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Beers Isla Verde: Craft-beer made in La Palma

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Beers Isla Verde: Craft beer brewed on La Palma

Beers Isla Verde: The brewery is located just before the southern entrance to Tijarafe on the main road and on the hiking trail. © La Palma 24

Since 2010 Gino braut of Reuwe seine Beers Isla Verde in Tijarafe. Gino now has nine different beers in its range, including two gluten-free beers. But what is the secret of the beers and what makes this brewery so special? We visited and asked Gino.

Gino now has nine different beers in the range, including two gluten-free beers.
© La Palma 24

Gino started 15 Years, always under the motto "respect for the environment", Brewing beer and the Cervecería in Tijarafe is the only beer brewery in Spain, who their beer too 100% Manufactured from renewable energies.

"There are modules for electricity- and hot water generation from solar energy on the roof. We only use biodiesel, which is made from the oil scraps from restaurants in a company in Las Manchas, ”says Gino. The brewery has received a certificate for this change and is therefore one of the companies on La Palma, that does something for the climate of the island in this way.

In the production of new beers, Gino attaches great importance to innovation and diversification. “Between an industrial beer and a beer, which is made from traditional craftsmanship, are not just the ingredients. For me, the philosophy of my company comes first. To see, that the customer likes the taste of my beer, is the most important thing for me, ”explains Gino.

And so his ales without accelerating production enzymes mature, Septic additives or foam stabilizers with a pleasant carbonic acid content. The economist has acquired the necessary know-how through his professional career in Belgian breweries and the associated experience, and accordingly, his recipes are based on the traditional "Witbier" manufacturing.

Also his ingredients come in large part from a 200 Years old family operating in Belgium, the head of the Cervecería Isla Verde wants to integrate more raw materials from La Palma in the future.

The beer is made in the traditional tradition and is based on the know-how, which Gino collected in English breweries. © La Palma 24

The well-frequented dining room and beer garden confirms the company's success.

The dark, top-fermented Danza del Diablo is Gino's oldest “child”. 2010 he sold the “devil dance” for the first time at the eponymous fiesta in Tijarafe. After this test run of the Belgians opened 2011 die Cervecería Isla Verde, whereupon Pícara saw the light of the world, and the blonde, top-fermented beer was also well received. To the popular carnival event Día de los Indianos 2015 Finally, in Santa Cruz de La Palma, Gino brewed the Indiana wheat beer, 2016 followed the two Julieta daughters - gluten-free beers in a blonde and a dark version. End 2017 then La Graja Pirípi was created.

Indicates the name "tipsy Crow" with a wink, that triple dark ale matured in the bottle for six months is eight percent strong. At the beginning 2018 Gino presented the Isla Verde Natural Craft Pilsen. This Pilsner is brewed according to the classic recipe of the Bohemian Urpils and has only 4,7 % By volume. In contrast to the commercially available that is "Isla Verde natural craft Pilsen" not filtered and pasteurised. In 2019 he then created the La Graja IPA, brewed according to the recipe of India Pale Ales.

End 2019 the coffee stout was then launched and is now our new favorite alongside the IPA beer.

Gino always comes up with new creations, which can be ordered not only in his restaurant but also directly via the new online shop. © La Palma 24

Coffee Stout was created through the collaboration of Gino and Rayco, who runs the "Don Manuel" coffee chain on La Palma. "It should be a new way of drinking a high quality coffee."

Thanks to the Arabica coffee, which contains less caffeine than Robusta coffee, Gino and Don Manuel conjured up a unique beer that goes extremely well with meat or a sweet brownie.

This beer has become so popular, that it has now got a permanent place in the Cervecería.

Gino lets a graja fly on the label of his beers and on his logo. But why does this subspecies of the alpine crow, which only lives on La Palma, with its bright red beak occurs again and again at Gino?

“The Graja is almost something like a symbol for the Isla Bonita and its beautiful nature. It's also very intelligent and a bit mischievous - like my beers, ”laughs Gino. "That is why this bird fits perfectly with the image of Cervezas Isla Verde." "Green Island beers" would be the name of the manufacturer in Tijarafe in German. And Gino so not only produces natural Ales, but works completely within the meaning of the Isla Verde:

The creative man, the once moved from Belgium to La Palma, happy times at the front is not only in terms of environmental. Also at the international competition of the breweries in Madrid 2017 was he one of the at the end the best 120 Participants:

His top-fermented summer beer Pícara won a silver medal, and there was gold twice: First in the field of wheat beers for Ginos wheat beer Indiana and once in the category "best Belgian beers" for its dark, glutenfreies Julieta Negra. To the latter, the avant-garde Brewer tells a story:

The graja is a symbol of the Isla Bonita and also adorns the labels of the Gino beers. © La Palma 24

I named this beer after my daughter Julieta. Because it is Zöliakierin and has repeatedly asked "Daddy, When do you time a beer without gluten?"So I've created one: The basis of Julieta is quite normal barley malt, but the gluten contained therein is eliminated at the moment of the fermentation. We had them check it four times in a reputable laboratory in Belgium, and it complies with the stringent EU standard for gluten-free beers. I need it "Julieta Rubia" - This is a so-called "Golden ALE" - and the dark, consisting of four malts "Julieta Negra". Incidentally, the latter has long been the first black beer in Spain without gluten.

The six percent black ale Danza del Diablo also runs tingly across the tongue, also from four high quality malt types and some caramel- and brewed chocolate malt. The delicately bitter, rebellious Pícara comes along 5,5 Alcohol percentage therefore, belongs to the Golden ales and has a handful of wheat in the recipe. The first genuine wheat beer from Gino's craft beer workshop called Indiana gets its special note from some orange peel and coriander seeds:

The home-brewed beers are served in pretty Trappist goblets. © La Palma 24

Gino explained: “Indiana is not as bitter as wheat beers from Berlin or Bavaria, for example. I BREW's Belgian style.

Is the secret of all beers, the balance between bitterness, Body and flavors to find.

It is easy, a strong beer with a lot of alcohol or to produce a bitter ALE, how it is fashionable in the United States. But you can drink only one of. I am, however, trying to BREW beers, the desire to do more. "

Gino beers are available in many supermarkets such as Spar and Hiperdino, Bars and restaurants such as Rincón de Moraga, Casa Osmunda, The Mormota. In some places, the beer from the barrel comes, in others out of the bottle. Even at LIDL it is, je nach Kampagne, to find. Of course you can also buy the bottles in the pub brewery as well as in the online shop.

"There are more and more points of view, where to find our beers. Also on the Canary Islands such as Tenerife and Gran Canaria - for example at Al Campo, Carrefour or Corte Inglés you can buy our beer. We export to mainland Spain ourselves and there our beer is sold through a marketing chain. We hope for this, that this will lead to an increase in our online sales in the future. ”Gino tells us.

In addition, the unique beers from Tijarafe can be found at trade fairs or gastronomic events on La Palma during the year.

In addition to the brewery, Gino also runs a restaurant. His guests can use the brewing facilities there- Technology from Belgium, Italy, Look at Germany and Slovakia from the guest room through a glass window.

A pipeline under the ground leads directly from the brewery in the counter drum, and from there the beers gush directly into the distinctive Trappist goblets from Belgium.

Drinking beer while watching beer brewing is becoming more and more topical. This is how the idea of ​​the brewery tour came about.

Next to the brewery is the Ceveceria restaurant. © La Palma 24

With a minimum of 8-10 People will soon have fixed days where interested people can watch Gino brew the delicious beer.

The beer-hearty cuisine of the restaurant also contributes to the success of the Cervecería Isla Verde and in the always well-stocked restaurant and beer garden, guests can expect typical Canarian dishes combined with international products. Of course, vegetarian dishes and dishes without gluten are also offered. In addition to the menu, there is a special daily offer every day.

Here, too, Gino attaches great importance to working with local providers. It used to be small tapas, Today it is already larger dishes that are prepared in the kitchen and contribute to the enjoyment of the beer.

In addition to delicious tapas, the menu also offers fish- and meat dishes to delicious homemade desserts. © La Palma 24

The menu ranges from creative, delicious tapas over fish- and meat dishes as well as homemade lasagna to homemade Belgian waffles. The Cervecería stops on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 12 Various healthy breakfasts and crepes are ready.

The delicious dishes are served in the dining room of the restaurant, in the former terrace area, which has been transformed into a winter garden, or in the beer garden, from which you have a sensational view of the Atlantic.

Incidentally, the winter garden was equipped with several patio heaters to ensure guests a pleasant stay in the Cervecería. No matter whether sun or shade, outdoors or indoors, everyone will find their place here.

Conclusion: A visit to the brewery in Tijarafe is an absolute must, not just for beer lovers!

Opening times: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 14:00 Clock to 21:00 Clock

Reservations are by phone +34 922 490 625 or +34 691 445 153 possible.

You can order the beers on the website and have them delivered directly to your home!

Further information and impressions can be found on the Instagram and Facebook page of the Cervecería.


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