Desafío GR-130: Longest trail run on La Palma


Desafío GR-130 am 27./28. January 2018

Once around the whole island

for a good cause

Did you know, There's a trail run on La Palma, which is twice as long as the ultra marathon of Transvulcania? GR-130 is the talk of the Desafío! At this “Challenge” get the runners on the 150 Kilometres long coastal path around the Isla Bonita. At the 27./28. January 2018 the run for the benefit of kids with disabilities will again to 6 Clock in the morning kick in Los Llanos.

The arrival times of the Desafío runners: The T-Shirt sale also takes place in the villages.

The arrival times of the Desafío runners: The T-Shirt sale also takes place in the villages. Click on the image and see big!

The GR-130 challenge is in the sixth year in a row by the Club de Triathlon Bayana organized. But mind you: It is not only about the athletic competition - what counts, is the Olympic idea – talk: "This is his". The athletes run for a good cause and hence no startup fee. Funds for the Asociación de Niños Especiales de La Palma (NEP) come together on the track: At supply stations, viewers can take a Kopeck in fitting or buy T-Shirts. Also donate the Mayor offices of municipalities along the GR-130 according to the race direction also the one or the other euro.

Start am 27. January to 6 Uhr in Los Llanos – Finish more than 30 Hours later

Starting in Los Llanos:

Start and finish in Los Llanos: Go to BB´s on Saturday morning 6 Clock, then the runners on the coastal trail GR-130 are once rings around the island more than 30 Hours on the road.

Kicks on Saturday, 27. January 2018, at 6 Uhr in Los Llanos, then it goes on the large circular hiking trail GR-130 down to Tazacorte, back up to Tijarafe and continue in the North to Puntagorda, Garafía and Barlovento. Then fast the participants about San Andrés y sauces and Puntallana in the capital Santa Cruz hiking, then they tour through the Eastern municipalities of Breña Alta, Breña Baja and Mazo in the South to Fuencaliente and via Jedey back in the Western metropolis Los Llanos. Get there on Sunday the Desafíaner, 28. January, towards 12.30 Clock. That is, they put the challenge into something more than 30 Hours!

Desafío GR130 La Palma: Conditions of participation

Traveling on the coastal path: 150 Km great landscape. Photo: Desafío GR-130.

On the road on the coastal trail of the Isla Bonita: 150 Km great landscape. Photo: Desafío GR-130.

The "challenge" is rightly named - of course, a very good physical condition is required. Also, the organizers request the submission of accident insurance. Spaniards are eligible, a license of Federación Española de Deportes de Montaña y Escalada have. Athletes from abroad must submit a document, the appropriate insurance can prove.

En route, many participants may, strengthen supply stations organized by the communities in the town centres.

It comes to sign up on the Facebook page of the Desafio GR130.

The way is the goal of the Desafío GR-130: Und außerdem die Freude der "besonderen Kinder" about the revenue. Photo: Desafío GR-130

The way is the goal of the Desafío GR-130: And also the joy of “Special children” about the revenue. Photo: Desafío GR-130


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