are collecting always a while nice shots of sunsets on La Palma, then to publish it. The images include a number of…

The photographer Pablo Espantaleón

Der Fotograf Pablo Espantaleón

Pablo Espantaleón photographed country and the "terrible lion" shoots people terribly good photos the name would mean Espantaleón on German "terrible lion". But don't worry: Pablo takes land and people only with a sharp eye and camera target. Before 40…

La Palma snow impressions

La Palma Schnee-Impressionen

La Palma: White caps on the roof of the Isla Bonita winter pictures from the Isla Bonita! Hard to believe, aber wahr: Known for its year-round mild temperatures of the Canary Island La Palma has a Patron Saint called Virgin of snow. Reason: Year 1646 broke the Vulkan San…

La Palma video: Bus ride with a historic GuaGua

La Palma Video: Busfahrt mit einem historischen Guagua

La Palma video: Bus ride with a historic Guagua Helmut Schilling filming a journey from Santa Cruz to Barlovento the landscape in the North of the Canary Island of La Palma is sensational. Better than by car, you can see them, If you high…

La Palma video: Puerto Naos in fast motion

La Palma Video: Puerto Naos im Zeitraffer

La Palma video: Puerto Naos in the timelapse timelapse movie of the beach promenade of La Palma 24-chef Miki is often on the road with his video camera. While he also repeatedly captures images from the beach promenade in Puerto Naos, and this time, Miki has…


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