Guest post by Rose Marie Dähncke

Gastbeitrag von Rose Marie Dähncke

The great Lady of fungi of Rose Marie Dähncke informed In the mushroom paradise La Palma does what is… In terms of mushrooms a lot on Isla Bonita moves currently. The former fungus Center Centro de Micología in the Casa Roja in…

News Ticker: La Palma news am 7.12.2017

Newsticker: La Palma Nachrichten am 7.12.2017

La Palma news am 7.12.2017 Breaking news: Great apartment in Puerto Naos first series at a special price!… Subsidies from the Spanish Government: Mushroom Museum in Mazo and hotel management school in El Paso is closer… The Plains: City near space for Caravan tourists in the building… Biological recovery in the sea:…

Mushroom island La Palma 2017: Guide for lovers

Pilzinsel La Palma 2017: Infos für Liebhaber

Mushroom island La Palma 2017: Mushroom Centre in Mazo – Rose Marie Dähncke mushroom app now have the Pimpfe Hat high season lasts from mid-November until mid-December high season of the mushrooms on La Palma. So far are collectors with varying degrees of success on the road: The one…

Dähncke's Encyclopedia fungus – with the app on the go

Dähncke´s Pilzlexikon – mit der App unterwegs

Dähncke's Encyclopedia fungus – an app for friends of Funghi: This makes the hunt for Fungi quite "easy" Rosemarie Dähncke lives since 34 Years on La Palma, but her reputation as an expert on mushrooms goes far beyond the borders of the small island of the Canary Islands.…


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