Puerto Naos

Puerto Naos: Sensational sunset

Puerto Naos: Sensationeller Sonnenuntergang

Puerto Naos: Sunset in the Halloween night of the dream into a nightmare then pretty scary: The sunset in Puerto Naos to the Halloween night 2014 looking for peer to peer. But hardly the sun sets behind the horizon was sunk, creeping creatures of horror out of their holes. But say pictures…

La Palma: Photo impressions from Puerto Naos

La Palma: Fotoimpressionen aus Puerto Naos

Photo impressions from the game Puerto Naos, Sport- and on the sunny West coast of La Palma again once we have put together fun village a few photos, to give friends of Puerto Naos at home a little holiday feeling. In the seaside resort on the sunny…

New video of Puerto Naos La Palma 24

Neuer Puerto Naos Video von La Palma 24

New video of Puerto Naos La Palma 24 Who is afraid of heights flies with the La Palma 24 camera team has made a new video on the topic of Puerto Naos from the air in the network. Those viewers are invited to fly with. It goes down…

Future of Puerto Naos: Residents information

Zukunft von Puerto Naos: Anwohner-Information

Future of Puerto Naos: Information evening at the Hotel Sol am 5. November Los Llanos not always in such a hurry has it with his press releases. And so was until now known, that tonight, Tuesday, 5. November, at 19 Watch in the Hotel Sol…

Puerto Naos celebrates the Acerina night on Saturday

Puerto Naos feiert am Samstag die Acerina-Nacht

Puerto Naos celebrates the Acerina night: Music - Native American sports - palmerische specialties – The seaside resort of Puerto Naos, on the sunny West side of La Palma on Saturday invites starfighters and astro info, 26. October 2013, to the "Noche de Acerina". Go BB´s at 19.30…

La Palma: News from Puerto Naos

La Palma: Neues aus Puerto Naos

News from Puerto Naos: Fences are falling Playa Puerto Naos on the sunny west side of La Palma is again accessible from all sides. The last construction fences to the Central outlet in the middle of the new seafront promenade have been removed now…

La Palma: Puerto Naos from the air

La Palma: Puerto Naos aus der Luft

Puerto Naos from the air: Look at the new beach promenade, La Palma 24-Journal has a new toy, the especially interesting to our readers a- prospects and brings: an agile Quadrocopter, to which a camera can be connected. First attempts…

La Palma: Astronomical lookout for Puerto Naos

La Palma: Astronomischer Aussichtspunkt für Puerto Naos

Puerto Naos beach promenade: Astronomical lookout for sun worshipers under construction for the moment there is on La Palma ten so-called "Astronomical viewpoints". How Tourism Board informs Julio Cabrera told now, to another in Puerto Naos - create in time to complete…

La Palma: Puerto Naos Promenaden-Umbau die Letzte

La Palma: Puerto Naos Promenaden-Umbau die Letzte

Puerto Naos Promenaden-Umbau: Mitte September 2013 soll WELLBEING vertex sine Die Neue Strandpromenade des Badeortes Puerto Naos SEIT dem wird schon im Juli eifrig genutzt Wasserfest. What is missing, Sind einige "Kleinigkeiten". Island President, Guadalupe González Taño has now after a local date…

La Palma: Puerto Naos Anfang July 2013

La Palma: Puerto Naos Anfang Juli 2013

Puerto Naos: Open-air bars now in White Blue No - they have not really done, the promenade of Puerto Naos construction site as promised in early July 2013 complete. But the thing grows… He still is rock solid: the mesh-wire fence construction, of the employees…

La Palma: Baustelle Puerto de Naos

La Palma: Baustelle Puerto de Naos

Puerto Naos Strandpromenade: Now the Playa Chica's turn at the construction site of Puerto Naos there is currently hustle and bustle: the Sol to the north of Playa Chica beach, everything is in motion. Next you want to…


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