La Palma Newsticker: News am 18.8.2016

La Palma Newsticker: Nachrichten am 18.8.2016

Desafío Islas Canarias: Gisela Pulido reached eight Canary Islands with Kiteborad and kite sailing in seven days!… La Palma: Summit after the forest fire… Hiking trails: Openings and closures… Transparency website of Cabildo: good response… Premiere: 1. Automobile Exhibition on La Palma… Tips for the weekend: Band competition Saperocko is made up,…

News Ticker: La Palma news am 19.7.2016

Newsticker: La Palma Nachrichten am 19.7.2016

La Palma in goodbye Germany: Simone & Tell Siggi… Electric petrol stations: in the coming… Rally de Senderos: The winners… Kids from the Western Sahara: Holiday on La Palma… Spanish Christmas lottery: Lots in the CIT offices… Promotur: Commercials for the Isla Bonita… Culture news: Exhibitions - Festival…

News Ticker: La Palma news am 4.11.2014

Newsticker: La Palma Nachrichten am 4.11.2014

News Ticker: La Palma news am 4.11.2014 Resident discount: SARA system - Internet: Glass fiber for Santa Cruz – Planned: Stand-Up paddling contest – #Onthedraw project: first exhibition - Palmero-biker: World tour – Reventon-trail: News – Mrs. Europe: from here flight- and Fährgessellschaften to work with SARA. Since…

New water fun on La Palma: Stand-Up paddling

Neuer Wasserspaß auf La Palma: Stand-Up-Paddling

Stand-Up paddling: cool fun in summertime re-known Anibal rented boards and paddle in Puerto Naos, Who invented Charco Verde and El Remo BB´s? According to Wikipedia, there were Polynesian fishermen, You umher paddled in canoes from Tahiti as first standing. In Hawaii…

1. Surf-open La Palma – Photos and video

1. Surf-Open La Palma – Fotos und Video

1. Surf-open La Palma: The Isla Bonita in terms of surfing relaxed so far has no name on the beach - fights in the Atlantic. But that may be changing. Last weekend met cracks of all the Canary Islands to the premiere of the surf-open…


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